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  1. First Henna Gloss - Questions.....
  2. Henna gloss separated :(
  3. Ah, the smell of henna....
  4. Dye release help!
  5. Indigo/Henna Reaction?
  6. How can I take care of his hair w/o him knowing?
  7. Henna/indigo color question
  8. Henna questions
  9. Yikes! Accidentally lightened hair/henna with aspirin!!
  10. Gradually lightening hair?
  11. How often can diluted tea tree oil be used?
  12. Sandalwood oil - where to buy?
  13. Two Questions!
  14. Somewhat urgent.. (about hair lightening naturally)
  15. Those hairs by the ears...
  16. Home made treatment for dry hair, but in Arabic! Can anyone translate?
  17. Indian hair oils........as skin care?
  18. Henna over dark hair
  19. Musty Mister (bottle) Mishap
  20. Is Cassia Cinnamon?
  21. Effasol, henna, indigo and buxus (pic heavy)
  22. Sooquies!
  23. Cool way to grow out Henndigo?
  24. can I wash my henna'd hair with baking soda and vinegar?
  25. Red Rajasthani (hennasooq)- has anyone tried it?
  26. I really need some help & advice! Henna, bleached hair, dark roots
  27. henna and coarse hair?
  28. Advice - lush caca brun
  29. Some oils that can remove hendigo a bit?
  30. Renaissance Henna
  31. Adding gold tones
  32. Blacker than the blackest black, TIMES INFINITY!
  33. Dark henna over red henna??
  34. No stripping shampoo for henna?
  35. Cassia question!
  36. Henna advice
  37. Fanci-full temporary color over henna?
  38. Newbie here. Afraid henna will release my curl? Experiences?
  39. Henna dye release time
  40. Fading to red
  41. Does henna go away?
  42. Buxus and Indigo over Henna for medium-dark brown?
  43. Amla
  44. - Honey lightened my hair a lot !
  45. Is honey + indigo a problem?
  46. Henna and temporary hair dye!
  47. Indigo fading?
  48. Long curly hair, transitioning to 100% natural products
  49. Gross no poo transition!
  50. Henna/henna gloss - need your expertise
  51. Pampering myself
  52. Crazy shine with castor oil and rosemary
  53. where do you get henna??
  54. Wrong coloration for henna
  55. Has anyone tried this?
  56. Henna-indigo'ed Hair Photographing Orange?
  57. Yes. I want gray ash hair. If it can be done...
  58. Henna Gloss virgin... with colored/processed air?
  59. Please help-3 part question about henna , then indigo!!
  60. New "Red Raj" from Henna Sooq
  61. A question about freezing henna powder
  62. Rooibos + Dried Rosemary = LOVE
  63. Neutral Cassia stop and prevent split ends/breakage?
  64. No Shampoo and Campfire Smell?
  65. Using a Mayo n Egg conditioner Question
  66. No 'Poo and acne
  67. Black women who use/used henna?
  68. Honey Lighten and No Shampoo?
  69. Keeping Henna Warm
  70. Olive Oil Fraud!
  71. Interessted in finally taking the henna plunge-any advice? :)
  72. How can I incorporate rooibos rinses into my routine CHEAPLY?
  73. Cassia gloss?
  74. This color from hendigo?
  75. Henna and Protein
  76. henna streak/dipped end(s)...
  77. Stretching out henna with yogurt?
  78. Question about henna
  79. Indigo, Salt, Oil, and Buxus Mix---Yields Golden Shine
  80. Tell me your experience with emu oil...
  81. Tell me your experience with emu oil...
  82. Henna Hair colour chart
  83. washing out honey
  84. Hair mask olive oil ao
  85. I want to go henna
  86. Adding Tea to Conditioner
  87. Specific "Spot Only Henna"
  88. Temporary brunette with herbs?
  89. How to grow faster?
  90. How to accentuate red undertones?
  91. Please give me your tips on simplifying the henna routine
  92. Mixing two different frozen hennas?
  93. Hair color change since no cones
  94. Diluting John Frieda's "Go Blonder?"
  95. Opinions on this?
  96. Where to buy henna in Canada
  97. Surya henna
  98. Was this a bad idea?!?! BRIGHT orange hands!
  99. Herbs Galore!
  100. Fed up, Q's about henna?
  101. Hennashampoo from hennaplus?
  102. quick! there's henna on my head!!
  103. Conditioner recipe?
  104. Scared to try Henna
  105. Help! I've just done something REALLY stupid!
  106. Making henna brighter?
  107. Oops, I bought Henna..
  108. Avocado mask for hair? Natural gels?
  109. Organic indigo not staining?
  110. Henna from Vancouver, BC, Canada
  111. Cheap henndigo stupidity.
  112. WOOT. Curly hair herbal attack leads to stunning results!
  113. Canadian Henna Suppliers
  114. Questions about roots
  115. How to use herbs
  116. First-time wash with Baking Soda
  117. home-made styling products?
  118. (Yet more) Henna advice please!!
