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  1. Reverse Ombre with Henna (lots of questions lol)
  2. Indigo doesn't like my roots... AGAIN?
  3. Really fast question about hendigo
  4. My Henna Update - Texture Change!
  5. Conditioner for indigo (gloss?)
  6. Gradually growing out henna
  7. Early Morning Henna Ponderings
  8. Indigo Report
  9. First two step indigo
  10. Removing Indigo, need urgent advice!!
  11. Flaxseed Gel
  12. Adding slip to henna
  13. I miss my henna so much
  14. How does Egyptian henna stain? ....and a few other questions.
  15. Henna Experiment 13th Application
  16. Pure Henna on Medium to Light Brown Hair?
  17. Mask advice for my momís thick curly hair
  18. Ideas for "shampooing" with food
  19. Demi dye over indigo?
  20. Henna over black chemicaly dyed hair?
  21. Vitamin C dye removal - report
  22. Where to buy oils?
  23. Henna newbie going for copper. Please help :)
  24. EO in alcohol, shampoo or with carrier oils?
  25. Oils?
  26. Is ACV really beneficial?
  27. Protecting hair from pools... without shampoo or conditioner?
  28. Product reccomendations?
  29. Egg recipe needed
  30. New to henna and have technical questions
  31. Once again asking for advice
  32. Henna, grey roots and castor oil
  33. Henna over (green) indigo?
  34. SOS! Gimme all your moisture tricks!
  35. henna advice please.....how to get it right this time
  36. Rosehip oil
  37. Henna without color change?
  38. Henna consistency - runnier mixed dyed better?
  39. Goats milk shampoo and conditioner?
  40. Show me henna on naturally black hair
  41. Henna and honey bleaching
  42. Aloe Vera- good or bad?
  43. Good quality henna
  44. Colouring over henna/indigo - ingredients to avoid?
  45. Need advice about henna/indigo over bleached highlights
  46. Henna to straighten hair
  47. Help with henna! Hair turning purple. . .
  48. Henna over bleach
  49. URGENT - Jamila henna box difference
  50. Coffee to cover grays?
  51. DIY Mango butter hair cream for wavies and curlies
  52. pH of hydrosols
  53. Pics of henna on blonde or light brown hair? (With roots too would be great!)
  54. New to shampoo bar
  55. Could I pull off red hair?
  56. What I've read about Henna.
  57. Permanent conditioner?
  58. Anyone heard of orcanette?
  59. Katam vs Indigo - the saga continues
  60. HELP: Henna on two tone hair!
  61. Advice for getting olive oil out of hair?
  62. Fridge vs freezer: does it affect dye release?
  63. Good henndigo mix for light/medium brown?
  64. Dead sea mud shampoo
  65. Henna and Hair Texture
  66. Keeping the waves while using henna
  67. Henna & Straighening
  68. Remedies for scalp irritation?
  69. Reverting to box dye alter henna?
  70. Cranberry Juice
  71. Damage to Bottom Layer
  72. Expired skin & hair oil - still ok to use?
  73. I need help fixing a henna bleach mistake!!!
  74. how to get the best out of henna?
  75. Henna powder has an acidic smell, is it impure?
  76. Want to tone down orange tones with egetable dye
  77. Indigo on bleached hair
  78. Using henna and other herbal bits on kids?
  79. Two step Henna + Adore semi-permanent dye in "Wild Cherry" (dark brown hair)
  80. Henna On Naturally Red Hair
  81. henna too dark, help!
  82. Rye Flour "Shampoo" Washing Method
  83. Is henna the way to go in my case rather than traditional dye?
  84. Henna on brown hair - is it possible to slightly brighten/lighten it?
  85. Bleached Ombre Henna Hair?
  86. Hair looks greasy after henna
  87. Use disposable icing piping bags for henna?
  88. Just for redheads make up
  89. Donít eat signs on your frozen henna?
  90. How best to preserve hibiscus powder expiring in November
  91. hair mask recs for my weird hair, sensitive scalp?
