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  1. Does henna stain your scalp?
  2. adore hair dye questions
  3. To color or not to color, advice please?
  4. Help me check the ingredients of this herbal dye
  5. Natural dark brown dye?
  6. Decolour (Color remover)
  7. Upping the reds in henna'd hair
  8. Recommendation on finely sifted Cassia/Henna shade comparable to Rainbow's Marigold
  9. Storing Indigo Powder
  10. Reshma Oil
  11. cassia + amla and also storage?
  12. Sifting grittier brands of pre-mixed henna &/or cassia blends
  13. Does cassia require double applications still, after first use?
  14. How on earth does this method NOT damage hair?
  15. Henna and sun
  16. Sea Salt Spray for Fine Hair
  17. Indigo vs. katam vs. amla
  18. Can you use conventional semi dye on your gray roots if you use henna?
  19. Help me with hendigo, oh veteran hennaheads!
  20. Is it normal?
  21. henna/indigo questions?
  22. Removing henna to get my curl back?!
  23. Coconut Oil and/or Olive Oil?
  24. Is there a way to avoid going darker?
  25. recipe help
  26. Have been using coffee to darken hair, may switch up to black walnut?
  27. Henna does dye release dye immediately! (My kitchen disaster)
  28. Henna Wash
  29. Vinegar rinse after using shampoo bar?
  30. henna/indigo/amla results for anyone interested!
  31. Cassia/Henna on dark brown hair. Advice & Photos would be amazing.
  32. Henna colour?
  33. OCM equivalent for hair?
  34. In search of the perfect recipe. Please share yours!
  35. amla treatment?
  36. Indigo Infused in Oil
  37. Need help picking henna!
  38. Ancient Sunrise blonde hair kit, Chai
  39. Darker red without indigo?
  40. Help me figure out this rinse?
  41. Increased shedding with henna
  42. Warning to Australians buying henna regarding Henna Moon
  43. Henna vs cassia and henna
  44. What can you manipulate the colour of henna with?
  45. Do you layer colors like henna then hibiscus or all at once?
  46. Another fenugreek (methi) treatment
  47. Henna & Tea Leaves
  48. Henna+silicone
  49. So..Hairfinity vitamins work to increase growth (possibly) :O
  50. Sedr/ Ziziphus Spina Christi Love
  51. Nupur Henna
  52. Experiences with oil shampoo?
  53. The LUSH henna products?
  54. Ashy Herbal Hair Dye (no henna!) THAT WORKS!
  55. Henna and Dreadlocks
  56. Help! dye release?
  57. Australian Henna Supplier of Raj Organic - Divine Henna QLD Review
  58. Come with me as I try to get back to my natural ash blonde!
  59. HELP!!! Henna for bleached hair + Seb derm?
  60. First Time Henna Advice: Golden Blond to Light/Medium Copper?
  61. adding more slip to conditioner
  62. Coconut Oil Question!
  63. Adding EOs to herbal conditioners
  64. Silk protein for hair?
  65. Birch leaf 'shampoo'
  66. Amla Burning Scalp?
  67. Zero-waste hair care
  68. ATTN: Canada - Where Do You Get Your Henna?
  69. Ayurvedic Hair care
  70. Best natural treatment for split ends?
  71. Henna Layering.
  72. Ways To Naturally Darken Hair
  73. DIY daily conditioners
  74. Ardell UNRED and Henna
  75. How often do you do a catnip treatment?
  76. Possible to get a cool tone red/burgundy on dirty blonde hair?
  77. Does Henna Help Dry or Damaged Ends?
  78. Henna and directions/manic panic
  79. whipped shea butter usage
  80. Less orange henna? help!
  81. Can I leave henna on for less time to get light/subtler color?
  82. Advice for a bottle-red transitioning to henna-head?
  83. Is this REALLY going to oxidize enough to be normal? :|
  84. Henna Laughs
  85. Shikai hair reflective shampoo with Henna
  86. My most messiest henna gloss ever
  87. Newbie Question about Neutral/Colorless Henna
  88. Rainwash and Lightening question. (Pictures)
  89. hair spray pulling out henna?
  90. Regretting henna, getting rid of red pigments?
  91. rhubarb root ph
  92. Regretting Henna - HELP!!
  93. Can Anyone Help With A Few Questions About Henna/Indigo/Amla/Cassia?
  94. So I bought henna today to try it...
  95. Black walnut powder experiences
  96. coconut cream
  97. Has anyone ever laughed at your hennaed hair?
  98. Thinking seriously about returning to henna
  99. Possible cassia allergy?
  100. Question about indigo, white hair, and pH.
  101. walnut husk-sage-chamomile recipe
  102. I henna-ed my hair again!
  103. Henna Newbie- Boiling Water To Mix Henna?
  104. Tip to reduce orange in henna
  105. Hiding roots in between hennaing
  106. What Will Henna Do to my Hair? Concerns..
  107. How would it turn out?
  108. From henna to blonde - impossible?
  109. Covering balayage only with henna?
  110. Does Lush Henna give the same strengthening and thickening effect as BAQ henna?
  111. Switching to a lighter henna?
  112. Royal Henna disaster
  113. Adding Amla powder or Amla oil to deep conditioners? does it help?
  114. troublesome roots
  115. Oils for Hair?
  116. Shampoo bar questions
  117. Carrot oil for hairgrowth
  118. Henera henna
  119. Growing herbs to use in shampoo/conditioner?
  120. Hesh Ancient Formula Oils
  121. Really strange reaction to pure henna dye
  122. HELP! Henna Gurus. I'm afraid to rinse
  123. henna gloss less drippy
  124. Where do you buy your Henna?
  125. Where do you buy your Cassia?
  126. Henna Guys Cassia... good or not?
  127. Alternate to Cassia?
  128. Tones in my dark, dark hair...
  129. Chamomile hair lightening?
  130. Protein sensitivity after henna
  131. DIY alma/ cleansing conditioning bars
  132. washing rye flour out
  133. henna+spices=pain?
