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  1. Looking for a very specific hair stick
  2. Yes yes yes
  3. Scissors set
  4. French Twists?
  5. Adia Kibur Giant Barrette / Hair Clip —*Testimonials?
  6. best clips to hold jumbo rollers?
  7. Good sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for dry hair?
  8. changes at ketylo
  9. Are Fakkares Water-proof?
  10. Herbal Essences Rose Shmpoo
  11. Glassnfire on Etsy - Seahorse, Mermaid, and Turtle glass hairsticks!
  12. anyone used Nizoral?
  13. Daughters hair gone green! How to fix it?
  14. Feyritail German stick maker
  15. Anyone use Shea Moisture's Hold & Shine Moisture Mist?
  16. Fineoxjewelry
  17. Moons: How do you wear them?
  18. Hair Help Detangling Problem
  19. Where do you get your Flexi-8s?
  20. Clasp Hold vs. Tension & Leverage: what's more hair friendly?
  21. How do you remember what you have?
  22. An interesting (albeit slightly terrifying) product.
  23. Hair care products and allergies!
  24. Choosing a 1st Fork: If you knew then what you know now?
  25. Hairtoy Identification (aka 'what the heck did I just buy?)
  26. Need help deciphering conditioner label
  27. Zenner anti klit brush (Belgian/Holland availabitliy)
  28. L'oreal Volume Filler
  29. Should I chance a flexi at the airport?
  30. Brazilian Blowout Professional Split-End Repair
  31. Hairfinity
  32. Thinking of redoing black streak in my hair
  33. Often overlooked brand
  34. please help me identify this hair toy!
  35. MorgansMane
  36. Organix Biotin and Collagen Spray
  37. Ficcares in Norwegian shop now also available to other Europeans
  38. What I wore as my hair grew. At a good price
  39. Does anyone here have experience with Bodyshop and Lush haircare products?
  40. Keepandcherish
  41. Morrocco Method Intl users?
  42. Satin Turbie Twist type product?
  43. Aveda Botanic Hair Therapy Treatment
  44. Searching for animal themed hair toys! Help needed!
  45. Scalp massager thingie
  46. Dutch advice needed : buying hair toys in The Netherlands
  47. What size flexi-8?!
  48. Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner
  49. hair colour and hair toy colour
  50. Let's start an "I love Pantene" thread
  51. Adore hair color questions
  52. Recommend My 1st Fork, please!
  53. Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setter
  54. Shears
  55. Hair Mask & Argan Oil
  56. fine hair Mane and tail herbal gro
  57. Why is purple / silver shampoo bad for your hair?? (and is it?)
  58. How to handle the desire for new Hair Toys?
  59. Lilla Rose You Pins?
  60. Types of woods, please show me pictures!!!
  61. Full Moon Jewerly etsy shop
  62. Liar, liar pants on fire! --Hair product advertisements!--
  63. Recovering Product Junkies
  64. Pura d'or Premium Organic
  65. Hair slide used for buns
  66. Double ended hairsticks - how to use them?
  67. Fakkares in the UK?
  68. ArtFunctionalwood on Etsy
  69. JWL Hawnkoa Sticks
  70. Finding the best brush
  71. Help!! Buying hair sticks for the first time!
  72. Favorite budget-friendly conditioner...
  73. Looking for snoods, silk lined caps & bun covers.
  74. Acrylic forks WHERE to find them?
  75. Mane and Tail Deep Moisturizing shampoo and condish
  76. Any brush or comb out there helps with frizz?
  77. Show off your hair wraps!
  78. Help choosing new shampoo and conditioner and general hair stuff.
  79. Help finding wooden comb for TB length wavy hair please
  80. moons?
