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  1. Has anyone with dark brown hair used Harvest Moon burgundy?
  2. How should I dye my hair burgundy?
  3. Natural toners for improving cool tones and reducing yellowing
  4. Anyone have a Salt Water Recipe for hair?
  5. Update & Pics: After Henna & a Hair Cut
  6. My hair just goes brown
  7. Henna for dark brown hair - is there a change in colour?
  8. sukesh from henna sooq?
  9. Best place to buy essential oils?
  10. Henna + black Manic Panic question
  11. Cassia over indigo question
  12. Taming Down the Smell of Henna
  13. If you've dyed your hair cool red/burgundy, how did you do it?
  14. birch leaves
  15. question about Acacia catechu Plz help
  16. What does ACV do to your hair?
  17. Henna help.... has anyone used any of the Lush Brown henna kits from HennaSooq?
  18. Henndigo allergy?
  19. Henna for dry hair
  20. Henna & batiste schampoo?
  21. Will blowdrying burn my henna?
  22. Washing hair with honey only?
  23. Does cinnamon lighten hennad hair? If not what could?
  24. Do I need to apply FRESH henna before indigo?
  25. Help! Mother has had a henna accident!
  26. How much henna!!??
  27. Cassia over permanent color?
  28. Nightblooming's custom herbal mix
  29. Anyone want henna and or indigo?
  30. Confused about Henna dye release.
  31. help green hair with henna!
  32. Agave syrup
  33. Photo of henna allergy on skin
  34. Shea butter/coconut oil-based cream?
  35. 1st experience using Henna-Light Mountain Cover the Gray
  36. Alternative uses for ACV?
  37. Can someone double check my hennaindigo recipe? And questions? (pics)
  38. Thicker Henna Paste, More Color Saturation
  39. My first order with Mehandi
  40. Pure aloe vera?
  41. Question about catnip
  42. Amla plus or Amla hair oil ,anyone?
  43. Coconut oil frizz explosion!
  44. light to dark hair with henna
  45. Henna Gloss with Leftover Henndigo: Help Please!
  46. coconut oil pre-soak and sun-in?
  47. Question about lightening henna and dyeing over it
  48. Bringing out the red?
  49. Happy about my recent purchase :)
  50. my latest henna
  51. Hair Loss - Rosemary Leaf Extract
  52. Anyone try Surya Brasil Henna Cream??
  53. Successfully lightened indigo with Coloroops. No green!
  54. Best place to order cassia from?
  55. India hair/Also, any tips for growing thick hair?
  56. Acure Organics
  57. How do you use aloe vera gel and what do you use it for?
  58. Demi and henna fade?
  59. can someone help me assess these ingredients?
  60. Sesa hair oil
  61. What to mix with ylang ylang oil besides other EOs?
  62. Manic Panic Vampire Red over Red Raj henna =
  63. Can I henna over very heavily oiled hair??
  64. Lovely new frizz busting leave in 'serum' :)
  65. Syoss "0% cone" conditioner ~ ingredients?
  66. Nightblooming's Cassia Mix
  67. Chagrin Valley shampoo bars...
  68. Coconut oil that expired in 2011??
  69. I figured it out!
  70. Henna went too light.
  71. Help a newbie with henna over dye questions!!
  72. From bleach to golden blonde with henna
  73. Lush Caca Brun results underwhelming...
  74. Can henna, cassia or amla go out of date?
  75. Redheads respond:why do people rip on "orange" hair?
  76. Sawdust/straw/grit in Henna Sooq's Red Raj
  77. Henna - I want this colour
  78. Easy fortifying treatment
  79. New product line im VERY excited about!!!
  80. Dryness from Cassia
  81. I wonder....
  82. A great receipt for damaged hair
  83. Removing henna / peroxide - I did it and it worked pretty well
  84. Is there such a thing as a *temporary* henna/indigo?
  85. Dabur Vatika enriched Almond oil
  86. I made a henna tutorial!
  87. back to henna?
  88. Terrific conditioning oil treatment
  89. Henndigo questions
  90. Henna lightened my chemically dyed hair!
  91. Oiling for Healthy Hair
  92. can you henna over chemical color?
  93. thinking of a combination for ingredients
  94. Hard water breakthrough!
  95. Sellers of Henna
  96. rash from indigo?
  97. Yet another "how can I get rid of *some* of the henna?" thread
  98. Easy ACV?
  99. Yes! I actually want it that color...
  100. EOs to cover scent
  101. How can you tell if henna is good quality?
  102. Suggestions for hair and skin like mine?
  103. Recommendations for a good hair treatments
  104. Lightening hair?
  105. Can you lighten a 2-step indigo
  106. How to kill peroxide in honey without microwave?
  107. newbie to henna
  108. removing henndigo- have I missed any options?
