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  1. Decided to go darker !!!
  2. Question about CV shampoo bars
  3. Henna Hut dye question
  4. Melbourne Henna-Heads: Good Henna!
  5. Favorite henna brand
  6. Henna and BPAL?
  7. Indigo is SO hard to use? Poss TMI but looking for help!
  8. Should I give henna a chance?
  9. my castor oil blend :)
  10. Help me obtain Deep Cherry w/Henna
  11. MSM Powder
  12. helichrysum oil for hair? questions
  13. Whoa...I am a Gothic Vampire Princess!
  14. Onion Juice (natural treatmeant)
  15. questions about after indigo
  16. DIY Neeli Hair Growth Oil
  17. Tell me about mineral oils?
  18. Coriander?
  19. Tartaric Acid versus sodium picramate in henna
  20. Self Henndigo or Lush Caca Brun/Noir for Grey hair??
  21. Henna and Bleach Ideas and Help
  22. I matched my roots with Hendigo! And, How indigo sticks to dye vs virgin.
  23. another question x) on henna and dark hair!!
  24. shiny hair? please help
  25. Henna-ing eyebrows?
  26. Covering grey
  27. henna, heat and oxidizing
  28. Help! With a strawberry/light copper mixture.
  29. How to maximize the benefit of henna in a henna gloss?
  30. Intersting information on lemon juice inhibiting henna dye
  31. any tips on getting a more burgundy/cherry red?
  33. Lightening with conventional dye/ henna plus?
  34. Quick help while waiting for dye release
  35. Rajasthani & Jamila Strand Test Results on Dark Brown Hair
  36. Looking for a Protein Recipe
  37. Walnut oil?
  38. jamilla 2011/Cassia + hot chamomile tea = NO DYE RELEASE ?
  39. Local Indian store indigo????safe?
  40. I'm so excited!!!!
  41. Want darker hair... like a brown/auburn
  42. I'm on my way...
  43. Smells like "Yum!"
  44. Rinse help needed.
  45. Avocado conditioning treatment?
  46. Indigo/henna/amla gloss with pictures!!!
  47. About to henna and I'm nervous...
  48. Just made a batch of...
  49. Kimberlily's Defrizz Spray is AWESOME!!!
  50. Where can I get indian herbs in Europe?
  51. Question about BAQ henna/indigo over chemically dyed hair...
  52. Those with blond hair who used Caca Brun
  53. I succeeded in lightening my henna with Sheer Blonde!!!
  54. Too soon???
  55. Rajasthani Twilight?
  56. Help! Cassia Green Hair!!
  57. A question/idea for henna-ing
  58. Help me recover from a disaster!
  59. A few questions. First time henna/indigo
  60. Cassia and zizyphus
  61. Nazeer henna
  62. Quantity of Henna needed - help
  63. Mehandi's Raj vs Henna Sooq's Raj
  64. Curly Hair Secrets
  65. Another Colorfix thread
  66. Best place online for henna AND indigo?
  67. What's the best way to lighten/add a bit of colour to dull blonde hair
  68. does honey treatment generate heat?
  69. My first henndigo Before/After Pics and a few questions
  70. Best Site For Various Henna Colours?
  71. Shikakai? And other herbs...
  72. My first Henna Before/After and recipe.
  73. Why does it say...
  74. ACV rinse to get rid of cones?
  75. Has anyone done a Indigo-Amla Gloss before??
  76. Carrot oil?
  77. Burgundy hair!
  78. Henna Gloss as a DT?
  79. Do HERBAL powders (not cornstarch) work for excess scalp oil?
  80. Nupur henna???
  81. Trying to get my hair this color.....
  82. Henna for my mom
  83. Help!! Bleach,Henna, and wishing for brunette
  84. Henna LOVE
  85. And the results are in! (Henna, pic heavy)
  86. bad dandruff
  87. Should I clarify before henna?
  88. Henna and WO help?
  89. Freezing DT mixes... are they as effective?
  90. First time using Lush Caca Brun (pic) and question about storage
  91. After my indigo fades
  92. henna, henndigo, and back again
  93. keratin straightening over henna hair?
  94. Obsessions of a Mixtress: Strong Indigo-Henna-Amla Gloss with pics!!!
  95. Natural emulsifier (s)
  96. I absolutely adore my henna but ...
  97. Can anyone recommend me a natural hair styling 'product'?
  98. "Expeller Pressed" Grapeseed Oil ?
  99. UK Products
  100. Strand Tests
  101. Himalaya Herbals revitalizing hair oil
  102. Banana Sap?
  103. My Step off the Henna Plank
  104. Changing up my henna a bit this month
  105. Would henna be a good look for me?
  106. He Shou Wu Side Effects...?
  107. shedding lots after henna - help!
  108. Help henna oxidize in sun????
  109. My henna is bleeding... is this normal?
  110. Lush Caca Brun
  111. Experimental mattifying dry shampoo
  112. Keep Same Henna Color?
  113. Question about Catnip
  114. Black walnuts for darkening hair?
  115. Yemen Light /Cassia users out there?
  116. Fellow Canadians!! Where to get Yemen henna?
  117. Cassia VS Amla
  118. Cinnamon rinse?
  119. henna I hear you calling my name.....
