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  1. Anyone order from Mehandi lately?
  2. How to wash hair with clay?
  3. What happens if I use straight indigo?
  4. Historic/interesting hair recipes
  5. Coconut oil- does it clog your drains? Or make your hair stiff?
  6. Who else loooooooves grapeseed oil?
  7. Henna gone wrong! Help :(
  8. Should I try cassia?
  9. How to do protein masks?
  10. Ready for my henna ombre...
  11. Natural Hair Dyes
  12. My first cassia treatment, short hair! Pics!
  13. Questions about henna/cassia mixture
  14. Is it going to darken?
  15. Does anyone dye their eyebrows to match?
  16. Does anyone else get excited over henna/cassia/indigo application?
  17. henna, how often?
  18. Neem?
  19. From Henna-red to Violet?
  20. IS it damaging to add honey to a rhubarb root dye?
  21. Over-oiling? Damaging? possible?
  22. Sea Salt in your shampoo mixture?
  23. Tannins?
  24. Best way to NATURALLY lighten hair?
  25. True natural hair conditioner wash? Know one?
  26. henna on product hair, please answer if you know!
  27. Have any of you tried this coconut oil? What is your opinion?
  28. Nightblooming Kitsune Fox Fire *review?*
  29. Hair Balm and Wax recipe
  30. Hair Care by egg
  31. mtg oil, query
  32. henna help
  33. Go for the gold
  34. Henna problems?
  35. My henna is not dyeing red (???)
  36. ACV as a curl enhancer?
  37. New dark brown hair by Nightblooming!
  38. Henna Fade Idea-Thoughts?
  39. How long to wait after scalp biopsy to henna hair? Androgenic alopecia blues.
  40. Would it affect my henna + indigo (black) hair if I wash it w/ baking soda (no 'poo)?
  41. ACV - How much do you use in a rinse?
  42. Achieve dark blonde hair color from amla/cassia?
  43. Purple/red color with henna??
  44. Major hair breakthrough: Success with a soapwort, yucca, honey, and hibiscus shampoo!
  45. Indigo advice?
  46. First time using indigo need an answer fast (my henna is prepared)
  47. cassia/henna for psoriasis?
  48. Did my nupur henna dye demise?
  49. Has anyone tried Rainbow Persian Blonde?
  50. Do henna's dyeing and conditioning properties go hand-in-hand?
  51. Burgundy henna (cherry cola/chocolate cherry).
  52. Black Tea
  53. Cassia vs. Henna?
  54. Fieriest Henna
  55. Not sure about the dye release of my henna
  56. myhenna.us?
  57. Going from bleached blonde to dark brown with hint of auburn or burgundy using Henna?
  58. Manic panic over henna? Show me your photos please :)
  59. Henna or dye?
  60. Henna and tanning beds
  61. Cassia users who used to use henna
  62. Buh-bye chemicals (warning: novel)
  63. Henndigo over old henna for reddish brown - how?
  64. Allergic reactions to shampoo bar/oil?
  65. How do you spend your time with henna paste on your head?
  66. Making the switch from Jamila to Red Raj - anyone done it?
  67. How would I go about getting this colour with henna?
  68. Indigo washing out
  69. Best henna for RED
  70. Lightening and Hennaing for the Super Dark
  71. Essential oils with henna (digo)-- for darker staining
  72. some henna questions...
  73. Full benefits of coconut oil - how do I obtain them?
  74. Red Raj and regular Rajasthani back in stock at Henna Sooq!!
  75. testing time
  76. Curious - for those who like mineral oil...
  77. Aloe Vera Gel, and where can I find it
  78. Idea for a hair spritz
  79. Henna newb with questions!
  80. What can and can't you put in henna mixes?
  81. Natural black hair - does henna colour matter? & other questions
  82. How much should I rinse henna from my hair?
  83. Seeking 'Melisandre Game Of Thrones' shade of henna!
  84. Get henna out of Jeans?
  85. Blue-black hair color with indigo?
  86. Rosemary hair mist
  87. Henna choice
  88. Henna Question
  89. My henna looks too coppery?
  90. Coconut oil questions :)
  91. Back to henna
  92. Help me decide which henna to buy!
  93. Thinking about Citric Acid
  94. Henna Maiden Brand
  95. Can I henna my hair every week or so?
  96. amla powder or oil - hair darkening
  97. Successful henndigo removal?
  98. Diluting henna / mixing different henna powders
  99. Stinky tea?
  100. Quick help please! Henndigo overnight?
  101. Questionable henna?
  102. Help with henna and roots?
  103. So, in an attempt to bleach out my henna...
  104. new to henna
  105. Red Raj Strand Test not as deep red, what did I do wrong?
  106. Henna Gloss Bar- thoughts?
  107. What's your experience with homemade shampoo?
  108. How can I obtain this color using henna?
  109. Help going from henna red to henna dark brown!
  110. Cassia only on 50% grey/silver 50% golden light brown
  111. Honey question!
  112. Indigo doesn't always work? o_o
  113. bleaching my hair for the first time, virgin roots, previously dyed ends, suggestions
  114. How to deal with salt and pepper roots when changing from dark chemical dye to henna
  115. Found good uk supplier for BAQ henna
  116. aloe vera juice in henna
  117. On henna and hubris
  118. Check Aldi's for Virgin CoO
  119. Ready to take the henna/cassia plunge, please help!
  120. what does 99% pure aloe vera gel do for your hair?
