View Full Version : What does ginger do for hair?

September 24th, 2012, 04:30 AM
I got a shampoo with ginger in it. I wondered if ginger was associated with any special properties or what not?

September 24th, 2012, 04:38 AM
I use it for shine and to help cleanse my scalp. Ginger powder is what I use.

September 24th, 2012, 05:30 AM
I know ginger increases blood flow that could be a part of it's appeal.

September 24th, 2012, 06:43 AM
I use straight up ginger powder when I do henna. It can increase blood flow, feel a bit "spicy" if your sensitive, and it makes a nice scent. I don't notice the spicy qualities at all and my scalp is sensitive to shampoos and conditioners.

September 24th, 2012, 06:44 AM
Used to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, I think.

September 24th, 2012, 06:52 AM
Nice, so shine and increased blood flow to the scalp? Hopefully that means an increase in growth! :cheese:

September 24th, 2012, 04:46 PM
Just came across this thread...
I would like to know if taking ginger internally would be as beneficial to the hair??

Maybe someone has some input...