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  1. Yemeni In Progress
  2. Reference Questionnaire> Coloroops:
  3. Tea Rinse
  4. Warm Henna Colors
  5. For the henna experts...
  6. Coffee natural dye on blonde?
  7. Achieving Cooler color with Henna, Indigo, and Amla?
  8. Indian Herbs - paste versus infusion
  9. Shampoo bars - how do you store them?
  10. Can I get rich dark Chocolat color with Henna - over my henndigo????
  11. Question About Amla
  12. thinking about henna gloss
  13. Cinnamon to lighten hair
  14. First Henna Order
  15. Kapoor Kachli Hair Wash Powder
  16. Which henna gives the most natural copper result?
  17. What Shampoo Do You Use?
  18. Cocoveda Oil vs Argan Oil
  19. Shea butter / olive oil ratio?
  20. Increased shedding with henna?
  21. Taking Indigo Brown instead of Black
  22. Henna Oxidation Period
  23. Henna and Shampoo Bars?
  24. Aloe vera...can it actually help heal damaged hair?
  25. Bentonite Clay
  26. losing wave since henna
  27. Used honey to help indigo go on smoother with beautiful results!
  28. To HENNA or NOT...
  29. Trying Henna Out for the first time!
  30. Curl Enhancing Herbs
  31. Lighten brows with honey - need actual recipes and tips!
  32. Shea and cocoa butters
  33. Fed up with condtion of my hair, need henna advice
  34. Dabur Amla or Mineral Oil regular users
  35. ACV for scalp?
  36. need something acidic to mix with my henna
  37. ACV rinse right after rinsing henna - to un-orange the scalp?
  38. I want to try henndigo, but...
  39. Just Used My Last Henna- need advice
  40. Partner leaving, need to learn to Henna by myself
  41. Large Shed Mystery . . .
  42. Place to get/order good henna/indigo
  43. Henna = shedding?
  44. From Copper to Auburn
  45. Henna source question
  46. Royal Henna Question
  47. Henna advice?
  48. Henna gloss???
  49. Using Amla before or after Cassia?
  50. Flax seed setting gel
  51. Henna or Henndigo?
  52. Aloe Vera Leaf Gel as a hairwash
  53. Yemen light
  54. Questions about Alma
  55. Finely sifted Cassia??
  56. the reddest henna! + henna on straightened hair.
  57. Scalp cooling hair products
  58. Good sites to buy some herbal powders?
  59. Good recipe required - dark brown wants to go red (henna red)
  60. Henna before & after
  61. First time Henna Recipe.
  62. Beauty secrets from around the world
  63. Made Aloe & Pectin Hair Gelly
  64. Do herbs really do anything?
  65. Sooo I have stitches on my scalp.. when can I do a henna gloss??
  66. Great root touch up with henna Lush
  67. Easy to swallow vitamins for hair?
  68. My hair is a mess :(
  69. Indigo/Henna - Enable Me? Stop Me?
  70. Henna on colored and white hair ~ can it be done evenly over all head?
  71. Natural way to lighten blonde hair....?
  72. Going grey. How to color hair naturally?
  73. Natural method to get rid of dandruff?
  74. Weird film on bhringraj oil
  75. Henna + indigo = brown?
  76. Question about Light Mountain Red Henna
  77. Has anyone tried to mix different kinds of henna besides cassia?
  78. A probably silly question about olive oil
  79. Highlighting hennaed hair
  80. So I taped down the cool shot button on my hair dryer...
  81. hair & scalp are dry/itchy...what can i use?
  82. New Chagrin Valley item reviews!
  83. Can honey lightening cause damage?
  84. Cute Henna Comment
  85. How can I obtain this color naturally (or at least mostly)?
  86. Cayenne in your henna mix?
  87. Has anyone used buxus?
  88. Body Art Quality Henna in Bulk (Europe)
  89. Powder drink mix as a hair dye -?-
  90. Herbal Vinegar rinse recipies?
  91. Any curlies ever try water only?
  92. Shea Butter
  93. British (native) Plants for Haircare?
  94. Herbs for split ends and dry hair?
  95. ORDERED henna!
  96. To henna or not to henna?
  97. Herbal Detangling Leave-In?
  98. Leave in for lightning hair
  99. Grow henna and indigo from seed
  100. Black tea rinse?
  101. Making shampoo
  102. Great Henna Source
  103. Mixing Manic Panic AND Henna together?
  104. Henna gloss?
  105. Olive oil hair care?
  106. A natural way to darken hair?
  107. Heating butters to make whipped mix...
  108. Indian Oils for light hair
  109. Sweetgrass?
  110. Neem oil for hair
  111. Need personal advice-Dying with henna
  112. Red henna - light olive skin tone?
  113. "Rainwash" Mineral Treatment?
  114. Henna + essential oil turned way too dark - what to do?
  115. Henna on your scalp/ears/face/neck.....
  116. did you know "i+m Controlled natural cosmetics" ?
  117. Applying Henna on new growth only?
  118. Cassia glosses between hennas?
  119. Caramel treatment Question
  120. Hendigo Gloss in Cassia Base?
  121. How long can I keep Henna and Cassia for?
  122. Second Henna Today
  123. Help with dye release?
  124. Interesting way to apply henna
  125. Tony
  126. Tonya Zavasta's Scalp Tonic anyone?
  127. Have you been able to find a salon....
  128. Has anyone used this type of henna and is it BAQ?
  129. Does anybody know...
  130. does anyone love to wash their hair with clay?
