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  1. Concerns about chemicals in hair products
  2. [Recipes] Anyone use GLYCERIN on their hair at all? I have a bottle I need to use up!
  3. Do you mix your own oils?
  4. Mixing old and new henna
  5. Hot Oil Treatment For Hair Growth
  6. Recipes that use silicone?
  7. Removing henna (&indigo) to get waves back?
  8. Neem/shikakai/soapnuts to prevent indigo fading?
  9. Hendigo Newbie - Questions post-hendigo
  10. Golden copper with henna and cassia (image)
  11. How to Moisturize Colored Hair?
  12. Henna help needed
  13. Ways to move on from henna....
  14. Activated Charcoal and Henna?
  15. Protecting ends from henna?
  16. DIY Shampoo and/or Conditioner? Ever tried making one?
  17. help to get wet dog smell out of hair....
  18. Want to henna but...
  19. Thyme essential oil
  20. What is Your Preferred ACV Rinse Dilution?
  21. Question for long term henna/cassia mixers
  22. Hair Perfume? ~
  23. Treatment using Great Lakes Gelatine?
  24. Anyone use mango butter?
  25. Can I get dark brown with henna/indigo?
  26. Undecided Henna Head
  27. How long does dry, unopened Henna last? Can I give it away?
  28. Taking the plunge with Henna!! What's your favorite recipe?
  29. Negative experience with henna ?
  30. Bleach then Auburn Henna?
  31. I'm pretty darn sure I'm finally gonna do it!
  32. Building Conditioner
  33. So I want to indigo my tresses, but it's currently box dye black.
  34. ISO: Red Raj Out of Stock...?
  35. Does mineral oil hinder hair growth?
  36. I'm THIS close to henna AGAIN! :(
  37. Henna maybe?
  38. Wavier hair after henna?
  39. Diluted honey or tea washes
  40. Need more orange in my henna!
  41. Any regular herb-washers out there?
  42. Help! From blonde to deep red-burgundy with henna.
  43. I'm aware there is no miracle fix!
  44. Henna?
  45. I found my oil blend!
  46. Perfect Henna Recipe for virgin Dark Brown Hair?
  47. Help a newbie out with oil?
  48. Nightblooming henna
  49. Help with Cassia
  50. How long can this mixture last?
  51. Best recipe for Copper?
  52. So many questions about henna...
  53. Old Henna Vs a Balayage
  54. Chances of successfully removing my henna?
  55. Just did Hennagloss!
  56. Have I messed up my henna/cassia?
  57. First Time ACV Rinse
  58. Shelf Stable Flaxseed Gel
  59. Cornmint EO for hair?
  60. Red cabbage water with indigo
  61. Hair in bad condition after henna cassia?
  62. Ziziphus spina cristi/ sedr/ lotus powder
  63. How I lightened my Henna a lot and a color question
  64. Cassia (no henna) gloss?
  65. Do you let your henna sit for dye release?
  66. How to get rid of red henna residue?
  67. Coconut Oil: What do you infuse it with?
  68. Tea Tree Oil: how do you use it on your hair?
  69. Other than Henna: what tips have you received from Indian Friends
  70. Herb dyeing thread? (non-henna/indigo/cassia)
  71. DIY DT's with shea butter?
  72. Help Me With Henna and Indigo Recipe please
  73. lemon vs water
  74. Natural Indigo
  75. Chamomile oil for lightening black hair
  76. Diluted vegetable glycerin as a detangler?
  77. Experiments: Pass or Fail
  78. sos...question
  79. Keeping Henna and Indigo: storage and expiration
  80. Indigo Drama! It's not sticking- please, please help me
  81. Buying BAQ Henna + indigo and amla in the UK
  82. What vitamins do Ayurvedic herbs contain?
  83. Buying Indian Herbs Online
  84. applying Indigo a few days after henna application
  85. Boiling guava leaves for hair?
  86. ...Anybody have any good recipes for fine hair?
  87. Soaked Flaxseed Gel
  88. Henna on bleached hair?
  89. Expiration on Lavender Oil
  90. Colour matching pure henna and metallic salt henna
  91. Sanguisorba officialnis
  92. Does anyone else find oiling your hair comforting?
  93. Red Kamala, anyone ever heard of it?
  94. Gelatin and Aloe Hair Gel
  95. Henna + olive skin tone = ??
  96. What have oils done for your hair?
  97. Using a combo of store-bought and homebrewed products? Whats your routine?
  98. Please help!
  99. washing hair with honey??
  100. natural methods on combating protein overload?
  101. Symptoms of Protein Overload?
  102. Henna and black tea
  103. Did anyone here get rid of Morrocco method henna by letting it fade away?
  104. Can you store and re-use leftovers of a tea rinse?
  105. Arriving tomorrow: Shikakai,amla, soapnut, and methi powder. What to do?
  106. Henna first or demi-dye first?
  107. At home perm on henna hair???
  108. New henna fan here!
  109. Grocery Store routines
  110. Babassu oil and ucuuba butter anyone?
  111. To use essential oils or to not?
  112. Gentian Violet to tone down orange henna
  113. Just a thought
  114. Is indigo darkness dependant on henna layers?
  115. Tea to permanently stain hair?
  116. DIY hair conditioning treatment that gives amazing results! (pictures)
  117. New to this forum.
  118. Destroy colour molecules in henna
  119. Something odd happened when bleaching my henna-ed hair
  120. diy hair pudding
  121. Can you snip a piece of hair for a strand test?
  122. How to darken blonde hair
  123. buying online vs in person
  124. Trying to make henna release as much red as possible! I used to know how to do it?
  125. Mountain Rose Herbs - Are they good?
  126. Trying to find synthetic free natural herbal products. Need recommendations
  127. Henna + Deposit only dyes
  128. Henna plus silver hair?
  129. Removed henna from hair
  130. Unexpected, henna is gone
  131. when did you stop henna?
