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  1. shea butter
  2. Henna smell, weeks after?
  3. How to Properly Freeze a Henna Mixture?
  4. Is there a way to dye hair RED or PURPLE naturally? Without henna?
  5. Henna newb results
  6. A bunch of questions before my first henna
  7. Henna Sooq Cocoveda Hair Oil
  8. Do you use preservatives in your mister bottle recipe?
  9. How to get the best results with my Red Raj henna
  10. curious about henna, is this color possible?
  11. A few questions about Henna
  12. How do i get the banana\avocado mask out of my hair?
  13. Henna help please? :)
  14. What does lemon juice, tea or water do?
  15. I'm hennaing oiled hair for the first time
  16. Rajasthani henna from henna sooq
  17. 2 Step henna/indigo too much work!!! Any ideas on dark brown without 2 step?
  18. Under which circumstances does your henna look the reddest?
  19. Amla for toning down red box dye?
  20. A question for natural redheads
  21. Henna + Indigo for jet black hair
  22. storing aloe gel for hair?
  23. Anyone tried Akeciehonning (Acacia honey)?
  24. Nice rinse for 1A/1B
  25. My honey lightening results! Slightly different recipe...
  26. My First Successful Hendigo! (With pic)
  27. Blue/Jet black hair: Henna+Indigo or Conventional Dye
  28. Considering indigo black under layer with henna red on top! Help!!
  29. Oil or aloe ver gel mixed in with henna for white hair?
  30. How often do you henna your roots?
  31. I used rockabilly blue manic panic to tone down red from hendigo (with pic)
  32. Oh noes! I hennaed today and halfway through I realized I didn't have enough of it
  33. Henna problems - may be causing hair loss
  34. Honey bleach for eyebrows?
  35. Is it possible for me to obtain a brighter colour of red when hennaing? (pix heavy)
  36. Should I use this brand of henna?
  37. What are soap nuts?
  38. Sweet Almond oil help
  39. My friend does this thing not sure if I should try, her hair is lushious and shiny
  40. Hendigo and my coloring
  41. Should I give henna or henndigo a try? Will it go with my skin tone?
  42. Pau d'arco rinse for growth?
  43. Cassia-Henna Blend or Hendigo?
  44. Another thread about nettles
  45. how to make a citric acid rinse
  46. Want to henna but...
  47. Henna or No Henna?
  48. Roots Only Henna Question
  49. Dry shampoo and flaxseed/linseed questions
  50. Do I reaaaally need to strand test my cassia?
  51. Henna issues.
  52. Henndigo Results Uneven
  53. Henna much lighter/ won't saturate on sun bleached strands of hair, what to do?
  54. Safe shampoos and conditioners?
  55. Henna Over Henndigo????
  56. DIY Henna Shampoo?
  57. Honey; started working but has it now dried my hair out?
  58. First Time Cassia, Timing/ Color questions
  59. Henna using coconut milk?
  60. Apricot oil
  61. A bunch of cassia questions.
  62. Took 4 pics of hennaed hair minutes apart, and they are SO different! Wanna see? ;)
  63. My Herbal Hair Color Experience
  64. Strand Tests on 10 years of hennaed hair
  65. Sauna darkened my hennaed hair
  66. Any blondettes successfully gone blonder naturally?
  67. Herb garden
  68. Camellia oil - advice and experience
  69. Can I preheat an entire bottle of honey to be used for SMT's?
  70. Good ebay henna supplier? or another supplier?
  71. Purpley henna? And pics of my hendigo
  72. Which would you recommend, Sweet Almond Oil or Avocado Oil?
  73. ACV rinse after Shampoo or after Conditioner
  74. My henna experience (lots of photos)
  75. Should I use hair cream or conditioner before applying henna?
  76. Tea Tree Oil for Henna/ Hendigo Removal
  77. kind of nervous for my second henna dye...
  78. Can I make my dark brown into ginger with henna?
  79. Bleach before henna, and vice versa?
  80. The spiel
  81. How to use argan oil? (or any oil)
  82. Is LUSH Henna causing greasies and dandruff?
  83. Burgundy hair naturally?
  84. red raj substitute?
  85. Chance discovery - possibly new natural hair dye?
  86. HELP! My henna is way dark!!
  87. Shea Butter
  88. Question about coconut oil bleaching
  89. CRAP, I lightened my henna with my SMT!
  90. What is indigo?
  91. Herbaltea instead of balsam
  92. very light gloss
  93. Newly henna'ed hair!
  94. Buying henna off amazon?
  95. Henna and amla users: pics please?
  96. Yemeni v Red Raj and UK Suppliers
  97. Shampoo bars in London?
  98. Question about Katam.
  99. Lush caca noir on chemically dyed hair
  100. Ginger root for hair thinning
  101. Can I get an opinion or 2, please? :)
  102. no poo, variations please
  103. Henna, Cassia, & Sidr Opinions (pics; 1 year without colouring)
  104. Jamila henna on Ebay?
  105. Lemon juice in my henna?
  106. Henna Hair Dye, Near Potsdam, New York
  107. FENUGREEK in hair, tips, it was a disaster
  108. Does Henna have mercury in it?
  109. Dry sunbleached ends
  110. best oil for hair?