  92. Chemical-free hair care from Thailand
  93. Dark henna? Indigos?
  94. Henna/Indigo, where do I start?
  95. Henna is fading some, help it stick?
  96. Goodbye, Henna + Indigo :(
  97. Permanent Deposits + Henna: Problematic?
  98. Organic Hair Care
  99. Long-time henna user need some expert opinions
  100. Is there a good recipe for Cherry Coke henna?
  101. Transitioning from commercial dye to henna
  102. The Henna Guys "Deep Red"... Experiences?
  103. What oils for fine, easily weighed down hair?
  104. Is it possible that conditioner contributes to shedding while rinsing henna?
  105. Will Henna stain my bath tub?
  106. My Troubles with Oils
  107. Question about henna application
  108. Avoiding clogged drain after cassia/henna
  109. Young Living - Mirah Hair Oil
  110. Good oils for hair with Sjogren's
  111. Buying henna on amazon?
  112. Any blonde hair hazard in these ingredients?
  113. Natural CO recipe???
  114. Amla longevity?
  115. DIY Slippery Elm Conditioner like Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in?
  116. Question about light mountain henna mix!
  117. Rosemary EO
  118. Applying Henna and Indigo to hair that is already a tangled, dry mess?
  119. Making own shampoo and conditioner..
  120. Henna Extract in growth oil
  121. Removing chemical dye prior to henna (ColourB4/ColorOops)
  122. What are good Henna/Indigo powder brands?
  123. Is the colour advice I got from LUSH correct?
  124. Henna experience shared..
  125. Protein free cowash/conditioner recommendations? (argan or jojoba oil preferred)
  126. Henna Over Blue/Purple Hair Dye
  127. Henna over 'old' chemically dyed hair - roots issue
  128. Why can't I see pictures?
  129. Has anyone heard of Yiber?
  130. Henna oi infusion
  131. Post Hendigo hair washing?
  132. How to go from henna red to brown?
  133. Planning to henna to copper - but I have a fear..
  134. Natural redhead using henna?
  135. Deep conditioning that absorbs easily?? 1afi hair, no poo
  136. Aloe, vinegar, honey, glycerol, silicone, oils... which gives you the best shine?
  137. Herbs for itchy scalp?
  138. Henna Mishap....Warning
  139. Henna without face protection (petroleum jelly, etc)
  140. Used 100%natural Henna
  141. Where do you buy your hair oils from?
  142. What do you put in your oils
  143. Henna over purple/pink direct dye strand test
  144. Can I put henna over dark colored hair?
  145. Chelating hair mask with potential to brighten henna
  146. Neem Oil ? Habe you used it?
  147. Cranberry Juice, Cassia, and strand testing
  148. Henna on just the ends
  149. Any ideas for defining my frizzy curls with a DIY curl gel or other ingredients?
  150. Henna and indigo
  151. Saltwater spray for oily hair?
  152. Switching from Lush Rouge henna
  153. Help: can henna glosses help me to maintain strength and shine?
  154. Minimum henna time
  155. Accidentally bought indigo instead of henna
  156. Manuka Honey for Dandruff
  157. Amla treatments?
  158. Herbal hair garden
  159. Cheese Hairmask
  160. Henna
  161. Raw Sugar
  162. Question about Henna glosses
  163. Could really use some help!
  164. Natural Hair Dye Options for Grey Hairs
  165. Opinions on Meadowfoam oil?
  166. Aloe vera and conditioner
  167. Dye hair with walnut and cassia?
  168. Citric acid (malic acid) hair rinse for scalp and greasiness
  169. Catnip substitute
  170. Gritty Herbal Mixes
  171. Finally solved itchy scalp after Henna and Indigo
  172. Henna and indigo over bleach damage?
  173. Removing Indigo?
  174. Leftover SMT
  175. What does many layers of henna look like?
  176. Boxed henna mixes
  177. Darker Brown?
  178. Achieving red hair with henna
  179. Has anyone tried dipped ends in Henna/Cassia?
  180. Shikakai/Amla/Etc. Recipes & Combinations?
  181. Base color and henna reaults
  182. Cassia vs henna for conditioning
  183. Reluctant henna question...
  184. Can someone verify this for me? Henna science
  185. Henna/Cassia Gloss
  186. DIY gentle clarifying shampoo?
  187. Strand testing Nightblooming henna
  188. Bright red recipe help!
  189. Indian Herbs Problem
  190. Henna as a faint rinse, not full colour?
  191. Second henna (gloss) application?
  192. New to Henna, advices?
  193. Over henna now after a safe semi permanent option
  194. Flat ironing indigoed hair
  195. Ancient Sunrise Cool Brunette Kit to cover white hair (henna, indigo, amla)
  196. Orange roots/scalp after Henna?
  197. Henna in Norway ?
  198. Update on henna first timer!
  199. Those of you who wash with Shikakai and/or Aritha, what do you condition with?
  200. "It's Pure Organics" henna hair dye
  201. Can you use henna right after you use cassia?
  202. Can I add moisture with my henna application?
  203. Incorporating Neutral Henna Into Your Haircare
  204. Removing Natural Henna with Color Oops.
  205. Washing between henna and indigo 2-step process.
  206. Rainbow henna
  207. Indigo - white to black, please
  208. Building glosses vs committing to full application
  209. Removing Henna with Color Oops Extra Strength
  210. My Henna Update
  211. Removing/lightening 100% natural red henna
  212. Do I need to use same moisturizers in strand test
  213. Cooling spray for scalp?
  214. How much liquid for henna
  215. Would amla add any more wave to my 1b/1c hair?
  216. Henna in metal bowl for a few minutes
  217. Does coconut milk leave as strong a smell as coconut oil?
  218. Henna conditioner with no dye release
  219. Cassia tea for hair?
  220. Staying Brown (medium or dark)
  221. Henna Fail after Using Curling Iron
  222. The Indigo Lament
  223. Henna Gloss Results on Brown Hair
  224. Cooler strawberry blonde recipe wanted
  225. Living situation does not permit henna - alternatives??
  226. Crazy conglomeration worked!
  227. Henna/Indigo or Professional Dye
  228. Katam turned lightened hair green
  229. Alternatives to cling film/plastic wrap
  230. Single step dark henna gloss?
  231. Removing Henna - Naturtint dye and color b4
  232. infusing herbs into oils
  233. Has anybody tried pumpkin seed oil?
  234. Plantation brand Blackstrap molasses as hair mask?
  235. Will henna stain my white sectioning clips?
  236. Recommendations for overnight herbal treatment for body?
  237. Seeking Henna Advice - Looking for Light Auburn or Subtle Strawberry Tone
  238. Antihistamine properties of amla and indigo
  239. Moroccan Sahara Tazarine BAQ or for hair
  240. When henna harmed your hair, was it only after multiple applications?
  241. Nothing worked to lighten my hennaed hair :(
  242. How long does it last? Henna, cassia, sedir, etc.
  243. Henna drying your strands out? Quick Hello & Tip
  244. Henna colour question
  245. Henna after Japanese straightening (thermal rebonding)?
  246. Easier strand tests
  247. 1 long henna application or two short ones
  248. Trouble coloring gray hair with Cassia
  249. Henndigo - can ACV strip/fade the indigo?
  250. Advice transitioning hennaed hair to chemical dye (possibly)?