  134. peroxide gel?
  135. DIY dry shampoo for redheads (recipe)
  136. Amla
  137. Natural dandruff treatments
  138. Henna over threecolored hair?
  139. Henna gloss turned brassy nightmare
  140. first time using henna and indigo two step process. can anyone help?
  141. Fresh catnip?
  142. So, do coconut + olive oil soaks *actually* fade henna?
  143. Interesting info on removing indigo with different oils -- includes pics
  144. Potato Skin Hair Dye - Anyone?
  145. Cinnamon Oil DIY--Experience and Issues
  146. Does henna lower the porosity of hair?
  147. Is it possible to achieve a cherry cola/burgundy with henna on white hair?
  148. Fenugreek Recipe?
  149. Does henna or henndigo change your hair texture?
  150. Xanthan gum and herbs? (Or other thickeners for herb teas? Carrageenan, maybe?)
  151. Dye over henna?
  152. Henndigo roots advice - please help
  153. My henna is bleeding when I do teatments :(
  154. Question about the amount of indigo
  155. Pics on removing henndigo using vitamin C, honey, and color oops
  156. To henna or not to henna?
  157. Benefits of tea tree oil?
  158. Salon coloring -- can I really be sure the indigo is gone?
  159. Jamila Henna in Henna + Indigo mix - PPD
  160. Henndigo - Why? What? When? Where?
  161. Orange Headed Hendigo Virgin - I'm Scared!
  162. Shikakai
  163. I want Black with indigo
  164. My indigo has gone green (and my nails luminous yellow!)
  165. black walnut powder?
  166. Opinions on currently available henna...searching for a new batch
  167. Cassia leaves, are those it?
  168. Indigo and Henna, refresh me :)
  169. My henna faded a lot
  170. Video: henna coloring.
  171. Allergic to henna, should I skip cassia treatments?
  172. Wine Red Henna from Henna Color Labs -- has anyone tried?
  173. What does my hair WANT?!
  174. Henna and indigo has arrived- eek! Do I henna and then hendigo?
  175. Thinking about growing out henna
  176. Olive oil?
  177. About the results of lightening indigo?
  178. Henn-digo round 2 - question
  179. Using henna/indigo - how much liquid to use?
  180. Nupur Henna? sounds great... but is it?
  181. What henna should I use?
  182. free coconut oil link?
  183. Macadamia Oil Vs Coconut Oil
  184. Cool darkest brown hennindigo?
  185. Using oil in the shower?
  186. Henna gloss for some color?
  187. Hoping to hear from long-term henna users
  188. Alma or Argan oil
  189. Best Henna Indigo Before and After
  190. So I figured that I'd post my progress with henna so far... (general advice, please?)
  191. Henna Color Labs Question
  192. Henna and heat?
  193. Henna Gloss question.
  194. Coloroops AND sun-in?? Removing henna?
  195. Cannot find this video again
  196. Pic request- fun colors over henna
  197. Permanent hair dye or henna/indigo ?
  198. ACV rinse
  199. Henna won't rinse out
  200. Herbal treatments reacting badly with chemicals?
  201. Using chamomile or similar to brighten very ashy dark blonde?
  202. Pre-poo with aloe vera and Coconut oil?
  203. Morrocco Method Euro Oil-DEEP Discount!
  204. Shine: Cassia vs. Henna
  205. New to Henna - Questions before I try
  206. root job oh no!!!
  207. Adding msm/ biotin powder to scalp treatments/shampoo experiment!
  208. Looking for advice re: Rajasthani vs. Jamila + double checking henna knowledge
  209. My spice rack scalp oil.. recipe
  210. Henna over henna indigo?
  211. Will this henna work?
  212. Herbi + Henna
  213. Henna on Dark Brown Hair - Bleach First?
  214. Looking for henna in India
  215. Henna advice needed for my "unusual" hair
  216. Experiences with sunflower oil?
  217. Video: DIY henna spray for stronger hair!
  218. Rosehip oil vs rosemary oil
  219. Victorian Era Treatments. Castor Oil, Red Wine, Black Tea?
  220. Essential oils, how to's, tips.
  221. diy dry shampoo
  222. Tips for Photographing Henna
  223. Henna that's been defrosted and refrozen
  224. DIY Favorites share
  225. VitC vs Citric acid vs Colour B4 for indigo?
  226. Leave in conditioner
  227. I am gonna do it. But i need help lol
  228. Heat and henna?
  229. Please help- coconut oil and oiling hair
  230. I used Shikakai/Amla/Kapoor Kachli, and shedding increased threefold?!?
  231. Gentler henna application
  232. Herbal Treatments & Henna - which order for most colour & curl retention?
  233. Rare things with my henna-indigo hair
  234. hibiscus and beet root powder
  235. Henna shampoo bar on blonde hair! HELP
  236. How should I go about getting this colour?
  237. Can I go from dark brown to deep red?
  238. Uneven color - henna / indigo mistake - need your help!
  239. Anyone who's dyed hair jet black with henna + indigo?
  240. Herbs to Get back Curls
  241. Success with aloe vera!
  242. I can't get all my roots when touching up henna!!
  243. Indigo... Fading and reapplying?!
  244. Urgent Help with Henna Dyed Hair - Going blonde.
  245. Lightening with just developer?
  246. baking soda hurts hair?
  247. Help with dry curly/wavy hair?
  248. Minimum amount of henna?
  249. Clay washing!
  250. Concerns about chemicals in hair products