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  1. Lush Henna- A Couple Questions!
  2. Henna - Burgandy
  3. Cassia - just need some clariying on what I plan to do
  4. First time henna, help?
  5. I now have my first ever henna batch .......scary
  6. Calmofitol Super Diet Aloe Vera Gel - is it good for hair ?
  7. Roots vs whole hair henna
  8. Henna/cassia mix dip dye (strawberry blonde)
  9. Does neem alter henna color?
  10. What is a catnip soak?
  11. I hennaed my eyebrows for the first time!!
  12. not so popular...
  13. Strand test result of henna /indigo
  14. why not to use buckwheat honey?
  15. Hair very tangled and dry after a cassia treatment
  16. The Jamila box has changed-please put my mind at rest!
  17. What color manic panic over henna?
  18. Uneven henna color :( (pics)
  19. Best henna brand for red not orange?
  20. Henna fades VERY soon
  21. hi there, new to henna
  22. best condish for henna gloss?
  23. ACV Rinse - found a way to make it work!
  24. Hennaed hair 'Shedding' dye?
  25. Henna Noob here and with so many Henna newbie questions
  26. Mixing Oils!
  27. Results of First time Henna
  28. How often do you cassia or use tea treatments to keep your hair healthy?
  29. Not that impressed with Rainbow Research
  30. Henna mixed with hibiscus tea?
  31. My Light Mountain Light Brown strand test did not go very well..
  32. Tea tree oil info
  33. First vinegar, THEN baking soda.
  34. Is shikaki a cleanser?
  35. My first henna
  36. Clay mask dulled my henna shine, how to get the shine back?
  37. Orange hair line?
  38. Anyone henna over mostly grey hair?
  39. Henna gloss - best brand/type to use?
  40. Henna Mystery
  41. Can I use anything other than water in a premixed henndigo?
  42. Your favorite (easily accessible) herbal or tea rinse?
  43. can you masters please check this? am i doing everything all right?
  44. I'm about to henna for the first time. Advice?
  45. Removing henna
  46. The basics of henna
  47. Thinking about using henna, from Sallys Beauty?
  48. Help!! How do I get the coconut oil out?!
  49. An Alternative to henna?
  50. Getting Dark Brown or just plain Black from Indigo?
  51. Ordered my first henna! LUSH Caca Marron Mama
  52. Black hair with indigo? Feeling overwhelmed.
  53. Question: Lightening Indigo in my hair?
  54. diy henna bar like lush
  55. Scalp help!
  56. Coconut Manna
  57. I finally did it! :)
  58. Dye too dark. Tried a few things, need help!
  59. Sleeping in henna. Any tips?
  60. Going dark!
  61. Anyone henna within tent?
  62. Natural Shampoo/Washing confusion
  63. Toning down red/orange of henna?
  64. Coarse Hair and Cocoa Butter
  65. Shikakai and Soapnut washing help
  66. First Cassia and Rhubarb treatment!
  67. I toned brassy ends with manic panic and it worked!
  68. Stuff for creating texture?
  69. Skin tone henna disasters
  70. *sigh* Ready to give up on shea butter
  71. Honey, I'm Paranoid!
  72. BS + ACV wash, experiences and tips
  73. Jojoba Oil. What the Heck Happened?
  74. Henna-ing over night
  75. Henna gloss prep help
  76. Henna won't take to bangs?
  77. how to get all the oil out following oil soak using only indian herbs?
  78. Considering Dabbling with Shikakai and Aritha again?
  79. Good Brand of Argan Oil?
  80. Coconut oil question
  81. 1st time Henndigo questions
  82. Natural hair darkeners?
  83. DIY avocado/banana mask w/ no lumps.
  84. Any ideas for Mango butter??
  85. Fenugreek for baby hairs and hair growth
  86. Banana Hair Mask
  87. Useful threads on recipes and natural haircare
  88. ACV VS Other Vinegars?
  89. Homemade hair lightening recipe? Honey? Chamomile?
  90. Indigo question
  91. Two VERY Basic Questions as to Hot-Oil Treatments.
  92. Cassia for extra body?
  93. weekly henna roots
  94. Most gentle, natural shampoos?
  95. What am I doing wrong with my henna?
  96. DIY recipes: preservative needed?
  97. How to...?
  98. Homemade conditioner for CO washing?
  99. Henna & Indigo - decent UK brand/supplier?
  100. Baking Soda Disaster
  101. I Love Henna!
  102. Henna Help PLEASE for gray hair?
  103. Henna gloss - just found out there's indigo in my blend?
  104. Henna Questions
  105. Indigo--anyone form india here?
  106. Protein Treatment
  107. Dodgy henna?
  108. Hibiscus Hair Oil
  109. HELP! Jamila 2013 release time? No Release!
  110. Henna over dark brown roots + black dye lengths
  111. Really vibrant red with henna?
  112. Salon henna color correction. Step by step
  113. oiling, whats the deal?
  114. Butters and Oils...Where Do You Get Yours
  115. I shampooed my henna out!! D:
  116. Helpful Suggestions, Please?
  117. How does henndigo take to previously bleached hair?
  118. starting henna/indigo when scalp might be irritated from chemical dye?