  132. Nupur Henna
  133. How long do you wait until shampooing after henna?
  134. Infusing herbs and plants into oils
  135. Fine and thin hair... Soapnut (Reetha) or Shikakai "shampoo"?
  136. How do you remove henna stains from skin?
  137. Oops- Sodium Picramate - any advice/ experience?
  138. Haircolor over henna
  139. Henna OVER buxus? (newbie post)
  140. Calling European/ Dutch members! Where to buy henna?
  141. How much henna to use
  142. Mucilage herbs and build up
  143. Anyone ever tried a blender for mixing henna?
  144. All Aussie henna users might be interested...
  145. A few henna and indigo questions
  146. Missed some spots (Indigo), what to do?
  147. Henna gloss bars
  148. Herbal muds from herbs other than henna and such
  149. Question about mixing oils
  150. (ayurvedic) herbs for blondes
  151. Will clarifying shampoo take off cassia/cassia smell?
  152. Henna indigo mix over red red henna to achieve a cool purplish/brown?
  153. I want dark red hair! Is this product good?
  154. Shampoo bar recipes?
  155. Activated Charcoal as dry shampoo!!!
  156. amla
  157. Goodbye henna, its been fun
  158. henindigo turning green...
  159. Salt water spray for dry hair
  160. You don't have to have Red Hair with Henna
  161. Henna Questions!
  162. I am hennaing intently!
  163. first time Cassia gloss advice
  164. Has anyone mixed Henna Colorlab with BAQ Henna
  165. Trying to get herbal washing to work
  166. How to condition without conditioner?
  167. How long does henna last in the freezer?
  168. Anyone tried Omega oils in their hair mixtures?
  169. Self made herbal oils? Experiences?
  170. How long does Henna colouring last on your hair?
  171. Help with egg washing.
  172. Vix vapor rub as scalp treatment!!
  173. Cheniaa's late night henna escapade!
  174. Boosting my natural color - dark blond, light brown
  175. Toning brass with indigo?
  176. Oils with tannin?
  177. help!! scalp problems
  178. After Henna/Cassia Gloss Conditioner
  179. Any experiences lightening hair with lemon essential oil?
  180. My black walnut powder isn't staining
  181. Can you put henna on ends of virgin hair to create ombre?
  182. Iron vessel?
  183. Burgundy/cherry cola henna
  184. Henna Virgin
  185. Black Henna - A few questions for a newbie
  186. Apple cider vinegar
  187. Henna/indigo ratio
  188. hendigo advice? henna not working anymore :(
  189. Time for a new session with henna
  190. Does Hennaed hair darken/brown if you use occasional heat on it? (heated rollers)
  191. Removing Henna Hair Dye + Bleach (Lush Caca Rouge)
  192. Cassia Buildup
  193. What does Cassia do to your hair when you add it to henna?
  194. homemade shampoos & conditioners!
  195. Cornrows braiding newbie, help needed!!
  196. Henna isn't staining?
  197. Back on the wagon and adding Brahmi, Cassia & Hibiscus Powder to my Moroccan Henna...
  198. Dandruff Help, Please
  199. How to Use Indian Herbal Wash to Remove Oiling
  200. Does Henna Expire?
  201. Colouring hair with.... Fruits? Official Thread
  202. Henna cassia mix or henna gloss
  203. Hair coating
  204. How to Take Care of Hair Naturally?
  205. Chemical dye over henndigo resulted in white spots on hair.
  206. Is it useful to add extra hibiscus powder to Nupur 9 henna for redder shades?
  207. Chemicals in Lush Henna?
  208. Advice for henna cassia on medium brown hair
  209. No poo with things you eat.. kind of thread!
  210. Post-breakup change- natural copper?
  211. Reduce henna shine
  212. Looking for a black shampoo "base"
  213. My Henna Head
  214. Purple Marshmallow Lemonade Detangler
  215. Static with No Poo
  216. Green tea and hawthorn in hair?
  217. Moving on from Lush Henna
  218. Henna Breakage
  219. Hendigo/Amla question
  220. Keep trying to open the big old main article on henna...
  221. Giveaway! Hendigo, cassia and rhapontic :)
  222. Henna to Hendigo (red to brown)
  223. LUSH vs. Hennasooq
  224. Indigo gloss following hendigo
  225. Help! Fenugreek made my hair smell bad...what will get smell out?
  226. Should I highlight my hair?
  227. How can I attach pictures from my phone gallery ?
  228. Would highlighting damage my hair?
  229. Henna recipe feedback, tips needed
  230. Wet Indigo doesn't like my roots?
  231. Can I use Aloe Vera that has been fertilized on my hair?
  232. Is Egg good for hair growth?
  233. Can I Get Ruby Tones From Henna On Chemical Blonde Hair?
  234. Indigo Alone
  235. Lightening your Henna head a Few Shades. What has worked best for you?
  236. Please help with hendigo
  237. henna/henndigo + colour oops/colour b4
  238. Gunky buildup after henna
  239. Henna, cassia, amla recipe advice
  240. Henna Dye over Permed Hair: Cons?
  241. Have white hair
  242. Hard water waxiness - how to get rid of it
  243. Color suggestions
  244. Beautiful hair herb mix
  245. Almost out of amla--help me find a new conditioning herb?
  246. Starwest Botanicals red henna feedback? and colouring tips needed!
  247. Urgent Henna Questions!
  248. Amla after henndigo?
  249. Herbal Shampoo
  250. Oat Water for Conditioner