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  1. Horn Comb Advice?
  2. Tell me about horn combs please
  3. For the crocheters.... Make your own hair toys!
  4. If money was not an object...?
  5. new hairjems website!
  6. First Fork and Stick Purchase
  7. "Jewelery for your head"
  8. Frizzy hair, oily scalp. Help?
  9. Your favourite moisturising conditioner or treatment?
  10. New Redken Chromatics hair color
  11. Loop brush?
  12. Forks = bigger buns
  13. almost-too-short hair sticks
  14. ISO: tips for an online shopping spree
  15. Bar soap for hair and body
  16. Help me find a cone free shampoo in the uk
  17. Lilacwood Hair Stick
  18. Relax/Straighten/Flat Iron - at all possible?
  19. Need a new conditioner (and a clarifier and deep conditioning treatment)
  20. Best PLAIN hair sticks/forks?
  21. For those who dye their hair conventionally - Which dye do you use?
  22. Beyond the elastic....show me your nice pony tail holding devices
  23. Beading, hair pearls...for decorating updos
  24. I can't use hair forks to bun my hair.I'm a little sad right now. I figured since my
  25. An ingeniuous test to see if your BBB is the real deal
  26. Recommend a good leave in conditioner...
  27. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo that is safe for Keratin Treated Hair?
  28. A seamless comb
  29. Non-ball-tipped paddle brushes?
  30. Best brushes and combs?
  31. Acrylic hair toy lovers check in here!
  32. Recommend some hair shears?
  33. Medievalists - what are braid fillets?!
  34. Henna advice needed
  35. Favorite Drug Store Brands Poll
  36. Rawganics Organic Baby Oil
  37. Purple Dymondwood Ketylo
  38. Non-bobby hair pins ("Traditional" pins?)
  39. Superdrug Naturals Apple and Lime conditioner
  40. Thank you ladies - new hair toys (pics)
  41. Curious about crescent hair sticks
  42. Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo, anyone used it?
  43. Manic Panic/Toner for Blondes
  44. 'Wood Art Jewelry' on Etsy
  45. In case you're searching for $840 hair pins
  46. Recommend a protein treatment?
  47. Turbie twists too short?
  48. Best hairtoy for half-ups?
  49. Mason Pearson is AMAZING
  50. Wen hair care?
  51. Tell me about brushes...
  52. What does your BBB do for *you*?
  53. Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1
  54. Your LHC secret
  55. The most moisturizing shampoo ever!
  56. Suave Keratin Shampoo/Conditioner
  57. Homemade conditioner and shampoo
  58. Fans of rainbow colored hair- get in here!
  59. Lusti Organics???
  60. Lusti Organics
  61. Ficcare size question
  62. My very first hair fork. Ever.
  63. I need to stop trying to make "Organix" work for me.
  64. Can Manic Panic be removed from blonde hair?
  65. - Special Effects vegan dye in London ?
  66. Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose is not what I thought it would be...
  67. Your favorite shampoo/conditioner?
  68. Best mild sulfate free shampoo?
  69. Hair Wishlist!
  70. COwash: deep conditioning?
  71. Rave: Lush Ro's Body Conditioner
  72. Non-drying pyrithione zinc shampoo?
  73. Leave-in conditioner: good or bad for healthy hair?
  74. I need suggestions on a hair color. (picture)
  75. The Babyliss / Conair Rotating Air Brush!
  76. Biolage conditioning balm changed/reformulated again
  77. Need Help Amish hair pin toppers.
  78. Is leave-in conditioner good or bad in the long-run?
  79. Potions of the tropics (my favourite oils! :)
  80. Inspired Memories (Etsy 2oldhippies)
  81. New Herbal Essence Honey I'm Strong
  82. Hair accessories - recommendations wanted
  83. Bunch of enablers
  84. Hair forks- 2 prongs vs. 3 prongs
  85. Puppycatmeow (etsy) experiences?
  86. Share your FAVORITE products from SALLY'S Beauty Supply!
  87. Nature's Gate & Loreal Eversleek...
  88. My moss on a stick is dead. :O
  89. Point out a hair toy to the person above you.
  90. How do Grahtoe Studios finish their toys?
  91. "sell me" Quattro hair toys
  92. Food on the hair journal
  93. fork prong number advice?