  81. Blow dryers - are there any with a "permanent" cool setting?
  82. Garnier Hair Dye....
  83. Sustainable woods in hairtoys?
  84. How to use this bun maker?
  85. ATTN: Fans of Dymondwood and/or Lark's Creations!
  86. Crescent Stick Hairdos
  87. Help me decide between two forks!
  88. Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash Out Colour; Temporary fun for anyone including kids
  89. How long is your wish list?
  90. Abyssinian Gold
  91. Never used a hair toy
  92. silk vs satin pillow case alternatives
  93. Custom Jeterfork Timeframe
  94. If you heard crack was good for your hair, would you try it?
  95. Ficcare Sizing?
  96. DIY hairstick help
  97. Hair Slides Slipping
  98. Hairtoys for the Autumn Season
  99. Deposite-only dye/mix for burgundy?
  100. Color Safe Products
  101. asking for advice about buying brushes
  102. Chelating shampoo recommendations
  103. UK acrylic sticks! PerfumeCollectors
  104. Garnier Olia Permanent Color
  105. Worrying hair scrunchie addiction!
  106. What hair toys you do NOT like, or they do not work for you and why?
  107. question about the materials of brushes
  108. Spin Pins
  109. matching toys with the right buns!
  110. DevaCare Low-poo - gentle enough for daily use?
  111. Hair Bean at Dollarama ---Ontario Canada
  112. PPD Free Dyes (Sanotint, Tints of Nature, Naturtint, etc)
  113. Anyone know of a cheap safe shampoo and conditioner?
  114. Cones for Curlies/Wearing Hair Down!??!
  115. Choosing a BBB!
  116. Lush's new list of "Fond Farwells"
  117. Fructis densify & other such products
  118. Is their a pictorial survey of hairtoys anywhere?
  119. Palmer's Olive Oil Cleansing Conditioner and Hair Milk
  120. New Artist: Michael McConnell on Etsy
  121. Glass Hair Sticks?
  122. Identification of wild hair toy sighting on Ray Donovan
  123. Hair Toy Stats
  124. First pretty sticks
  125. first acrylics?
  126. Should I be wary of my new protein-heavy conditioner?
  127. Ooak Toy Lovers
  128. Perfecter fusion styler
  129. Top 10+ Reasons WHY I 'LOVE' my Mason Pearson Hairbrush
  130. Tejas Dragon
  131. Combs without sharp edges and seams
  132. Buying hair toys before I can use them
  133. BPAL - Hair oil
  134. I got my first Ficcare
  135. Dry oil?
  136. morgan's mane
  137. Spin pins!
  138. Organix Weightless Dry Argan Oil - Questions!
  139. Aubrey Organics Replacement Shampoo and Condish Recs Please!!
  140. Kiehl's Deeply restorative concentrate oil, has anyone tried?
  141. New favourite coconut oil variant: Neal's Yard hair treatment
  142. Ideas for securing skinny end of braid?
  143. Fakkare Recommendations?
  144. Amish pins
  145. If you could have a custom order TT, what would it be like?
  146. Could not help myself!
  147. Multi-tool hair clip
  148. What's your latest hair purchase?
  149. Vaadi Herbals products
  150. Best hair toy finds!
  151. I need help sticking with a shampoo
  152. My first grahtoestudio!!!
  153. You guys should get this stuff.
  154. Where else to look for hairtoys?
  155. The Temptation Thread -Enter at your own risk!
  156. New a hair dryer rec? Will use on cool with a diffuser
  157. hairstick question from a newbie!