  121. Henna noob questions
  122. Argan oil alternatives
  123. Henna Cubes
  124. I've got my first henna/indigo mix on! Wish me luck!!
  125. (Nightblooming) Henna / Cassia ... Roots vs. whole head ??'s
  126. Switching from Jamila to Twilight
  127. Henna fading after 3 months
  128. Help with my henna please?
  129. Is there any way to stop henna oxidising so much?
  130. I Henna'd! So happy, except - eyebrows?
  131. Tweaking my henna recipe for brighter red
  132. Best henna mix for vibrant reds?
  133. Henna didn't work! Help!
  134. Cassia and Increased Hair Loss?
  135. Minimum time to leave castor oil on?
  136. Will cassia lighten henna?
  137. how often can you henna safely?
  138. Hair oils for fine, thin hair
  139. New to Henna & Many Questions
  140. Help for the weak-willed
  141. Henna and Indigo Strand Tests and Troubleshooting
  142. Advice for next step with henna, please....?
  143. My First Evening with Andre…. and Henna
  144. How to match root touch ups after multiple full head henna applications?
  145. How to STOP henna from oxidising?
  146. Leave In Conditioner Recipe
  147. Honey lightening to lighten hennaed ends: questions
  148. Is this a normal amount of hair to come out after henna?
  149. How to apply henna without getting the trendy henna skin treatment?
  150. Lactic acid in henna mix?
  151. Nightblooming's Kitsune Herbal Hair Dye/Conditioner
  152. Henna advice please! - No dye release from cassia ? Gloss or cassia/henna mix ?
  153. Honey & Water thread, any experiences?
  154. Surya Brasil Henna Cream Mahogany Processing Right Now!
  155. Second Henna on Ash Blonde?
  156. Help with next Henna Step and Roots please!
  157. Henna removal: check out my sink full of dark orange water!
  158. Recent henna & indigo and shampoo bar question
  159. Indigo pros cons
  160. Aloe vera gel: can it be used as a deep conditioner/leave-in?
  161. looking for D-I-Y hair masks and treatments
  162. how do you mix henna powder?
  163. Henna Help
  164. Cassia Angustifolia
  165. Slow way to henna/indigo?
  166. Henna tips for roots and upkeep
  167. Maintence and resistance for extremely damaged hair
  168. DIY Leave in Conditioner
  169. Question Re: Oils
  170. Whipped shea butter success!
  171. Removing Henna from carpet... Success!
  172. Shikakai problems, and the division on my head... help?
  173. Henna Troubleshooting: Hive Mind, Help!
  174. I have no idea what I'm looking for
  175. Rooibos tea hair rinse?
  176. Henna help needed
  177. Onion Shampoo?
  178. Inversion method
  179. Tried Essential Oils for your thin hair?
  180. Allergic to coconut - alternatives?
  181. Almond oil?
  182. Help with RED henna!
  183. ktani's blog - natural oils cannot penetrate hair fibre due to product buildup
  184. What is your henna recipe (bright red)?
  185. Allergic to Indigo?
  186. Too strong henna gloss- how to get it out?
  187. How to tone down very red henna
  188. How much henna & indigo should I mix to do roots only?
  189. Hmm, what to do...
  190. And Now, I Wait...
  191. Herbal hair masks in dry or oiled hair?
  192. Severe Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Shikakai Powder
  193. warm medium brown hair - which ingredients
  194. warm brown - henna, indigo?
  195. Is there a way to get this color?
  196. Henna for wine red/burgundy tones
  197. You simply must pour or spray beer in your hair.
  198. Rainwash from Mehandi?
  199. First Henna in YEARS!
  200. The Henna Guys - any experience with this company?
  201. Henna isn't working! It's not red at all!
  202. What to do with leftover henna?
  203. I got my color!
  204. Peppermint oil
  205. Freezing Henna Gloss?
  206. Which Semi/Demi for long lasting strong Royal PURPLE?
  207. Does this sound like a good treatment??
  208. Sea Buckthorn Oil
  209. Different Camellia oil types?
  210. Reetha Shikakai premade shampoo
  211. HELP!! henna two toned hair!!!
  212. Where to get henna?
  213. Henna and Indigo gloss
  214. Question about henndigo, roots, and fading
  215. Henna on bleached hair!! - please help!
  216. Orange glow with henna.... does indigo in the mix neutralize those?
  217. Coconut Oil gets more popular by the day
  218. So I just removed the henna from my hair
  219. Question about henna and indigo.
  220. is it safe to dye over henna?
  221. Henndigo Removal is Working - No Damage
  222. First overnight oiling done.
  223. Sweet Sunnah for Hair Growth
  224. Honey in hair
  225. Essential Oil Ratios
  226. Anyone use simplicity hair oil
  227. henna indigo online
  228. 45 minutes of henna - first time
  229. Tried a suggested hair mask.
  230. Chamomile hair lightening?
  231. Tell me about using Dr. Bronners!
  232. What will happen if I henna chemically dyed hair?
  233. Will curry powder help bring out my blonette?
  234. Milk and Whey
  235. Henna eyebrows help!
  236. Protein Treatments
  237. Lavender Powder for hair wash?
  238. different experiments
  239. Going red
  240. Hibiscus powder vs tea [help! I have my henna almost ready!]
  241. Pre-mixed Hendigo Review
  242. Using trub from fermentation of beer as protein treatment
  243. Can't get oil treatments out of my hair
  244. Review - Saba Botanical Henna Powder
  245. Aloe vera - for hair
  246. New Bottle of Jojoba Oil - now what?
  247. Indigo without Henna on dark hair
  248. Is henna ready?
  249. Light Mountain Red Henna tips..
  250. I LOVE egg washes...but the smell.