  131. So how long am I supposed to leave coconut oil in?
  132. Is 100% natural hair possible?
  133. Has anyone bought henna from this ebay seller?
  134. Ingredients to avoid on cool blonde hair?
  135. Senna tea for mixing henna?
  136. How many applications of henna does it typically take to get a purple/burgundy shade?
  137. Indigo dried hair into straw, a rotten avocado = curls
  138. More intense red with cassia/henna than henna alone... why?
  139. 3 Q's - Oil, Oil and Henna/Cassia
  140. Coconut oil makes hair frizzy
  141. Fake Henna???
  142. honey, cinnamon and lemon for hair lightning
  143. Repeated Full Henna Applications?
  144. Henna and Placenta *pics*
  145. How do I keep henna paste moist?
  146. Repeated Henna application over white/gray hair
  147. Nature recipes for blondes
  148. Need help picking a henna!
  149. What's the deal with those mister bottles?
  150. Remind me why henna is a good idea
  151. Henna boys extra red
  152. Dyeing over twice hennaed hair? URGENT!
  153. Coconut Oil and bleach
  154. Henna gloss instructions?
  155. Henna and brown dye?
  156. Your experience - henna/amla/indigo plus dry but oily hair?
  157. Freezing henna paste = Instant(ish) dye release?
  158. Henna Hell...
  159. Organic Rajasthani Henna, anyone use this?
  160. Cassia question
  161. Can someone tell me how to use Kalonji oil on hair?
  162. is there a Henna For Newbies thread somewhere?
  163. Has anyone dyed their hair green using only plants?
  164. Henna Help!
  165. black soap
  166. henna mixed w/ coconut oil?
  167. Taking Henna out of my hair
  168. my noob review of henna hut,jamila and reshma
  169. Question about acidic rinses
  170. Making my own homemade coconut oil :)
  171. ordering problems with Hennaboy?
  172. Spring is Here Who is Lemon-ing it Up This Year?
  173. Alma questions.
  174. demaged hair, help please.. i feel lost :(
  175. How Long Can I Leave Henna Before I Use It?
  176. How can I lighten henna using chamomile tea?
  177. Homemade Mayo?
  178. Indigo Black but with bleached white sections question
  179. Best henna mix for a WO-er?
  180. Oooh ooh ooh!
  181. Uneven henna (noob)
  182. Getting Indian Herbs out of Hair (washing)
  183. Where to buy castor oil in the UK?
  184. Henna, amla, keeping the henna red and my curl. Please help
  185. EVOO and wash with co = heaven
  186. I heavy oil my hair but Aritha power does not wash oil out- What is happening?
  187. Bleached hair and henna.
  188. henna over demi permanent: HELP!
  189. cassia or henna gloss
  190. Dark dyed hair, light roots + henna? Help!
  191. Has anyone...two stepped indigo, used bleach till green, and successfully hennaed red
  192. Horsetail
  193. Is this normal for henna to wash out?
  194. "Really Good Hair Oil"
  195. Light Mountain Natural Indigo??
  196. henna or demi??
  197. First henna treatment! So Excited!
  198. Burgundy hair with henna
  199. Baking Soda?
  200. Mixing Shea butter with oils
  201. Question about Henna Saturation
  202. Henna Fading
  203. Henna stains in bathtub
  204. New Indigo source & indigo clogs drains?!
  205. Can I mix henna with catnip ?
  206. My first henna!
  207. Bio-Oil on hair?
  208. Henna Application Time
  209. Vampire Red from Manic Panic over henna
  210. How often do you mist?
  211. henna during pregnancy?
  212. Help me! Horrendous shedding...
  213. Henna indigo failure
  214. A possible solution to loss of curl with henna.
  215. Where do you buy your henna?
  216. Kalpi Tone and haircolour
  217. Hair feels nasty after washing- help?
  218. Examples of henna on very blonde hair?
  219. Lightening eyebrows
  220. Red Raj from Henna Sooq. Color results?
  221. Tried Surya Henna powder
  222. Just a little more red! Need some henna advice, please
  223. How to bring out my natural red hair?
  224. Cinnamon darkening hennaed hair?
  225. Henndigo fading superfast! What's the problem.
  226. Making my own
  227. Anyone tried roman chamomile?
  228. 1st Henndigo!!
  229. And, back to red we go...
  230. Help! Which one?
  231. Hendigo strand tests -muddy color
  232. Maintain pin curls without hairspray? Help?
  233. Blond wants strawberry hair - terrified of henna darkening!
  234. Help! Washing after henndigo???
  235. Question for Henna Experts
  236. Oil of Oregano for hair growth...
  237. Henndigo
  238. How do you wear your hair when you go to sleep at night?
  239. Sage or other naturual tint for white/grey hair
  240. amla with hendigo to cover grey?
  241. Honey Hairspray
  242. Henna Hut - good? bad?
  243. Topical Gelatin
  244. Bowl size for mixing henna?
  245. HELP with henna gloss
  246. 2 Indigo questions
  247. Acidic vs. neutral mix - darker vs. lighter. - Which one you use?
  248. Soapnut Q's
  249. White vinegar versus Apple Cider Vinegar
  250. I found a powerful alternative to henna for light red hair! No chemicals at all!