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  1. Sadly missing some of our henna queens
  2. Combining 2 different types of Henna?
  3. how many times should I apply henna?
  4. Henna on grey/white hair - any way to make it less bright?
  5. Jessie's Miracle Oil
  6. Due coconut oil, unfresh smelling hair
  7. Is it better to use white vinegar instead of acv for blonde hair?
  8. Lightened too-dark henna with 30vol
  9. Quick cassia question:)
  10. To 'poo or not to 'poo?
  11. Aloe
  12. clarifying+catnip=happy hair sunday
  13. Vinegar rinses: how often?
  14. Rice Bran Oil VS Camellia Oil?
  15. Henna-ed today and I'm freaking OUT
  16. Poobars and henna?
  17. Lightening back permanent dye that has been henna'd over?
  18. Hair dye mixed with henna?
  19. Why rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar
  20. Help me with recipes
  21. hibiscus and color?
  22. does anyone ever use Mayo?
  23. So here's the plan... (henna)
  24. Burdock Root Oil?
  25. Indigo forbidden in Holland, but what indigo is that?
  26. Red Wine in henna?
  27. Frozen henna...
  28. If you use BS/ACV to clean, do you oil?
  29. Oiling Asian Hair
  30. Olive oil
  31. Question about ACV rinse
  32. Why does my SMT turn into cottage cheese??
  33. Henna shipment
  34. Did Vinegar Lighten My Hair?
  35. 2nd Henna results
  36. Vinegar rinses make my hair dull
  37. Nettle
  38. Bragg's ACV
  39. How long can you store soapnut liquid?
  40. Just saw on the news how to get healthy hair
  41. Henna on oily hair
  42. I have an idea...please critique
  43. any one know about this?
  44. ACV washes?
  45. a redhead again! successful removal of indigo+dye
  46. How exactly lemon juice lightens hair?
  47. Storing coconut oil
  48. Hennaing wool yarn?
  49. Strange Article About Sebum And Jojoba Oil
  50. Tea tree oil for hair?
  51. coconut oil +fenugreek+ curry leaves
  52. Need help tweaking my BS/ACV...
  53. RUCHITA AYURVEDA-LHC Discount :)
  54. Help!!! Need shampoo fast!
  55. I know I'm no expert at this yet, But here are my favorite natural mixes.
  56. Is aloe vera moisturizing?
  57. I've been using emu oil :]
  58. henna fading?
  59. Lighten / Remove Henna with ION Crystal Clarifying Treatment?
  60. Question about Vatika Oil
  61. Pumpkin oil????
  62. Has anyone gotten bad results from henna or cassia?
  63. Henna and cool skin tone (I need your help. Again.)
  64. Oiling braids
  65. Can anyone confirm this? Henna + chemical dye = damage
  66. What's the best way to do roots?
  67. Indian herbs for a newbie
  68. Opinons on henna
  69. Jamila Question
  70. Lightening Indigo
  71. Infusing Herbs into Coconut Milk
  72. Organic box dyes?
  73. shampoo bars and conditioner?
  74. Emu Oil Thread
  75. Is it possible to henna blonde hair brown?
  76. Uttam Henna?
  77. Weirdness in newbie land...help or thoughts?
  78. Strange henndigo dye uptake, damaged hair - help?
  79. Highlights and lowlights
  80. The back of my head was very dark. Long explanation follows.
  81. Have any of you henna heads selectively applied a gloss?
  82. How often do you use yoghurt treatments?
  83. How often - all over
  84. Can I skip the gloves if I don't wait for dye release?
  85. Holy mackeral success w/my lightening of old dye under henna!
  86. Coconut oil question!
  87. avocado oil
  88. Cassia giving black streaks?
  89. Holland and Barrett's Wonder oil.
  90. Homemade Shampoo!
  91. Just received my coconut oil today!!!
  92. henna, indigo cassia shikakai and amla recipe
  93. Times Article on Traditional Indian Hair and Beauty Recipes.
  94. Hair Dye over Henna?
  95. Where do you buy glycerin?
  96. What would happen if..
  97. Henna on dark brown hair...
  98. shikakai ?
  99. Will cassia stop my blond highlight from getting dark?
  100. no poo help?
  101. olive oil
  102. Did you know it's SHEE-uh, not SHAY?
  103. what kind of henna...
  104. Natural Leave-In Alternatives
  105. Coconut cream?
  106. Honey disaster
  107. Conditioning Question (and my very first post!)
  108. My No-poo diary
  109. Castor Oil, more questions
  110. Catnip, honey, extra virgin olive oil
  111. applying coconut oil?
  112. henna for cleaning hair? anyone try this?
  113. Trying to come up with a routine...
  114. Refined coconut oil?
  115. Ramtirth Brahmi Coconut hair oil
  116. Jasmine and Chamomile in EVOO?
  117. Indian Herbs and How to Use Them
  118. Confused by oil.
  119. Getting the orange out of hair... Darkening hair
  120. Soapnut liquid storage question
  121. avocado oil smells (and other oils)
  122. Which hair oils are best:Dabur Vatika or Ramtirth
  123. Banana on hair?
  124. chia seeds versus fenugreek seeds
  125. plain jojoba oil versus jojoba/sandalwood oil
  126. amla versus shikakai - drying?