  119. Questions about henna..
  120. Reaching a certain shade with henna
  121. First time cassia user
  122. Hot baths and henna-indigo fading?
  123. Cassia question ... will a chelating shampoo do the same as "rainwash"?
  124. Henna Help!
  125. What does your vinegar rinse taste like?
  126. Picture of my hennaed hair!
  127. Yemeni is back!
  128. Easy homemade protein treatments?
  129. Best Henna Sooq for reds?
  130. Which Henna Boy Henna?
  131. Henna Recipes
  132. Gogirlanime's Green House Effect With Oil For Faster Growth Technique
  133. Vinegar rinse not working?
  134. How to make henna/indigo smell less bad?
  135. Apple cider vinegar rinse
  136. Help With Gray Roots
  137. Cassia from this company?
  138. Very cool henna discovery(roots+lightening)
  139. Henna Gloss
  140. Suggestions for Protein Treatments for Fine Hairs?
  141. Olive oil for your hair?
  142. Hair Loss Supplements?
  143. Chemical dye today, henna tomorrow? Henna questions!
  144. My Blue Hair (pics)
  145. First time henna on white hair?
  146. Trying henna this week
  147. Does Henna Fade or Not?
  148. Dark brown hair, but I'd like a lighter shade for Henna
  149. Does Henna mean only having red hair?
  150. Just baking soda and ACV to wash your hair?
  151. Lightening oxidation browning from henna
  152. Lush Caca Brun + Caca Noir mix?
  153. Coconut Oil
  154. Best recommendation for online henna and indigo purchase
  155. I need help. Uneven colour resulf from unexperienced henna girl
  156. Henna arrived! :)
  157. Wet or dry application?
  158. My new easier solution for Orange Greys (post henna)
  159. Successful henna removal. Yes, you are reading this correctly.
  160. hibiscus use?
  161. box dye over henndigo
  162. Removing henna with anti-dandruff shampoo?
  163. What I am planning to do/What I have on me
  164. ¿Qué color es rubio?
  165. Henndigo and some words for newbies about henna!
  166. struggling with henna :(
  167. henna with ginger tea for smell?
  168. Henna over highlights
  169. Hendigo Lightening with Go Blonder
  170. Adding raw egg to henndigo????
  171. I Did It - Finally!
  172. Rajasthani henna + Indigo for no red overtones?
  173. Moroccan henna fans?
  174. Can PP be built up to Yemeni, coolness-wise?
  175. Sorry, couple more quick Q's
  176. Henna powder color
  177. Henna in Oz
  178. I have henna on my head......
  179. 2-step for dark brown?
  180. How long after henna do I have to wait to oil?
  181. What's in your herbal vinegar rinse?
  182. Henna Disaster!!
  183. 1 or 2-step process to achieve a "natural" or "soft" black? Which will fade less?
  184. Does Henna Straighten Your Hair?
  185. WOW, so much price difference, Indigo.
  186. dye release demise VS efficiency of henna.
  187. Question about henndigo over dyed black hair..
  188. Dried Juniper Berries?
  189. Calling all beautiful burgundy hennaheads!!
  190. Henna Heads, How About Your Eyebrows?
  191. A question about Walmart henna?
  192. Glycerine Question
  193. Help finding quality Henna for Mehndi?
  194. Black tea rinse to stop shedding hair???
  195. URGENT: Does hennaing permed hair = permanent loss of curls?
  196. Natural haircare ingedients - what's your "essential kit list"?
  197. Natural Hair Care - your five favorite ingredients
  198. Henna Headache??
  199. Homemade hair mask
  200. HennaSooq Users
  201. I took the plunge and hennaed my hair! My experience+ some questions?
  202. Does cassia have the same flake-reducing properties that henna does?
  203. Do I need to wash my hair?!? (urgent)
  204. Sauna?
  205. Henna and Heat Denial
  206. Rajasthani Twilight vs Red Raj
  207. The redest I can get??
  208. I keep searching to no avail...
  209. SFX/Manic Panic over henna thread.. *twiddles fingers* advice please?
  210. HELP - Best method to do a roots-only henna application?
  211. My Jojoba oils smells WEIRD! is it still ok?
  212. My scalp is scabbing/flaking after henna/SMT! ARGH!
  213. Henna - thinning hair???
  214. indigo bleeding out
  215. Best way to very gently rinse henna out of hair
  216. My hair's never felt this soft!!!!!
  217. Henna -> indigo question, kinda important
  218. Shikakai and hairspray?
  219. Henna Caca lush question...
  220. Back to natural colour before henna?
  221. Nettle for hair
  222. Henna Darkening Question
  223. DHATHRI-revelation!
  224. Henna gloss vs full henna application
  225. Caca Brun or Noir (or mix?)
  226. Do you exclusively prefer long hair on other people?
  227. I bought some henna and indigo last night!!
  228. Root Touch Up
  229. Just bought tons of natural hair products!
  230. Herb garden
  231. SMT for a 6 year old?
  232. First time Henndigo! Help me figure this out?
  233. Physically Ill from henna
  234. Using Baking Soda as your regular 'poo?
  235. please, how do I make neem oil?
  236. Mehendi Oil
  237. Henna, Henna, Henna!
  238. My hair is orange!
  239. Henndigo + Hibiscus=???
  240. Darkening Hair naturally
  241. Need honey lightening advice as soon as possible please!
  242. Indian herbs shop in London?
  243. Cassia/Henna proportion question
  244. Katam/buxus, is it permanent?
  245. Recipies for Glycerine Use
  246. New To Henna Please Help !!!
  247. Henna dye release help
  248. Rooibos Tea Rinse (Application)
  249. Temporary hair dye after henna?
  250. No Poo variations