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October 16th, 2012, 08:43 AM
Sorry guys, no pics! My camera is bust and my cellphone just wont cut it. But I still want to do an update on my hair and my hair care routine. :p

I recently had my 2 year LHC-anniversary and I now measure in at 26 inches! And I'm sooooo close to BSL, I think I will definitely get there before the end of the year which was my goal for 2012. Yay!
I've had 7 inches of growth in 2 years, which is something like what I expected since I'm not a fast grower. My hair strands are thin and I need to trim quite often to get rid of splits and ratty ends. Though I think I will quit the salon now for quite some time (use to go 2 times a year and do small trims at home in between) and just do bi-monthly microtrims myself.

Right now I've gone back to using the CO-method, since I find that it helps my very active scalp to be a bit more relaxed and not produce as much grease. I'm still battling this, but I think I found a way (a product actually) to cope, and to stretch my washes to every 4-5 days. It's called Kisby and is a CO friendly, alcohol free dry shampoo which consist mostly of different types of starches. It's a French brand but it's easily available here in Sweden (┼hlÚns) but hopefully it's something you will be able to find if you want to try it out. Here's their French homepage:


For some reason home made remedies like corn starch or baby powder never worked for me, I'd just get a sort of cakey feeling which was gross. But this works like a charm! And I put it in my hair on day 2 or 3 after washing and it helps me stretch a couple more days.

I continue to oil my hair and EVOO is my oil of choice, I use it for heavy over-night oilings the night before I wash. I also use it for light oilings after wash and sometimes on the other days between when I feel like my hair is dry and need a little extra shine and nourishment. Some people feel like EVOO is a little heavy, and I've even seen some comments that fine-haired people should avoid it. But olive is the oil that works absolutely best for me, hands down, and coconut, or any other "light" oil could never mesure up :p
Don't get me wrong, advice can be really good, but I guess this proves that you can't really decide that some things aren't for you unless you actually try them yourself. For me it's all about the amount of oil I use. Less is absolutely more when it comes to EVOO! :D

I also started using a mister bottle (again) with some diluted cone free condish (Born Again Essential Treatment by Kevin Murphy) and a few drops of Aloe Vera concentrate. I use this to tame frizz and straighten out braidwaves from sleeping (I fint that braidwaves sometimes makes my hair more frizzy and tangled, even if I wear my hair up in bun during the day). The ingredients also makes this into a very light moistuizing leave in. I use it about once or twice a day depending on how dry my hair feels.

The other day I did an SMT and it hit me that I hadn't done one in like a million years (don't ask me why, I sometimes forget important stuff like this!), and it was AWESOME! Shiny shiny happy and moisturized hair from root to tip. I must really make a habit out of doing this. Once a week maybe. Though I prefer using aloe conentrate (liquid) because Aloe gel never works for my hair. It makes it a bit dry, coated and tangly. I think it's the thickening agents of the gel. The gel is wonderful for my face though! Keeps the spots away and helps with replenishing moisture.

I had a salon trim about a month ago som my ends feel really fresh and my hair looks like it's in good condition and it's nice and shiny most days. I haven't seen an improvement in thickness or growth rate, but thats not important to me right now. I'm just happy to realize that what I do to my hair seems to work and I can sucessfully grow my hair. But the question now remains: How long? :cheese:

October 16th, 2012, 09:04 AM
OMG! This post is a mile long! Sorry guys...

October 17th, 2012, 02:55 PM
Perfectly fine, linnepinne. Whatever it takes to get the points across when you don't have a working camera nearby.