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  1. Henna Colora powder - your experiences
  2. Unred, silver rinse etc
  3. Henna color help
  4. Least Damaging Way to Lighten My Hair Several Shades
  5. Best Recipe For Hair Growth
  6. Burdock oil
  7. Catnip conditioner got rid of my back acne!
  8. Herbs and oils for strengthening
  9. Is it possible to use indigo gloss without henna?
  10. Just got some Red Raj!
  11. Can Henna Produce "Cooler" reds?
  12. Question about Nightshade's copper mix
  13. Deposit only dye list
  14. so my order arrived, help and wisdom needed
  15. Question about herb rinses
  16. What is Your Shampoo Routine?
  17. Hendigo for 2.5 hours = no dye?
  18. Henna! It's amazing.
  19. Henna gloss: am I making a mistake?
  20. Henna in (daily) conditioner?
  21. Allergic to henna...
  22. Did my henna go bad?
  23. Henna and Shedding
  24. pics of henna on dark brown hair?
  25. Does henna suit me??
  26. Black cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa)
  27. I'm henna-ing my hair!
  28. winter/ fall herbal hair care, share your routines!
  29. First proper protein treatment!
  30. Henna vs. Henndigo Advice needed
  31. My hair was nicer on henna :(
  32. I need help! I'm looking for an organic hair color that will lighten 4 shades?++
  33. Essential oils - foresty scents?
  34. Herbal hair colouring
  35. Desperate to remove henna back to blonde
  36. Henna dye question!
  37. What "regular" stores to buy essential oils?
  38. Dyeing with henna right now--question about eyebrows
  39. Honey recommendations anyone?
  40. Correcting two-tone hair?
  41. Hennahead hits the international catwalks!
  42. Blonde mix before and after (cassia, chamomile, henna)
  43. My friend is brilliant!
  44. Your experiences with indigo?
  45. henna question/wetting so much
  46. deep conditioning treatments
  47. Saponin (soap nuts) liquid question
  48. I'm about sick of my scalp, I'll try anything!
  49. Purples, blues and pinks over henna?
  50. Excessive Shedding?
  51. Castor Oil The Magic Potion
  52. Henna on roots, lightening them first?
  53. Henna & Chemical hair dye fading question...
  54. Turmeric; Also other alternative herbs?
  55. Rajasthani Henna turned blonde hair too brownish?
  56. Pure/Fresh Awapuhi (wild ginger) experiences?
  57. Henna over half virgin/half color treated hair?
  58. hendigo woes
  59. Henna or Oil?
  60. Brahmi and Bhringraj
  61. How to put henna in longer hair?
  62. Color-depositing conditioners over henna
  63. any success with essential oils?
  64. Washing henna out - non-mermaid style?
  65. Hmmm...mayonnaise anyone?
  66. Coconut milk in my indigo mud?
  67. Ginseng rinse!
  68. Henna over raw hair dye that didn't fade all the way out
  69. henna fading
  70. Help with Jamila henna
  71. Chagrin Valley Stimulation & Oil Blend Hair Tea
  72. Chamomile over Henna?
  73. Cassia gloss:)
  74. What's in this henna?
  75. Is henna bad for your hair?
  76. Why are natural box dyes so bad?
  77. Questions about Lime juice only/ water-only washing methods
  78. It was fun while it lasted
  79. Help me henndigo my henna hair back to brown!
  80. Avocado oil
  81. Can Cassia change Henna Colour?
  82. Henna Experts! Is this a Henna Gloss?
  83. Navratna oil?
  84. What to do with Emu Oil's smell??
  85. Honey Lightening dyed hair?
  86. No poo: Strange coating on scalp, please help!
  87. Getting Henna Right Into the Roots
  88. Is hennaed hair very common among women in India?
  89. How do I clarify my hair?
  90. Henna redox chemistry and color
  91. brown eyes + hennaed hair - anyone has pictures?
  92. EO's and herbs that benefit the ENDS of hair?
  93. Mist for light cleansing between washes?
  94. Cinnamon for hair?
  95. henna weekly?
  96. Ivory Soap for Hair Color Correction - Harsh Grow Out Line GONE!!! How to . . .
  97. In need of yemeni henna, but Henna Sooq out. Where to get?
  98. Desperate for help! Henna + Colour B4 disaster.
  99. Can't believe Color Oops worked!
  100. Cassia, hold the color?
  101. A bunch of henna-related questions
  102. Henna to Blonde-Advice?
  103. African black soap for hair: insights? Advice? Experience?
  104. Argan oil
  105. Just ordered a bunch of supplies to make my own oils!
  106. Rosemary essential oil
  107. Thawing leftover henna
  108. Henna extract?
  109. Thyme and sage essential oils... toxic???
  110. Perfume oil on hair??
  111. Real olive oil and fake olive
  112. Can I use a red toner over BAQ Henna?
  113. Catnip essential oil? & other questions about making my own concoctions...
  114. 20 recipes for homemade hair growth treatments
  115. Buying Henna Online
  116. Rooibos Rinse
  117. Tried a new routine today with good results!
  118. Getting rid of henna stink?
  119. if you have ordered from Ingredients To Die For... and a question about EO's.
  120. how do you apply Monistat/Daktarin?
  121. - How to make my own hair shampoo/conditioner bar, without lye ?