  109. Coconut oil, cream, milk????
  110. How to preserve aloe gel
  111. Do you know any henna heads IRL?
  112. Can I use peppermint tea for hair rinses??
  113. Adjust/ maintain my henndigoes color?
  114. Brown henna shampoo???
  115. DH hates the smell of shikakai and amla.. what to do??
  116. Pandora's growth formula ?
  117. Lush Henna Problems
  118. Old Carrier and Essential Oils
  119. Thinking about Red Henna, Help!
  120. Coconut Shampoo Recipe
  121. Henna results for dark blondes?
  122. Indigo by itself?
  123. Need opinion from experienced henna heads!
  124. Ancient Sunrise Jasmine henna
  125. Making red henna hair brown
  126. Short time pre-oiling
  127. Anyone have any wisdom on doing a 2 step?
  128. Quick henna help needed
  129. Trader Joe's aloe gel & butylene glycol
  130. Henna virgin - questions
  131. To henna, or not to henna?
  132. Hendigo help
  133. Henna colour being washed out (and staining my towels!!!)
  134. Gogirlanime's Daily Leave-in Natural Spray for Fast Growth
  135. Growing out henna....
  136. Henna Sooq? henna gloss question also
  137. I just entered the portal into the world of indian herbs
  138. Henndigo just a bit too dark?
  139. My hair is Henna-resistant?
  140. henna sooq code/ discount query
  141. Before I henna...
  142. Help, please!
  143. Black tea rinse - shine?
  144. Yemeni or Red Raj??
  145. Henna Gloss with Oils?
  146. Henna gloss questions!
  147. Clueless newbie needs henna advice please!
  148. indian powders/bleach hair
  149. "subtle" henna- possible?
  150. Henna/ Australia
  151. Bigen 59 is starting to irritate me
  152. Lush Caca Brun Help
  153. Has anyone lightened their hair with dye and then henna right after?
  154. Rosey Rooibos Tea Bath
  155. Mistry's shampoo and conditioner
  156. Detangling for very fine hair?
  157. Lighten Henna / Cool toned Red?
  158. Help!
  159. Does anyone else get red hair with peroxide?
  160. Homemade product for rag curls?
  161. ACV mixed with Tea?
  162. Do You Guys Use Soapnuts?
  163. Need Henna Advice please!
  164. A good UV hairspray?
  165. Any hypoallergenic shampoo/conditioner ideas
  166. Increased the hair volume from a combo of treatments (honey, cassia)
  167. Free Henna Sample - UK
  168. Picture of bleach over indigo
  169. Neelibhringadi thailam Ayurvedic oils. Darkens hair?
  170. Curl creme for naughty hair!
  171. Henna Sooq
  172. Sweet orange for scalp/growth?
  173. Comfrey rinse?
  174. Any nice updos?
  175. henna gloss with banana
  176. Herb washers advice
  177. LUSH Henna?
  178. Cassia = cinnamon??
  179. Anyone mixed henna,cassia,amla and hibiscus??
  180. I don't know how you ladies do it! - Henna
  181. Redwood Roots Hair Mist
  182. Started hennaing!
  183. Regaining Waves/Curls After Henna
  184. Does anyone henna on a septic system vs. city/town sewer?
  185. cassia before henna question
  186. Henna to Blonde
  187. Glass Bottles for Recipes?
  188. How about an oil massage?
  189. Henna and shampoo??
  190. Does henna block conditioner?
  191. Dark roots
  192. Vanilla's variation on JJJ long hair's pre conditioning
  193. Pure White Lightening Shampoo
  194. Deposit-only dye users - which shampoo do you use?
  195. Been hennaning for years now it's turned out horrible!
  196. Can Henndigo cover Henna?
  197. What skin tones looks best w/henna?
  198. Help me please with "no poo" hair care
  199. Interesting...my mom made soap with indigo root in it.(pics)
  200. bright orange henna head help!
  201. henna boy Yemeni
  202. I chickened out with henna
  203. could 3g henna or cassia = 1 tablespoon?
  204. Unrefined Shea Butter - anyone have experience?
  205. Taming hair after wash :(
  206. Wanting to Henna
  207. Post your ACV routine
  208. How can I naturally lighten my henna'ed hair?
  209. Hair color without peroxide over henna'ed hair?
  210. Pillar box or vampire red over henna??
  211. Favourite henna mixes?
  212. Honey lightening turned hair darker
  213. Fenugreek seeds in henna?
  214. removing indigo but not henna?
  215. How can I get darker red?
  216. Equivalent to the Mehandi website in europe ?
  217. Henna Sooq Sale Today!
  218. Hair oil recipes, share em!
  219. Vitamen C + shampoo to remove indigo?
  220. I think vitamins/biotin CAUSED my alopecia!!
  221. Found a Solution to arrest hairfall and promote hair growth
  222. Urgent Indigo question!
  223. Henna on my head and not releasing?
  224. Question about oils - I don't get it
  225. Taste and smell of henna.
  226. Your favorite EOs in henna
  227. Quantity of indigo ?
  228. Henna on purple colored hair ?
  229. Live Clean - Good products?
  230. What does Katha do??
  231. Henna and metall bowls
  232. Questions about Henna & GGP
  233. Worst henna ever?
  234. Serious bleaching problem? Need help
  235. Henna for blonde hair?
  236. Henna & Jewelweed
  237. My cassia has grainy particles in it??
  238. Repeated Henna=1a Hair?
  239. some questions about henna
  240. Henna gloss failed?
  241. Green sections in henna bleach hair
  242. Goat's Milk Shampoo Bar
  243. How to achieve burgundy tones with henna?
  244. Lotus powder- anyone tried this?
  245. MOST moisturizing shampoo bar?
  246. Alternative and cheap ways to wash hair?
  247. Successfully maintaining light copper gold shades long term
  248. How Often Do You Henna To Cover Your Sparklies?
  249. Can I get this color with a henna glaze?
  250. Henna tips, please?