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March 17th, 2008, 12:20 PM

New here and still trying to figure out the lingo. Found abbreviations but still can't figure out the type codes. I am fighting to keep longer hair and swim everyday.

Advice welcome! I can't conditioner slime my hair before swimming--caps slide off--or not swim as much since I am a competititive swimmer.

I had hip length curly fine strawberry blonde hair which is slowly turning blonder from sun, drier and shorter from swimming, greyer from age. I usually use Aveda Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner and it saved my hair from the worst of it.

I am reading everything here. It is like alchemy. I am going to try c-cow-c just for the engineering challenge!

Thanks for having this site.


March 17th, 2008, 07:24 PM
I can help with the swimmer's hair. I have been a competitive swimmer and swim coach for years.

Step #1 before heading for the pool is to head for the shower. Thoroughly soak your hair in tap water. Your hair is like a sponge and if you soak it in clear water it won't absorb the clorinated or ash treated water.

Step #2, even a light touch of conditioner is helpful if you just put in on the ends and not near your face/neck where your cap needs to cling.

Step #3, make sure you have a good fitting swim cap. I hate the thin latex caps, but some of my longhair swimmers would put a thin cap on and then the thicker silicone caps on top so they didn't slide off. Might be worth experimenting with. I simply wear the silicone caps.

I also find that when my hair is wet, I can put it in a figure 8 bun without any hairtoys, but my cap on, and then use my goggle straps to hold it all neatly. You don't get the "cone-head" look this way and the goggles don't pop off when you do a start.

Step #4, rinse your hair immediately when you get out of the pool. I have tried every "swimmers" shampoo and conditioner available, and the one I (and most of my swimmers) have the most success with is Utra Swim Shampoo and Conditioner. Since I don't swim daily anymore, I choose to swim on days when my hair needs a wash anyway, and then I S & H (Shampoo and Condition). If I swim when my hair really isn't crying for a deep cleaning, I will lightly condition it with White Rain Extra Body Conditioners (cheap and good for me), then CO (Condition Only) after swimming with the White Rain in place of Shampoo and Ultra Swim as the Conditioner. Rince really well. If you can stand it do a final rince in cold water (which is what is usually left if everyone showers after practice at the same time).

Step #5, Don't Blowdry/Blow-Fry. After taking care of your hair at the pool, get a micro fiber towel for your hair. After rinsing your hair, comb out the excess water, and wrap it in the micro fiber towel while you dry and dress the rest of yourself. Then, comb out your hair again, damp bun it and you are on the way. If I'm hot, (I live in Texas) I usually damp bun it. If I'm going someplace after the pool, I will take it down in the car to finish drying then finish styling when I get where I'm going--school, friends, out, etc.

Hope this helps. If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me. I usually have more suggestions than anyone wants.

March 29th, 2008, 05:44 PM
Hi there, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the site!

Glad Kate was able to help with the swimmer's hair. Years
ago I had the same difficulties, not only from swimming all
the time, but for Lifesaving courses. My hair was like absolute
straw because I was trying so many products.

Hope you will stay on the site and settle in for a long hair's growth.

Love to have you here with us all!

Karen Marie

March 29th, 2008, 05:47 PM
Thanks for the great swim tips. I've been trying to find the best way to protect my hair for my exercise classes in the pool. I hope I can find the Ultra Swim S&C here.

March 29th, 2008, 05:52 PM
How cool! My daughter is a competitive swimmer and I the swim mom :)

She cut her hair a few months ago :( Her hair was BSL (bra strap length, I think is right). She complained so much about the hair, the pool, the tangles, etc. I was not on this board at the time, so I did not know what to tell her except I pleaded with her to reconsider. She would not then I told her to do a short bob and if she is unhappy with that length, then it will be easy to grow out.

That being said, maybe you could read about oiling your hair. ????

I think I'll read along with you so I can give my daughter some advice as her hair grows back out.

March 30th, 2008, 07:48 AM
Hi I'm kinda new here too -

don't know if this is useful but I swim a lot and I just use conditioner afterwards to get out the chlorine - it works really well. If when I get home and my hair still feels a bit dry or chloriney then I do a deep conditioning mask and this sorts it out. Also you can use a bit of vinegar mixed with conditioner to make the hair acidic again after the alkalinity of the chlorine.

I never liked using ANY kind of shampoo after swimming because it just dried my hair out even more.

You could also try oiling your hair before swimming - it won't make the cap slip like conditioner. Conditioning out the oil works afterwards.