  158. What is your favorite itchy scalp product?
  159. Has anyone used this shampoo with good results? (PIC)
  160. BBB Users - Do You Clarify Your Brush?
  161. There is a Ravenscroft like moon
  162. I just COed with this stuff:
  163. Help me choose my first fork
  164. Help! What are they?
  165. Need help ASAP! - Can I clarify or is it too soon?!
  166. Olive Oil Soap?
  167. I got a new BBB!
  168. The Body Shop Beautifying Oils - anyone using them?
  169. Carol's Daughter - Marula Oil
  170. magic grip pins
  171. Sigh, Naked Body Care goes out of business :(
  172. Do these conditioners have cones in them?
  173. Syoss silicone free S&C, worth a try?
  174. Avalon Organics
  175. Ficcare's Pointy End
  176. How do you store your dymondwood?
  177. Damage-free ponytail accessory -- pulleez
  178. Safflower oil for soft hair
  179. Free Garnier Marvelous Oil Sample
  180. Eternally In Amber - Clearance Sale!
  181. Hair perfume or scent thats hair friendly
  182. Silver Dawn Jewelry Hairforks
  183. Snap clips and hair loss/breakage?
  184. Slippery Hair is the Bane of All Clips
  185. Earn Your Hairtoys!
  186. are there any hair toys for shoulder length fine hair?
  187. Shampoo Database
  188. Gorgeous wood burned hair brush
  189. Customs Check-In
  190. Morgan's Mane Crochet Hooks
  191. Guy wanting to grow hair out and keep it healthy.
  192. Show Me Your French Twist Combs
  193. Good Village Woodcraft Forks
  194. What's your very very favorite hair toy of ALL TIME?
  195. Wrong Sized Hair Toys
  196. Found!!!
  197. Woodfulworld..anyone order?
  198. Afro pick as a detangler?
  199. So....I kinda want to wear a silk bonnet ALL the time.
  200. Mega Flexi 8 question(?)
  201. 10 for $10 hair toys at grocery store!
  202. Boar Bristle vs Nylon Brushes
  203. Show Me Your Antique Hair Combs, Forks, & Sticks
  204. Best detangler that you've tried?
  205. Bleaching Over Henna (and other bleach questions!)
  206. New favourite product - Crown Pride Avocado Detangling conditioner!
  207. Basic hair toys to learn with?
  208. Hairstyles for bridal hair comb AFTER wedding
  209. Deposit-only violet dyes (Denmark)
  210. Wood colors, can anyone help me?
  211. Mei Fa / Shaune Bazner hair stix
  212. Project: 3D Hair Accessories!
  213. Madison Reed Haircolor?
  214. Anyone purchase Lalo Orna hairsticks from eBay?
  215. Invisibobble?
  216. Does dark brown semi permanent colour always leave red highlights behind as it fades?
  217. 5 Star Etsy Ratings – A Peek Behind the “Love It” Curtain
  218. Spin pins vs Amish crinkled pins?
  219. The perfect comb
  220. Finally found my go-to product/s
  221. your hair isnt too long for a satin cap
  222. Does this come off? (clueless about blowdriers)
  223. TejasDragon
  224. I'm wanting to CO today but don't know which conditioner to use..also:
  225. Which Jeterfork topper for fine, thin hair on a small head?
  226. What cheap alternatives are there to VO5 in the Toronto area?
  227. Gliss Kur Hyaluron Serum
  228. How to smell nice
  229. Hair comb for wife
  230. silicone and mineral oil free Conditioner spray
  231. Product Recommendations for 2a wavy hair?
  232. Alternatives to Conditioner?
  233. Can you black/very dark hair lovelies help me choose a wood colour?
  234. Bring on the Pink!
  235. Is there still such a thing as a free gift from France Luxe?
  236. Help me pick out Christmas present for my mom?
  237. Troubleshooting a Caruso
  238. Forks, forks and more forks? Requesting Assistance!
  239. Great Hair Accessory
  240. Combhub?
  241. Do your favourite FORKS ........
  242. Metal and Lapis Leaf Stick...
  243. paypal dispute change
  244. Using a silk scarf instead of a sleeping cap
  245. ThermalHairCare on Etsy: Flax seed heat caps
  246. Good hairgel/similar for dancing?
  247. Aussie Moist VS Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Frizz Defeat Deep conditioners
  248. Argan dry oil hair mist?
  249. Erm i ordered a few things
  250. calling all hair toy lovers!