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  1. Can You Freeze Catnip Tea?
  2. Where to buy STRONGEST dyeing and finest sifted indigo?
  3. Khadi: Anyone Using It?
  4. Best treatment for broken hair
  5. Comparison of Alternative Washing Methods (Rhassoul, Soap Nuts and Eggs)
  6. Stores that sell henna
  7. I'm going to henna for the first time!!
  8. Hello :-) and a few questions about Henna
  9. Too much yellow after Cassia treatment!
  10. Any good Yemeni Henna out there?
  11. White clay for hair
  12. Horsetail tea.
  13. I haven't ordered henna in forever
  14. Henna ombre on darkbrown hair (pic heavy)
  15. Lots of help for a someday (hopefully soon) henndigoer?
  16. Christmas Herbal tea
  17. Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil?
  18. Making hennaed hair brighter?
  19. Tea Tree Oil and Henna
  20. Recipe for light brown henna mix
  21. Advice on going 'Ayurvedic'?
  22. From henna to silverblonde? Mission impossible?
  23. From damaged bleached blonde to light brown with henna/indigo?
  24. Quick question about my mix!
  25. Henna not working on my hair, but works on my extensions?!
  26. Commercial styling products with Natural shampoo
  27. I have burgundy hair. How can I fix it?
  28. Compiling a list of all the things that may strip the henna from your beautiful hair
  29. Green hair from buxus?
  30. Warning! Jamila henna from the Indian grocery. IMPORTANT
  31. Are you picky about the % of lawsone content and type of henna?
  32. Bergamot oil
  33. "Hana" indigo
  34. Amla for cooking?
  35. Newbie question about henndigo gloss for color...
  36. Contemplating henna
  37. Serious Moisture Recipes for hair that hates SMT?
  38. Any successful henna ombre
  39. Sea spray
  40. all natural shampoo!
  41. Is this normal? Post-henna question
  42. Tips for dry scalp and itchiness
  43. Cornrows for root-only henna application
  44. Lightening henna, here we go again!
  45. Which henna and how much?
  46. can i achieve this with henna?
  47. Indigo...how do I apply it?
  48. Does this seem like a good Ayurvedic hair routine? What should I do?
  49. Foaming baking soda?
  50. Natural redheads and Henna
  51. Eyelash color
  52. Experiment - soft, natural reds without henna
  53. Adding olive oil to cocoa butter, or creating your own lotion?
  54. How do you keep your henna from getting too dark?
  55. Persian Henna?
  56. Cassia on over processed bleach blonde hair?
  57. Sakuraemily's homemade hair oil(pics)
  58. Help with finding an old thread here?
  59. Should I go chemical?
  60. Eggplant magogany shade
  61. Your longest henna application time?
  62. Amla infusion in a mister?
  63. Tea rinse with honey added
  64. henna on clothes :(
  65. Mayonnaise treatment
  66. Henna & Mineral Oil?
  67. How do I know the Cassia I got is pure?
  68. Cassia and Low Porosity Hair
  69. Help for special DEEP red color
  70. Karishma colourful henna - Is it BAQ does anyone know?
  71. Honey in conditioner
  72. Show me red raj on your hair pictures!
  73. Dryness from henna
  74. Coconut Milk Hair Treatment & in need of help!
  75. using aloe vera gel/juice
  76. Turmeric On Hair
  77. Frozen Henna/Cassia Q
  78. DIY Detangling, leave in conditioner recipes
  79. Thinking of trying white vinegar. . .
  80. Lightening henna/henna ombre
  81. ACV brings out red highlights!
  82. SUPER simple aloe vera recipe for soft hair!
  83. Talk to me about OILS....
  84. I want to be a brunette again, help!
  85. K Pour Karité?
  86. 2 tone hair color with henna (red raj) and indigo
  87. Is it possible to henna without it touching the greys?
  88. How do I get this red? (pics)
  89. Henna color went wrong How do I fix it?
  90. Awesome hendigo result(picture included!), but...
  91. Reddify my henna?
  92. About to see results! :)
  93. Cassia + Grey = Permanent colour?
  94. Henna fading on aging hair
  95. Henna on dark brown hair?
  96. not enough indigo
  97. What's wrong with my henna? :(
  98. Least darkening henna?
  99. Hair spray?
  100. Henna question....any help please?
  101. Blonde to Burgundy with Henna?
  102. I have the green goo on my head!
  103. Bleaching and then hennaing?
  104. Catnip question
  105. Not sure if henna is worth it? (dark hair)
  106. Henndigo gloss?
  107. Henna and heavy shedding. What am I doing wrong?
  108. Henndigo one or two step
  109. Help! My "green goo" is BROWN goo! Can I let it sit overnight?
  110. Experience with henna gloss on grey hair?
  111. Con's To A Henna Gloss
  112. My experience with Manic Panic over henna
  113. Orange!
  114. How long does the henna smell last?
  115. Bleaching, Damage, and more curls than I know what to do with
  116. Just hennaed with LM Chestnut-- overdye right away with Mahogany?
  117. Lareige henna?
  118. Veggie dyes over Henna!
  119. Argan Oil for cheaper
  120. Henna/indigo over previously dyed hair?
  121. Root only application...what to do with the rest?!
  122. Should I henna or henndigo? Pic included (hopefully)
  123. MacUrth henna?
  124. Khadi henna in the US?
  125. My Henna and Manic Panic Journey with Pics
  126. Calling All Henndigo Girls!
  127. Henna Question about mixing brands
  128. URGENT: Jamila Henna Troubleshooting
  129. Has anyone been able to darken by 2 levels with henndigo?
  130. sub for conditioner in henna gloss?
