View Full Version : revalations and product ideas

September 21st, 2012, 09:13 PM
So, you guys know my recent post on having just plain bad hair where my "perfect" products don't want work? Well, to fix it, I used an olive oil, egg, conditioner and honey mask, this is my go to remedy for problem hair, no clarifying, no new shampoos, just this. Also, I mentioned that not even my mousse would work on my hair, someone (can't remember who) said to try ditching the mousse. I of course, thought it was impossible and that my hair would be flat, icky, yucky, too straight...all of this stuff, but I figured maybe the mousse is the problem. And....I am proud to say, I air dryed after that deep conditioning WITHOUT my mousse! I used NO volumizing mousse! Instead, I grabed some herbal essences curl gel and scrunched until dry, then refreshed in the morning with some TiGi sculpting liquid that I had laying around. No mousse at all, but, I have WONDERFL hair! It doesn't feel coated like the mousse makes it, it is bouncy, full, soft and best of all...curly! I hope I can replicate this because I am having some great hair days these past 2 days. Anyways, pointless post. Just want to say that i am proud to be free of my coating, drying and icky mousse that I thought I couldn't live without. I may use it again, but for now, I am trying to just use curl products....