  111. How can I get henna off my hands?
  112. Henna recipe help, please
  113. Desperate - need high dye content red raj alternatives
  114. Oils, butters and weird odors
  115. calling ALL who put oil in their henna mix
  116. How to put amla and glove bud oil in henna mix
  117. Naturally Thinking for carrier oils...
  118. Coconut cream / milk treatment.
  119. Where to buy Indigo in Dubai or Abudhabi?
  120. Greasy, Fine and Thin hair leave-in recipe
  121. How do you get brown, naturally?
  122. Preparing Lush henna - need advice!
  123. Exotic oils and butters
  124. Quick honey lightening question?
  125. Long term henna gloss users?
  126. Henna replacement?
  127. The Experimentations Begin!
  128. Hooray! I just bleached out about 10 years worth of BAQ henna!
  129. Henna gloss noob questions
  130. Henna in Australia
  131. avoid darkening but keep red color
  132. Restoring my hair after bleaching?
  133. Help needed...henna advice....
  134. mehandi or henna boy?
  135. Hair Advice? General & I want black hair...
  136. WHOA Shea butter Smell
  137. Would this make a good shampoo bar?
  138. peppermint oil questions
  139. ACV rinse
  140. help, I'm a pumpkin
  141. Rosewater
  142. Green hair?
  143. Found a Henna Sooq product in another shop... + going to try indigo!
  144. Growing Catnip, Have You? What kind of seeds did you use?
  145. tone down purple tint in hair?
  146. A little experiment.... Honey lightening with cornstarch
  147. Questions about Amla
  148. Amping up red tones?
  149. Help with my recipe for essential oils and getting ideas.
  150. hair too dark from henna
  151. Blonde? try Rhamnus frangula
  152. post-lightening with lemon juice questions
  153. First Henna Gloss!
  154. Scalp reaction to henna? Or something else?
  155. Made my own leave in conditioner. Thought I would share how I did it!
  156. 1st time henna!! Help needed! And VERY much appreciated!
  157. Is Hendigo Out of Favour These Days?
  158. coconut oil and honey hair mask
  159. Sugar scrub for scalp
  160. Did henna make my hair even more dry and brittle?
  161. Washing before henna?
  162. dyeing eyebrows with henna
  163. henna and exercise
  164. Texture Change and Henna questions
  165. If I want a purple-y/blue black can I hendigo?
  166. Coconut oil smelling rancid?
  167. What is loosening your curl pattern?
  168. DIY Hair packs
  169. Henna for conditioning and then chemical dye?
  170. successfully lightened henna with color oops
  171. Henna/Cassia/Indigo Question
  172. Don't tell your hairdresser that you have used henna!
  173. Soapnuts/aritha - time for a new thread?
  174. How to obtain a redder colour?
  175. How does henna go burgundy?
  176. Split End Treatment & Nutrition
  177. I need oil alternative options...asap.
  178. Convinced my Mom to try Henna - now what?
  179. How often do you use coconut oil?
  180. Hair oil?
  181. best essential oil for scalp?
  182. How to increase shelf life? Flax Seed Gel help needed
  183. First time with Henna. A few questions about application.
  184. Recipe
  185. Henna over Henna
  186. Wait for Red Raj or Order Rajasthani Twilight
  187. Bleaching Henna+Indigo
  188. how do I use this?
  189. What Natural Oil/Mask have you used that made a difference?
  190. Henna and heat
  191. Dyeing Hair After Henna Gloss?
  192. Tea tree oil
  193. Any Camelina Oil Users?
  194. Henna and that horrible smell
  195. Is henna worth it?
  196. Need advice on how to achieve this hair color with henna?
  197. Question about premixed henna based dyes
  198. Henna + Hairdresser help
  199. Coconut oil before bleaching and dying
  200. anything to keep fresh dye in better - vinegar, maybe?
  201. Honey for your hair??? :/
  202. Henna (orange) going over red hair...
  203. anyone else experience buildup from methi (fenugreek) seeds?
  204. How Can I Get Lasting Curls on Henna'd Hair?
  205. My experimental super dry itchy scalp/ dry hair/ eczema treatement oil
  206. Oops green hair! Can I henna over?
  207. Toning down copper from henna, the natural(-ish) way?
  208. Shea Butter Brand Recommendations?
  209. Help with shampoo bars.
  210. does anyone use aloe vera gel
  211. bleaching/lightening before henna pics?
  212. Taking the plunge - henna colour advice
  213. How do you get your roots?
  214. Hennindigo did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...wtf?
  215. Do you all know if castor oil helps promote fast hair growth?
  216. Hennaheads: How Long Did it Take Until You Saw Results
  217. Flaxseed gel as a conditioner
  218. Henna advice needed!
  219. looking for a deep warm red, but HOW? (henna)
  220. Finding the right henna
  221. Henna Lip Stain
  222. Choosing the right oil from the head-spinning range available!
  223. Henna color result vs. time
  224. Neem oil uses
  225. Cinnamon interferes with indigo? Please help me hide that indigo smell!
  226. Could I pull off Fiery Copper Henna (Natural Auburn + Fair Warm Skin)
  227. Urgent: Oils and Butters
  228. Henna brands
  229. I've had it with indigo....
  230. Henna and indigo application question
  231. Can I clean my hair with honey, aloe, or glycerin?
  232. Leave In/Oil Recommendations? :)
  233. How to soften cocoa butter in mixes?
  234. Are resins good or bad for hair?
  235. Cassia vs henna for conditioning
  236. daily conditioner recipes
  237. Henna came out?
  238. Henna prep and aftercare?
  239. Should I dye my hair black with henna?
  240. Lush Caca Rouge Henna
  241. Advice for hair colors for yellow/green undertones?
  242. Scientific confirmation that lemon reduces stain intensity in henna
  243. Best herb for conditioning?
  244. Cassia mixture falling in chunks during application, what to do?
  245. No Poo ? What's your routine?
  246. Scalp exfoliation?
  247. How to tell dye release is ready?
  248. New to henna - can I mix a NATURAL looking red?
  249. Covering henna while it lies for dye release
  250. How much henna for roots only?