View Full Version : Shampoo Bar + Baking Soda = Awesome

September 11th, 2012, 05:27 PM
I posted a version of this on the shampoo bar thread but I wanted to put a seperate thread for anyone like me who gave up on shampoo bars and probably doesnt look at that thread anymore.

Several years ago I got on board with shampoo bars. They seemed so perfect. They are natural and smell great. I wanted to love them. I got lots of CV samples and several bars and gave it a try. Alas, every time I tried it my hair got gunky. It was a mess.

When Flowermoon dairy whip came around I got some and really loved it but for some reason that I cant remember now I always put a little baking soda with it and it always turned out great. I was so bummed when they went out of business.

So the other day I found my old stash of CV bars and just for fun I melted a piece in some water and added some baking soda. The result...perfection!!! Clean scalp and no gunky length. I am so happy now that I can use my CV bars! :cheese:

I just keep a squeeze bottle that has cv bar soapy water and dissolved baking soda in the shower and use that as my shampoo now. I can go longer now also between shampoos since Im off the sls and my scalp feels much better.

This is HUGE for me! I have been going crazy looking for something with no sls or citric acid which makes me itch. I still am doing a vinegar rinse on the ends (not on scalp..also too itchy) and some conditioner but for some reason adding the baking soda did the trick.

I just wanted to share in case anyone else could benefit from this!