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  1. Masking Henna Smell With Honey
  2. Switching henna brands/type?
  3. Indigo fading
  4. So many questions about henna for a kind of first timer
  5. Where to get Hibiscus powder?
  6. What is your favorite brand of henna?
  7. Vinegar mist advice i
  8. Henna Testing: Time, Temp and pH.
  9. aloe vera and hair re-growth
  10. Egg Oil
  11. Why is my hair waxy feeling after henna?
  12. Hanging up the Henna BUT not Holistic Haircare
  13. Alternatives to oiling
  14. Shea butter for hair growth?
  15. Rice water rinses?
  16. Hibiscus dry flower
  17. rosemary sage and thyme..oh my
  18. henna help please
  19. henna disaster .. heeeeeelp
  20. Tips for maximising henna colour
  21. Fenugreek water?
  22. Henna recipe advice please?
  23. Easy to find Herbs to wash hair with
  24. tough to rinse herbal hair masks
  25. Best way to go about tweaking henna mistake?
  26. I bleached over henna and lived to tell the tale!
  27. Change of colour?
  28. Waxy-flakey scalp problem?
  29. Soapnuts - is it good for your hair/scalp?
  30. Going from cherry cola to brown -- question for henna gurus
  31. Is there a good conditioner recipe with NO oil?
  32. Best alcohols for hair?
  33. Indigo gurus -- some tips, please...
  34. Itchy scalp after henna
  35. Natural black dye besides indigo?
  36. Need advice! My hibiscus powder is brown?
  37. Henna for bronde/blonette curly hair?
  38. Tussah silk
  39. Okay, I ordered senna alexandrina...
  40. Natural haircolor for blondes?
  41. Zip lock Henna?
  42. Night blooming rusalki
  43. Will henna keep in the fridge?
  44. Cassia made only part of my hair shiny?
  45. Good, cheap brand of henna and indigo?
  46. Henna advice please for a beginner
  47. would you use this henna?
  48. Temple troubles
  49. Henna & special effects hair dye
  50. What do you mix with your cassia?
  51. Roots only henna
  52. Henna reviews?
  53. Soap Nuts as Shampoo Methods?
  54. Test strand of bleach over henna
  55. Henna, preparing to take the plunge, I think I need support
  56. Experimental Conditioning Stories
  57. Indigo stinks! (literally)
  58. Can I freeze Henndigo ??? (one-step recipe)
  59. Roots only or whole head application?
  60. Cassia for white hairs
  61. Haircare routine: makeover requested
  62. Different Henna Mixes - Does It Make A Difference?
  63. Does olive oil lighten hair on its own?
  64. rosewater
  65. jamilla henna jackpot
  66. Any products (natural or not) that "fill" the hair?
  67. thinking about using cassia
  68. Transitioning from henna to natural color/spot coloring
  69. Is this color possible with henna?
  70. henna staining bathroom surfaces
  71. curly girls 3c and up..of course everyone too=)
  72. Is Red Raj still a board favorite?
  73. I think I'm fading
  74. peroxide
  75. question about lush henna
  76. Can henna be the solution to my problem!? Opinions please!!
  77. Ayurvedic hair oil recipes
  78. Help with choosing right henna
  79. Henna me out!
  80. Different Types of Cassia
  81. the easy way to apply henna
  82. henna gloss bars
  83. freezing cassia
  84. I think I'm having information overload
  85. Oil to Remove Henna
  86. jamila henna
  87. Looking at henna options?
  88. How to use RHUBARB powder
  89. oiling after rinsing henna confusion from ready thread
  90. biotin capsules
  91. Henna Removal and then Olaplex?
  92. henna after lightening
  93. Adding oil to henna mix
  94. deep red henna to light brown?
  95. henna gloss
  96. Manic Panic over hendigo
  97. quickie henna gloss question
  98. update on jamila henna jackpot
  99. How much henna needed (in grams)
  100. Henna first timer/Unsure how to find the right mixture for my hair!
  101. Full Cassia treatment or root touch up for virgin (partially gray) root growth?
  102. Are saponified soaps the same thing as SLS?
  103. saffron in henna?
  104. Fancy Vinegar Rises Article (Opinions Needed)
  105. Using regular kitchen items for Cassia/Henna/Amla/Buxus, etc. preparation?
  106. Remove cassia dye?
  107. Henna/Indigo for black hair....Tips/how to??
  108. Single Carrier Oil + Single Essential Oil: Anyone use blends like this?
  109. Mustard seed powder for hair growth
  110. Henna Dye Release Problems (Kinda Urgent)
  111. Lush
  112. avocado
  113. More for less! Share your best money-saving beauty tips
  114. Snake Oil
  115. Fermented Rice Water
  116. Can I make a gloss out of lush henna?
  117. Blonde Hair and henna
  118. Hair growth oil
  119. Cassia Bars? Like Lush's Caca
  120. - Have you used Katira ?
  121. Onion with hennaed hair
  122. cassia
  123. Has anyone used aloe vera, if so whaddya think?
  124. Pre-mixed Cassia blend without any Indigo for gray coverage
  125. happy result
  126. best "growth" method for SD sufferer?
  127. Doll hair can I use henna?
  128. Considering henna, have questions.
  129. Conditioners in SMT
  130. SMT conditioner problems
  131. can it be?