  131. Fave hennasooq bar for shine? And sweet honey nourisher reviews needed!
  132. manic panic over henna/indigo/cassia mix?
  133. Hair growth afer shaving my head a year ago.
  134. First henna gloss results (pics and recipe)
  135. Henna shampoo bars and conditioner
  136. How long after henna can I use a demi-permanent
  137. Flaxseed pH balancing
  138. Top 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
  139. Help with Ayurvedic virgin also Shikakai & Aritha vs. Cones
  140. New to natural hair dyes
  141. Your best tried and true ways for getting ALL henna off scalp!
  142. Latest Red Raj wonky?
  143. Henna Day! Anyone else doing a henna today?
  144. Hairspray Alternative
  145. Need some henna advice! (Pic heavy)
  146. CO washing any tips or brands preferred?
  147. leave-in conditioner ingredients ......
  148. Henna and hot rollers
  149. Considering taking the henna plunge
  150. Results of First Honey Treatment!
  151. Red raj question
  152. how long do you leave your hendigo on your head?
  153. shampoo after henna
  154. Im back and Im Hanna-ing!
  155. ACV Rinsing
  156. Anyone mixed Jamila with Red Raj or Twilight?
  157. Youre favorite herbal hair care book
  158. Henna 411
  159. Rosemary EO in carrier oil vs. Fresh rosemary oil infusion?
  160. How to keep henndigo from going too dark?!
  161. Blending in bleach blonde hair w/ ash blonde roots using henna
  162. Hair porosity and henna/henndigo/etc... Please share your experiences!
  163. Florence Welch Henna
  164. Three Rivers Henna
  165. Shampooing between henna and indigo?
  166. Does oil affect henna?
  167. Thinking about trying henna
  168. Two weeks into bhringaraj oil and experiencing loads of shedding!
  169. for the desperate: henndigo & chemical dye removal tip!
  170. Henna color lab?
  171. Yemeni gloss for strawberry blonde?
  172. How do you store your bars in the shower?
  173. Katha powder (Acacia Catechu bark) to make henna darker/more brown?
  174. Are henna and cassia the same in terms of conditioning effect on hair?
  175. Zizyphus Spina Christi as henna/cassia alternative
  176. Options other than Vaseline for proecting skin during henna
  177. PICS of henna on medium brown hair please!!
  178. Is a color like this achievable with Henna?
  179. What's the best "easy" pre-mixed plant dye?
  180. cant find it, henna help? im new to this
  181. Show me henna on blonde hair!
  182. Which vitamins for hair growth?
  183. Hairgen - Review
  184. Why is Your Brand of Henna the Best for You?
  185. What should be my approach to beginning henna?
  186. Annatto?
  187. Stained hands from henna.
  188. husband has magical hair?
  189. Dragonspice henna
  190. Henna has straightened my hair!
  191. Hoping to learn about henna (disappointing first attempt)
  192. Henndigo -->> Coconut Oil + Bleach -->> Henna (??)
  193. Henna skin stains
  194. Cassia!!
  195. Getting fresh henna out of blond hair
  196. Henna on my hair colour
  197. Manic Panic / Directions on dark, hennaed hair...
  198. Favorite oil for fine hair
  199. Insane frizz after cassia treatment!
  200. Swimming and henna?
  201. Has anyone tried Rainbow Henna?
  202. growing out henna & blue toner?
  203. Thoughts on Harvest Moon / Henna Hut?
  204. How do you use your hair teas?
  205. Ran out of Saran wrap, but Glad "press and seal" works WAY better!
  206. Should I start oiling treatments/scalp massages now?
  207. VERY CONFUSED. Please help. Indigo powder by itself?
  208. ...Chlorophyll?
  209. Help for the hubby hair!
  210. Doubts about WO and SO and no-poo in general for oily hair
  211. Henna Indigo removal Help questions...
  212. ACV Rinse/Soak?
  213. Natural conditioner for after-henna?
  214. Possible to get chunks of black with indigo? Does it bleed??
  215. Does a silicone alternative exist?
  216. Did henna lead to a change in haircare routine for you?
  217. "Purple" with Indigo + Alochol or Cherry Cola or Burgandy with Henna
  218. Has anyone been able to use essential oils to replicate the effects of Monistat?
  219. Has anyone tried Reshma henna?
  220. Two Step Henna + Indigo to deepen soft black hair?
  221. I think I may have made a mistake...
  222. Newbie Henna and Indigo questions
  223. DIY Rosewater help!
  224. How to get ashier look on my natural redhead?
  225. How to get ashier look on my natural redhead?
  226. Henna not as bright on my virgin roots..?
  227. Pumpkin Seed Oil?
  228. Castor Oil vs. Jamaican Black Castor Oil?
  229. Indigo questions?
  230. Cassia questions
  231. Oil maceration
  232. New to henna - need help knowing what to try
  233. First time henna question
  234. buxus?
  235. Henndigo on bleached/color-treated hair - experiences?
  236. Saturation after just one henna?
  237. In terms of lifting henna...
  238. Henna and henna/indigo won't stick?
  239. New Here and New to Henna
  240. Henna over Feria
  241. Why didn't I try this before?- henna and conditioner
  242. Help! Henna didn't work?
  243. Honey/Avocado deep conditioner recipe
  244. Tired of two toned hair!!!Color Questions.
  245. Decided to try Henna After All. (After seeing Red Raj..WOW!!)
  246. Dry shampoo recipe?
  247. Question about henna and amla
  248. Henna + Indigo Questions
  249. A month after my Henna and Indigo application and it has already faded...
  250. Flickr with henna mix tests?