  122. Sage and Rosemary for grey hair
  123. Oil infusions for hair
  124. Hair Dye/Darkening Advice?
  125. Henna newbie
  126. Herbal extracts in organic alcohol?
  127. Came across this shampoo...
  128. Getting Henna to not fade away
  129. argan oil
  130. Sahara Henna Tazarine?
  131. Henna to Purple?
  132. Methods for restoring curl?
  133. Odd Mahabhringaraj Oil
  134. Interesting hot oil treatment article!
  135. Week 2 progress report
  136. Dr. Bronner's
  137. - What's wrong with my hennaing . .
  138. Zizyphus Spina Christi (sedr)?
  139. Well, my head smells like a salad.
  140. Diatomaceous Earth Anyone? Not Your Typical DE Question
  141. Need help
  142. Harvest and care for my aloe vera
  143. The worst things about homemade egg shampoos are??
  144. Question about herbal washing and stretching washes
  145. Hendigo over henna for burgundy-black cherry?
  146. new to natural dye
  147. hendingo and curly hair
  148. Rice oil.
  149. Nettle, anyone?
  150. Overnight Henna techniques
  151. BS & ACV questions
  152. Question(s) about rose water
  153. Cassia in Conditioner
  154. questions for those who use herbs to wash and condition
  155. Lemongrass tea
  156. Chemical hair color, natural hair care and other questions
  157. Henna-ish
  158. Myth: Henna Doesn't Fade
  159. How does catnip work? (+ henna interaction question)
  160. Indian herbs in Europe (Sweden)?
  161. Can I skip the indigo?
  162. Blog with recipes
  163. Henndigo or 2 step for grey hair?
  164. Missed Spots with Henna
  165. has anyone tried a diluted aloe juice rinse?
  166. Hannah Natural HENNA - Shampoo & Heenara Hair Wash
  167. Is this Aloe Vera ok for SMT?
  168. cherry cola henna?
  169. Deciding on color
  170. garlic/egg yolk
  171. Henna Dye Release Question
  172. Thinking of taking the plunge into henna...tips?
  173. Cocoa butter!
  174. Nightblooming's Herbal Treatments and Stuff
  175. Coconut oil shampoo method and heat styling?
  176. Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer
  177. Acv rinse before or after Conditioner?
  178. coconut milk or cream?
  179. Henna: Tea/infusion vs. Paste
  180. Roots Only Henna Application
  181. Gentle way to soften/lift box color for those growing out.
  182. henna now, indigo later?
  183. renaissance henna soapnut sale
  184. Honey as a conditioner?
  185. Strand testing Nightblooming's Kitsune Herbal Hair Color
  186. So I put my henna in the fridge...
  187. natural wurlies and curlies, need your help
  188. Why did I do it?!
  189. Will my chemically dyed red hair turn red or orange if i put henna over it?
  190. Homemade hair mayonnaise
  191. Henna gloss too drippy!
  192. Is it safe to use Henna and Indigo while pregnant?
  193. Help for a henna newbie?
  194. Can't henna eyebrows... use box dye on them??
  195. Olive Oil - Pure Orangic Therapy
  196. Homemade shea butter lotion recipe?
  197. Hesitant about jumping into the henna boat...
  198. Best way to put oil on scalp?
  199. Natural ways to get rid of lice
  200. Henndigo help!
  201. Neck pain while hennaing
  202. Henna question
  203. Hair growth helpers?
  204. "cherry cola" henna strand test
  205. Semi-permanent chemical dye & Cassia? Advice appreciated :)
  206. No dye release??
  207. Nickel Sensitivity and Useable Oils
  208. Sale-from nature with love (oils, butters,ayurvedic powders & oils, etc)
  209. About hennaed hair maintenance...
  210. Does your scalp/hair crave Henna?
  211. I made my own conditioner!
  212. Red Raj, Jamila or Rajasthani Twilight?
  213. Green Tea/Honey Spray? Why not?!
  214. Bubbling, green strand test for chem dark dye 6 MONTHS after using lush henna??
  215. Egg + Clay?
  216. I have finally figured it out: catnip, flax, and marshmallow root!
  217. Weird henna color and texture!
  218. How drastic of a colour change is henna?
  219. How do I get this color?
  220. Nothing will get rid of this indigo :'(
  221. Green Coffee Oil and Caffeine
  222. My henna;going wrong?
  223. I hate Henna glosses! Help me.
  224. Hopefully last Henna question!
  225. what essential oils do you use for the fastest growth?
  226. Score one for natural hair care
  227. Elma sana ghassoul
  228. Henna gloss info for a henna noob ^-^
  229. Getting Indigo Not To Fade
  230. I am amazed by this recipe!
  231. how much vitamin C to shampoo conditioner for lightening henna and henndigo?
  232. Henndigo users - is there a particular kind of henna which is 'best'?
  233. Back to LHC and henna
  234. Aloe Vera gel for scalp treatment?
  235. Light brown hair + henna gloss for 2h = no color change? disapointed...
  236. Henna sourcing - UK
  237. Can I get a copper color using Rajasthani henna?
  238. Shea butter smells?
  239. What temporary dye colors will show up well over henna?
  240. UK Shampoo for Catnip Treatments?
  241. Thinking of Henna, help?
  242. Jamila Henna/Indigo mix
  243. Eyebrows and henna
  244. Turn my orange henna to dark cool toned brown?
  245. Uneven Henna Coverage! HELP!
  246. Bye bye Bozo!
  247. Henna and dye release
  248. Should I cut in a fringe??
  249. Herbs and soap nut powder schampoo (klockargårdens)
  250. did my first hendigo...