  132. Help with translated henna instructions - and when to ignore them!
  133. Shiny Hair Using Herbs?
  134. Aloe juice for mixing henna?
  135. Liquid Henna ???
  136. I did it! I've joined your ranks:)
  137. How does this shampoo sound? Pros and cons?
  138. Nupur questions
  139. henna highlights on dark hair
  140. LHC Mentor Program aka The Fhairy Godmothers
  141. Itchy hair from onion?
  142. Blue dye over bleached indigo
  143. Adjusting the color
  144. Mixing Pravana Vivids into Henna
  145. Trying a gloss
  146. Highlights over henna?
  147. what is your haircare regimen?
  148. not so tech savy
  149. cassia angustifolia
  150. Will acid rinses affect henna?
  151. manic panic newbie question
  152. Confused henna noob - temperature and acid/no acid
  153. olive oil and honey treatment after henna
  154. Hair went too red but only in patches???
  155. Henna from natur drogeriet, BAQ? How can I find out?
  156. love hate relationship with my color
  157. Lightening before Henna. Good or bad idea?
  158. Cassia Fail? HELP!
  159. Henna and blueberry juice?
  160. Washing with Head&Shoulders after henna
  161. Getting highlights after henna?
  162. I thought Henna was kinda permanent???
  163. Fenugreek and ................
  164. Cassia brightens up my red hair?
  165. ayurvedic / plant powder hair masks and conditioners
  166. Where can I buy cassia without going online?
  167. Pakistan's Henna and fear of picramate
  168. chamomile and senna hair mist
  169. Darkest henna can go on blondes?
  170. Recipes to help make henna a more true red
  171. how to strain amla powder
  172. Essential oils list
  173. (Another) Henna removal post
  174. How to cool down red henna, advise please!
  175. Cassia made my hair wild
  176. Fake or Not Henna?
  177. How much henna do you REALLY need?
  178. Coconut Oil
  179. Honey bleaching list Belgium
  180. My henna is fading
  181. henna avalache lol?
  182. the soap thread - recipes, problems, ...
  183. Lightening with Peroxide and Baking soda.
  184. Protein in Henna, Protein-Moisture Balance, & Cones
  185. Indian herbs for itchy scalp?
  186. "The Henna Guys" Pure Henna?
  187. Synaa Powdered Herbs?
  188. Soap nuts?
  189. honey washing
  190. Your suggestions for detangled hair?
  191. Olive oil, how often to use
  192. storing hair masks
  193. Henna tips for a dark haired beginner?
  194. Henna and Indigo For Bleached and Dyed Hair
  195. Hair masks/oil treatments
  196. Purple cabbage for dyeing blonde hair? Other natural dyeing?
  197. DIY herbal hair routines, post 'em here? ;D
  198. scalp oil recipe for thinning hair (herbs from pantry) worked for hubby's spot
  199. Ordered Rajasthani from hennasooq..anyone using this? Can i see your colors?
  200. How much for roots?
  201. RESULTS of Strawberry Blonde OR Blonde henna over Blonde hair anyone????
  202. Future Henna Head, Currently Chemically Dependant
  203. Items from the kitchen that can add golden color dimension to blonde hair??
  204. Using fresh henna
  205. The Ugly Girl Papers
  206. Can I store henna after dye release?
  207. Henna Not Looking Good On Me?
  208. henna and unwashed hair
  209. All natural alternative to conditioner?
  210. Caca Brun vs. Caca Marron
  211. Dyeing with Indigo/Katam only?
  212. Jojoba Oil?
  213. Parsley Hair Rinse
  214. Henna on Dark Brown - expectations
  215. Please help with my indigo/henna question :)
  216. Any Natural Shampoo Recipes For Thick but Greasy Hair, Sensitive Scalp and Dry Ends?
  217. Henna saturation on blond, show me pics:)
  218. Black Walnut Hair Dye Toxicity
  219. Hair Faerie oil
  220. Clear Gloss for Gray Hair?
  221. length of time with cassia
  222. Nightblooming Henna?
  223. Pre-Shower Oil
  224. Will henndigo kill my waves??
  225. Any recipe to naturally lighten my hair color?
  226. Egg, Castor Oil & Curd Mask.
  227. lemon juice and conditioner for lightening?
  228. Henna Sooq Canada
  229. Hemp Seed Oil
  230. Put coarse henna powder through a high speed blender?
  231. Homemade Sugar Scrub
  232. new love of new henna.
  233. More root troubles
  234. Recommend your fav oils :)
  235. Coconut Oil Allergy Support Thread
  236. What would cause henna to not take to hair?
  237. The Caca Noir Disaster of '15
  238. Cleanser recommendations for very dry and itchy scalp?
  239. Tips on Rajasthani Twilight & Red Raj?
  240. Need shampoo recipes
  241. Aloe vera gel for hair?
  242. How did you decide to grow out your henna?
  243. Egg Wash Routine
  244. New To Henna / Terrified of Henna
  245. Coconut oil... Organic or Pure?? Which is better?? does it matter?
  246. Oil Treatment for Thinning Patch of Hair?
  247. Henna'd Hair Discoloring Shower Water?
  248. Lightening henna with hydrogen peroxide?
  249. Henna advice
  250. Kombucha Hair Rinse?