  120. Henna and ppd
  121. How do you wrap your henna/cassia/goop?
  122. Made to feel like an idiot today for considering Henna
  123. Need some Henna Help
  124. Anyone have success going back to red after hennaindigo?
  125. How do you use aloe vera gel on your hair?
  126. RED RED RED Henna...what to use
  127. Henna In Carpet - HELP
  128. henna dye release help
  129. How should I store my henna?
  130. Henna/Cassia/Amla Glosses?
  131. Help please
  132. fresh cassia w/honey!
  133. Can I put body henna on hair
  134. Aloe Vera gel?
  135. Indigo, Hendigo or Lush henna, what would be best for me ?
  136. New to Henna, seeking advice
  137. Realistic amounts of henna
  138. What will henna do for me?
  139. Used lemon, hair feels 'gunky', now what?
  140. Acceptable for Protein Treatment?
  141. What am I doing wrong?
  142. I know the henna is good; or: I forgot to buy gloves!
  143. New to LHC, new to Henna
  144. How Long Will Henna Keep?
  145. New to Henna'ing - Need some advice and pointers
  146. henna dilemma
  147. Anything to get rid of brassy tones?
  148. Non-drip henna blends anyone?
  149. What exactly do I need to achieve this (henna/indigo question)?
  150. Coloring with henna?
  151. can someone double check this conditioner for me?
  152. Evening Primrose Oil & Breakouts?
  153. Reetha+shikakai - enliven coconut & vanilla
  154. Coconut oil+lemon/lime juice/ACV mix
  155. Shikakai = dark stain?
  156. Thin Hair and Henna
  157. Help! Hendigo turned out too dark.
  158. Successfully Removed Indigo from hair!
  159. No poo method...im in need of help
  160. Alternative Hair-Care Advice
  161. Trying New Things With EOs
  162. What should I do???
  163. What are good natural remedies for dandruff?
  164. Too much packaging at Mehandi
  165. Thinking about changing hair colour
  166. How long until my henna darkens?
  167. Clay gurus! I need advice!
  168. I need a little help with EOs for thinning hair/shedding
  169. Faded Caca Brun = ????
  170. Ordered Yemeni Henna
  171. Rosemary and TeaTree oils
  172. advice on veggie dyes with henna
  173. order of product use
  174. What can I expect of a henna gloss?
  175. HELP! Hendigo disaster!
  176. Avocados + Almond Oil?
  177. to henna or use indigo too?
  178. my argan oil smells funny?
  179. Henna Wonderings
  180. a little happy hair rant
  181. Rose water
  182. castile shampoo on henna/indigo?
  183. Shampoo bars....which ones? Cv
  184. Shae butter shampoo bar??
  185. Silk hair conditioner?
  186. look out! Hot roots...comming through!
  187. Recipe ideas?
  188. Homade hair balm
  189. Henna Question. Because I am a noob.
  190. i'm an ACV newb!
  191. Preserving and prolonging Indigo black
  192. Bulgur Wheat?
  193. Opinions Requested Re Cassia Experiment
  194. is Rhassoul clay chelating ?
  195. Indian Herb Shampooing: seriously, is it worth the trouble?
  196. miracle cold sore remedy?
  197. Henna Newbie!
  198. Egg + conditioner, I love it!
  199. Best place to buy/order Henna from?
  200. Just rooted through Mom's discarded spices
  201. Trying a castor oil treatment
  202. Madder Root in Henna Mix?
  203. Oils that stay liquid in the cold?
  204. One or two step?? Help please!?!
  205. Jasmine Oil , Amla Oil and Henna
  206. Tinting Hair With... Coffee?
  207. Enhancing natural hair color without dyes?
  208. Rainbow Henna Not sticking?
  209. a word on Lush henna
  210. henna red hair with orange streaks
  211. Removing henna stains from linoleum
  212. Calling All Henna Experts! Need Help Putting Together My Mix
  213. Honey and Coconut Oil
  214. Macadamia & Cassia oils difference?
  215. Help with henna and a tricky skin tone
  216. Hair and Alcohol in DT
  217. Adding EOs to ACV rinses
  218. Score at the Indian Grocery Store
  219. Yellows after henna ?
  220. Coconut BUTTER????
  221. How do you mask your ACV stink?
  222. Banana Hair Masque
  223. Back to coconut oil...
  224. Cool toned skin and henndigo?
  225. Caruso (steam) Curlers & Henna?
  226. Tea Rinses for Hair Growth?
  227. Hmmm. Henna?
  228. I've stumbled upon some Bhringaraj powder
  229. About to make the leap - Help please ! =)
  230. Aloe vera : juice (internal use) vs. gel ??
  231. Indigo
  232. True red henna? Mehandi?
  233. Hennaing bangs from blonde to brown
  234. Newbie with porous hair wanting to use henna???
  235. Experience with avocado or banana mashed into hair as condishioner?
  236. sugar scrub, what kind of sugar??
  237. oh my....I had slipped back into henna......
  238. My Cinnamon Adventure
  239. Easy henna Q
  240. I placed an order from Henna Sooq...so excited!!!!
  241. Henna over Chemical Color?
  242. Itching from henna?
  243. Castor 'Herbal' Oil
  244. Henna?
  245. Herbs that make the hair grow
  246. anti-lice wisdom
  247. Follow up henna?
  248. Herboristerie Desjardins (Canada)
  249. HELP. trouble with indian herbs extremely darkened bleached hair
  250. Blending grays away with batana oil