  127. Bhringraj oil is making me shed-should I stop using it?
  128. Massaging oil mix
  129. Dr. Bronner's citrus conditioning hair rinse
  130. Australian Suppliers of Henna?
  131. Oil burn?
  132. Finally switching to BAQ henna, which kind?
  133. Leave-in conditioner recipe
  134. monthly deep treatments-home recipes
  135. First time using Henna and Indigo- results!
  136. I'm 'the dreaded black streaks..."
  137. Show us your henndigoed hair!
  138. Parachute coconut oil
  139. Lost in the world of henna info
  140. Scalp treatments
  141. what most help you to reach you length
  142. Aloe Vera Ladies I need your help!
  143. honey for conditioning?
  144. Should I or Shouldn't I
  145. Essential oils on skin?
  146. Is the tint from amla permanent?
  147. Is Indigo ever really "semi-permanent?"
  148. Need some advice... (henna)
  149. new here, ordered some henna!
  150. Henna withdrawal...
  151. using ph test strip to balance shampoo bar recipe?
  152. Amla and/or white vinegar&water and/or honey WORKED for my itchy scalp
  153. Henna strand test-help!
  154. Amla gloss?
  155. Hair breaking off at the henna-line?
  156. Easy shampoo recipes.
  157. does anyone tried ramtirth oil please solve this probs!
  158. Peach nut oil?
  159. Shampoo bar question
  160. max red min dark
  161. Coffee over henna?
  162. Awesome hair wash experience! (Meera)
  163. Protein suggestions
  164. What to do with frozen henna
  165. Scalp Conditioner?
  166. Emergen-C for hair rinse????
  167. Henna colour saturation: dilution with cassia vs. less time on.
  168. Flaxseed wash
  169. Little questions about Henna
  170. "rach's" first henna
  171. What would happen if I used cassia on my chemically coloured hair?
  172. Calling henna experts! Please help me perfect my madness!
  173. protein overload ?
  174. Hendigo+amla...anyone manage to nix the red undertones?
  175. Dhatri hair care oil
  176. Baking Soda - yay or nay?
  177. Mixing Oils ?? is it good
  178. mixed henna a little thin. . .
  179. amla,ritha and shikakai paste = grainy mess
  180. Is this possible ?
  181. A little recipe for y'all.
  182. henna mixing question
  183. Jackpot! (big score at the Indian grocery)
  184. Dye Demise how long is too long?
  185. Does brown frost indicate dye release in henna?
  186. Tea for your hair?
  187. Just sittin' here with the henna gloss on...
  188. Color from gloss?
  189. henna and silver hair
  190. Using a hair masque after henna............
  191. Do I need FOOD GRADE Aloe Vera?
  192. how to use aloe vera?
  193. Valentina's Henna Gloss - The one that started it all
  194. Henna questions-indigo
  195. Use henna too much?
  196. Coconut milk question
  197. Henna, indigo patch test - help!
  198. Wanting Coffee Brown Haircolor
  199. Black cherry 2-step process?
  200. Castor Oil
  201. Does henna absorb better on dry hair?
  202. Henna question
  203. Problem after oiling w/ Bringraj. help please!
  204. Henna In Western Canada
  205. Passion Flower Seed Oil
  206. amla paste for hair washing
  207. Q on pre-prepared henna
  208. Wheat protein, silk, and b5
  209. Rice Water For Hair
  210. Do you let your henna dye release for a gloss?
  211. How long for dye release?
  212. Yet again more Henna questions.
  213. PIC HEAVY: Color-Correction & Repair of Light Brown Hair-- with Henna & Indigo!
  214. Why did henna gloss not cover greys
  215. Indigo literally falling out?
  216. some questions about henna
  217. Shea Butter
  218. Hair color DILEMMA!!! :O
  219. Can henna alone keep my scalp healthy?
  220. From blond to blackish brown with hendigo?
  221. Henna on Chemically Dyed Hair
  222. All set to henna on Monday
  223. Where to buy henna in Sweden?
  224. worried about tub
  225. Does Aritha and/or Shikakai darken hair?
  226. Please help me with Henna (Lush?)!
  227. Static relief. Advice please.
  228. did my henna today!
  229. aloe vera shampoo recipe?
  230. bleached hair not taking henna?
  231. Henna Gloss Questions...again
  232. Lush Henna Caca Brun!
  233. lush henna? is it for me?
  234. John Frieda-"natural lightening complex"
  235. my henna gloss colour change *pics*
  236. Cassia & Henna Users. Which Has More Benefit?
  237. Did I mess up my henna gloss?
  238. Natural Deep Conditioning Treatment?
  239. need to lighten...HELP!
  240. Does anyone lighten and then henna?
  241. can I mix up aloe vera with other herbs
  242. turmeric experiences
  243. Wondering if this is a good book for Indian Hair Care?
  244. Best tea for scalp?
  245. OIL-which is the easiest to rinse out?
  246. Catnip??
  247. Dabur Amla Hair Oil stops shedding?
  248. Curly Girl Lavender Mist?
  249. Vinegar Dilution Ratio
  250. Henna update picture