  94. point me in the right direction
  95. No cone shampoo/conditioner. In a time crunch
  96. Cheaper products VS. Expensive products
  97. The Best Days Are The Days Toys Arrive
  98. Best cure for "poofy" hair?
  99. Honerable hair pins?
  100. Anyone try Renpure's Australian line?
  101. Disney/Winnie-the-Pooh scrunchies
  102. Octopus clips
  103. Is there a big enough size diff. between Med./Lg. Ficcares to justify both?
  104. Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme
  105. Thoughts on PoniLox?
  106. How do you store your head bands?
  107. Is HeadGames still in business? Keep getting error...
  108. Treasures from Round the Woods
  109. Do I trust De Lorenzo?
  110. Barrette for super fine hair?
  111. Anyone Use Pretty Chopsticks?
  112. Boots fruit essences magnificent shine.
  113. Cool hair stuff from Japan?
  114. Round the Woods
  115. Look what's coming to me!
  116. New hair toys and a wee question...
  117. Scissors/shears for S&D!!
  118. Weird reactions to Ficcares?
  119. Look what my mommy sent me
  120. Ficcare comparison
  121. Kanzashi!!! (and other flower hair accessories)
  122. Coconut Oil and EO
  123. Copper hair and silver metal?
  124. How about UNconventional hairtoys....
  125. This is an odd one.
  126. What about my new headban?
  127. I almost never see hair toys
  128. Obessorizing
  129. Hot oil treatment
  130. Manic Panic hair dyes on white hair
  131. Hair Toy storage / display
  132. Red hair!
  133. Does ouchless mean safe?
  134. Dry shampoo
  135. Earth Therapeutics Wooden Pin Massage Brush
  136. Hair Dryer question?
  137. These are my Top 5 Toys - What are yours?
  138. "First there was dry shampoo, now meet dry conditioner"
  139. Best hair stick for a beginner
  140. Organix and Dove misting oils
  141. DBF made me a hair fork!!
  142. Suggestions for hair sticks?
  143. Not Your Mother's Way To Grow - anyone tried this conditioner/shampoo?
  144. Lotus ficcares as elegant as plain border ones?
  145. Nisim FAST Shampoo and Conditioner
  146. My dad gives me hair tips now, I guess.
  147. Kerastase Bain de Force what sort of treatment?
  148. Braid hair accessories?
  149. Hairsticks or Transformers?
  150. How well can a hair fork hold hair?
  151. Mason Pearson hairbrush!
  152. Got this coconut oil conditioner in now...
  153. grape seed extract
  154. Kevin Murphy
  155. What do you think the mermaid like hair style?
  156. Matching style to material
  157. The Waiting Room
  158. needle hair sticks? kinda creeped out
  159. starbucks hair stick.... cute
  160. gorgeous copper stick on etsy
  161. Dr. Bronner's and Netflix
  162. Are you fickle with your wash methods?
  163. Improvised hair sticks?
  164. There ARE Still Deals on eBay!
  165. My first big hair comb! What should I know?
  166. Curly Sexy Hair Curl Detangler
  167. Broken Ketylo
  168. I wanted to share...I know you guys will love this.
  169. Is color bug a better way to dye my hair?
  170. Allergic to boar bristles
  171. Ok going to take the toy plunge!
  172. **INEXPENSIVE** SLS-free shampoo? (Lengthy- sorry)
  173. VO5 hot oil
  174. Burt's Bees shampoo discontinued!
  175. Natural wood vs Dymondwood
  176. Found a NIB wool Buff at the thrift store!
  177. Problems with ficcare enamel
  178. Baking soda for dry flaky scalp
  179. Boar bristle brush question
  180. Some new favs
  181. Will Color Oops take out blue Splat?
  182. rock candy hair sticks :)
  183. purple moon designs
  184. WindSongsAttic (previously Crockett Mountain Woodworks)
  185. Action shot of my new hairstick from Aneles
  186. Wellington NZ Tangle Teezer's!!
  187. Everyday Shea and Everyday Coconut
  188. My first hair sticks! Woohoo!
  189. CO? Cone free?
  190. Hyaluronic Acid as a Humectant for Dry Hair?
  191. What do you think these new headbands?
  192. Bought Aloe gel and Coconut oil, but...
  193. Question for Manic Panic users.
  194. Manic Panic: am I the only one with this problem???
  195. Uk cone free alberto balsam conditioners, 4 for 3
  196. MoroccanOil Alternative?
  197. Broke my first wood Hairstick...
  198. How to clean wooden pin brush?
  199. Pics of the New(OLD) Axe Comb
  200. Nature's Gate shampoo problem?
  201. Trader Joe's? What should I look for?
  202. Comb replacment day
  203. Any favorite color safe shampoos/conditioners?
  204. Is mousse bad for hair?
  205. Caring for a synthetic wig?
  206. Spin Pins
  207. Some more astonishing hairstyles
  208. Opinion on enamel hair toys?
  209. Planning for Halloween - Tangled costume idea and question
  210. What's cooking?
  211. CO and bleach
  212. Completely in love with this macadamia oil
  213. Will you love the flower wedding comb in the first picture?
  214. Is VO5 safe?
  215. seamless combs
  216. HairSticksNMore on Etsy
  217. Brown shampoo/conditioner
  218. Humane boar bristle Europe questions questions questions! (older thread with updates)
  219. manic panic on natural color?
  220. Hairtoys you want to get rid of?
  221. Where can I find spin pins?
  222. Cocunut Oil Hair Shine from the Body Shop - coconut oil alternative?
  223. Leave the BBB behind?
  224. Wen?
  225. Bee Mine Products
  226. Aggressive Impulses: Hairtoy Weaponry
  227. two ebony wood hair sticks just arrived
  228. What should I do with this?
  229. Out to buy my first hair fork!
  230. My New/er Hair Lovelies
  231. tennis player's stick
  232. hair pretties
  233. Super Body Care brand ingredients?
  234. VO5 and Suave in Canada?
  235. Recommendations please
  236. How to Spot a Mason Pearson Fake
  237. Pantene Myth Busted!
  238. Best hair dryer?
  239. Opinion on sono wood?
  240. Hollywood Beauty Oil
  241. Some make them anyone bought them?
  242. I bought some new hair combs
  243. I bought some new hair combs
  244. What do you think of this hairstyle?
  245. Can I clarify with this shampoo?
  246. scoodie.... My new fall/winter hair protector
  247. Good Child's hair products?
  248. How do these compare?
  249. First 5 hairtoys you should own
  250. How to take care of horn combs?