  119. Mustard powder?
  120. How long do I let vinegar sit?
  121. No Shampoo since Dec. 2012
  122. Lavender Hydrosol: The Grease Annihilator
  123. Natural blonde -> brown. I still need help, changing my plan!
  124. Henna gloss without conditioner?
  125. Hennahut Burgundy - inside, no flash before/after
  126. Question about lush caca rouge.
  127. Protein treatment
  128. Hendigo red roots fiasco - please help!
  129. Can I re-apply henna after every oxidation?
  130. Can two honey treatments make a difference?
  131. Henna vs. traditional chemical dyes
  132. Is it ok to cassia twice in one week?
  133. Henna on 50%+ gray hair
  134. Review Aura Cacia Medieval Mix Essential Oil...and Aura Cacia in general
  135. Manic Panic over Henna for streaks?
  136. DIY Hydrolyzed Protein Experiment
  137. Henna hoodie 😁
  138. Red Oil
  139. Deposit only (Manic Panic style) dye over henna - How to remove?
  140. Multi-step Henna necessary prior to Lush Noir Henna+Indigo mix?
  141. first indigo! henndigo? root touchups on grey roots?
  142. Newish to henna
  143. clarified hair with BS and ACV.. did overnight coconut oil soak.. henndigo bled out?!
  144. Vitamin C for color removal before Henna?
  145. Newbie Henna Question
  146. How to store indigo?
  147. Oil thread or sticky link?
  148. Considering Cassia and Henna
  149. Using amla powder in a hair mask
  150. Perm over henna?
  151. Flaxseed gel fail
  152. DIY dry or waterless shampoo
  153. I'm on a "make your own" kick!
  154. Successfully wash without shampoo? tried poo bars and failed. might try again....
  155. What is the best haircare recipe for hair growth you have used and why?
  156. Help me decide!
  157. Where do you buy your camellia oil?
  158. Rose Hip Oil vs Rose Water?
  159. Ok, I've decided!
  160. Herbal washing and HARD water. Amla?
  161. Henna stole my waves and now I miss them :(
  162. Dark Red Henna?
  163. How to bring back curls after henna?
  164. Before I actually do this...
  165. Aloe Vera powder in a henna mix?
  166. Henna . . . importing, problems with customs ?
  167. Strand test!
  168. Help! Will my henna be ruined???
  169. My own deep treatment recipe
  170. the real scoop on henna?
  171. Does Henna Sooq have a BF/Cyber Monday Deals?
  172. Best dye to use over henna / between henna applications
  173. Could you use citric acid to increase shelf life of SMTs?
  174. Can oil be drying to hair?
  175. My henna experience! Pics!
  176. Lozoņa
  177. Thank goodness for Cassia!
  178. Indian herbs transistion period??
  179. Seriously thinking of doing an impulse Henna gloss today! :)
  180. Dilution with cassia caused no color :(
  181. Yummy-smelling henna
  182. Henna Sooq's pre-mixed henna paste... has anyone used it for hair?
  183. Coconut oil & breakage: oh no could this be possible!?
  184. henna gloss for roots or no?
  185. Which henna to get?
  186. Thinking about hennaing my hair
  187. Little henna mini-success story :)
  188. Vegetable glycerin as a hair moisturizer?
  189. pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe
  190. How much oil do you use for treatments?
  191. Aloe anyone?
  192. Why is my hair devouring flax seed gel?
  193. Zenia brand for cassia
  194. I LOVE henna! ...first full head treatment in a few months
  195. How to stop henna from drying out your scalp
  196. Home made products....
  197. Henna noobie: which type & recipe?
  198. Henna gloss too wet - other suggestions?
  199. Egg yolk in shampoo?
  200. Is there a coupon for Mountain rose herbs?
  201. Ayurveda questions
  202. Anyone's hair been ruined by henna?
  203. More natural alternative to my gels/waxes/pomades?
  204. Tips for keeping henna from fading
  205. Does anyone henna all but one streak of hair?
  206. Henna scares me..
  207. Worst henna experience EVER... But best dye outcome?
  208. Goodbye, henna?
  209. Do you Exfoliate your Scalp?
  210. Henna root touch ups?
  211. Henna Quality DOES Matter!!!
  212. Henna/Cassia and tangles?
  213. Show me your dark brown hair created by herbal/natural methods
  214. Anyone do henna overnight?
  215. Must I use shampoo after indigo?
  216. So I want my henna redder, but I'm afraid it'll get too dark... any tips?
  217. do you rinse lemon and vinegar ?
  218. Victorian Hair Tonics, Tried and Tested?
  219. Henna bad for my hair :(
  220. Red Raj...not that red?
  221. How Do I Use My Coconut Oil?
  222. Help needed! Creating a color using henna and? indigo
  223. What is your favorite winter hair oil?
  224. Do NOT Do What I Did to Your Hair!
  225. SRK????
  226. Lush caca brun questions.
  227. Henna & cassia residue on head all day: bad?
  228. I made my first herb-infused hair oil!
  229. anyone apply henna immediately after mixing?
  230. Vinegar rinse in between wash?
  231. History of Henna
  232. do you henna your eyebrows
  233. At the end of my rope with trying to be healthy!
  234. Thin hair and oils?
  235. Advice for 1st Henna, please
  236. I totally got a golden coppery tone from cassia on my dark red hair!
  237. Will this affect my color?
  238. DH bought henna, but unsure if BAQ
  239. Henna/Indigo ruined my hair... but I still want to darken it?
  241. Flattering Henna Result Advice
  242. Lemon juice and ACV pre-CO for chelating? Hard water?
  243. Baby formula as conditioner
  244. Favorite carrier oil mixes
  245. Will henna/henndigo take to my hair?
  246. Can someone please tell me wher to find Indian grocery stores in Hollywood Florida?
  247. My Henna Experience
  248. henna and hair growth
  249. My henna experience + looking for advice for growing hair and making it look healthy
  250. shea butter