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  1. Negative side effects of Castor Oil?
  2. Result of caca noir Lush
  3. Jamu hair care
  4. Accidentally thawed and refrozen Henna
  5. Anyone henna gloss repeatedly to slowly build up to desired color?
  6. My hair loves Tulsi tea!
  7. Henna Gloss on Dark Hair Pictures
  8. The silkiness of henna without the henna?
  9. Henna removal method I found.
  10. Indian grocery stores in Southern Cali?
  11. Fullers Earth Clay
  12. Henna Gloss for Blonde hair?
  13. Seltzer Water?
  14. Spiceworks Henna strangeness
  15. okay my burgandy henna has arrived and i'm opening it...
  16. Sitting with green goop on my head
  17. pre reading for the cassia thread???
  18. Best oil to dilute castor oil?
  19. How do you all touch up roots without getting the length?>>>>>>>>>>
  20. Tea rinses?
  21. Henna before and after
  22. What is the longest you kept your Henna/cassia on?
  23. Lemon rinse success! (pic)
  24. Honey and Natural Highlights?
  25. Herbal Hair Oil for Dark Hair
  26. Oils for thin-medium & 1-2 hair types?
  27. cassia
  28. How to avoid lighter roots/dark length with henna?
  29. Graying at 25
  30. Henna with me tomorrow...
  31. Protein and moisturising?
  32. SMT and honey. Results discussion
  33. Bleaching/ highlighting on cassia or henna gloss?
  34. My first henna... seems to be lightening on length?
  35. henna hut users...(red and burgandy mostly)
  36. Help Iím so confused now
  37. Hennaheads in Chicagoland??
  38. pure henna?
  39. cassia and bleaching?
  40. Where to buy coconut oil in UK?
  41. Henna newbie...some ?s
  42. Help needed!
  43. newbie, please help
  44. Indigo and eyebrows... do I dare? Anyone have pics??
  45. Conditioners That Work in a Henna Gloss?
  46. Henna Gloss with Coconut Oil??
  47. Henna+heat =brown hair???
  48. Beer rinse--before and after pictures.
  49. Discuss Oil Shampoo
  50. How many applications does it take
  51. Indigo on black hair
  52. First henna before and after (pic heavy)
  53. Glossing treatments for very blonde hair........
  54. Shikakai Color Question?
  55. Which do you prefer and why? Argan, aloe vera, coconut, jojoba
  56. Help!
  57. Aussie henna?
  58. catnip rinse question
  59. bleach-dye-henna-bleach distaster
  60. Sweet Almond Oil
  61. making my own conditioner
  62. Using henna soon:)
  63. Henna Horror stories
  64. where can u buy cassia online?
  65. Buxus over Henna?
  66. How many grams of cassia is needed....
  67. Which brand of henna to get?
  68. Thinning hair
  69. I perfected my herbal routine and I'm thrilled!
  70. Can you dye brown henna over red henna?
  71. Need advice on switching to henna from chemicals
  72. Avocado treatment...WOW!!!
  73. Kapoor Kachli?
  74. I need your help, Henna Heads!
  75. HELP!!! Major climate/water changes hair problems.
  76. Applesauce question.
  77. Henna stained neck/shoulders
  78. I'm officially a henna head!
  79. Lightened up my henna using Colorfix!!!
  80. Milk?
  81. Help me make use of it
  82. Highlights over Henna?
  83. Transforming m hair care...
  84. Honey peroxide value &a question
  85. How many grams would i use?
  86. Shampooing newly hennaed hair
  87. hair good really soft and shiny after grapesseed oiling...
  88. Amla hair oil anyone use it?
  89. SLS shampoo to CV poo bars
  90. ACV and other vinegars - colouring
  91. 2nd Henna (before & after)
  92. Henna on virgin and bleached hair:
  93. Info needed on comedogenicity of some of the "lesser known" oils please
  94. Anyone try indigo gloss or something similar to get brown hair?
  95. How is good unrefined sheabutter suposed 2 smell like?
  96. Does powdered henna lose potency over time??
  97. Get Growing Hair Tea...worth the $$?
  98. Henna + Indigo = ?
  99. Cedar Powder
  100. Renpure Organics??
  101. Hairdye...
  102. Lush Caca Brun - how hot water to use?
  103. Have I done this right? Strand testing...
  104. I've been bitten by the black bug
  105. fridge makes for better henna stain?
  106. To henna my ends... or not...
  107. How long do you wait to wash after henna-ing?
  108. Becoming strawberry blonde with henna
  109. How long do you leave in your henna hut henna?
  110. "Deep Red" henna from henna hut... I need your help!
  111. Henna heads -- and color heads.. do people think its your "nautral" haircolor?
  112. Hendigo over bleached hair?
  113. List of oils?
  114. Back to the carrot-rinses
  115. Funky smelling coconut oil
  116. I need help with my shampoo bar routine!!!
  117. Catnip and CWC
  118. Cheaper henna?
  119. Toning down henna
  120. Henna Hut strand test results/questions (pic heavy)
  121. Did I have a henna reaction?
  122. Henna To Redarken My Hair
  123. Roots are a pain...
  124. Can you help me transition from Henna?
  125. Apple cider vinegar?
  126. Wrapping henna hut henna??
  127. Anyone know of any good camomile recipes for lightening hair?
  128. Questions for beginning henna!
  129. Strand Tests for a Henna Gloss...
  130. Oh CACA!!! CACA! CACA! CACA!
  131. how many grams do i order?
  132. Cinnamon Lightening - Pictures/Results?
  133. Onions on my thinning hair
  134. How much oil do you put on your hair?
  135. FIRST henna is a SUCCESS ! :)
  136. Henna on dark hair
  137. How thaw henna?
  138. Henna uptake on damaged hair?
  139. MSM and panthenol in henna mix?
  140. Henna and hair growth
  141. Henna glosses... how much? longevity?
  142. Henna fades completely after 3 days
  143. I've got some dead henna gloss lying around...
  144. My first henna!
  145. I am sorry, I am new, where do you buy...
  146. will rosehip oil be any good for my hair? is camelia oil expensive?
  147. Garlic
  148. Henna rave
  149. White hairs
  150. does all the oils has to be unrefined or can you use cold pressed oil?
  151. Would this oil work for hair?
  152. MSM is making me break out so quick?
  153. Anybody ever henna/hendigo their facial hair
  154. jamilia 2010 crop (newbie review)
  155. Henna Results
  156. Henna Indigo Gloss - Need help to take the leap.
  157. ACV. makes my hair frizzy
  158. Buying henna in louisiana ?
  159. Storing oil blends
  160. I've Hit Rock Bottom- share your stories
  161. Chemical dye over henna hut henna?
  162. - Revolutionary hair products for you
  163. Salon Brand Hair Oil v. Market Hair Oils
  164. hennaing and conditioner on the length?
  165. Does brown colored henna have a red tint?
  166. Shea Butter Vs. Caster Oil
  167. Things that can accidentally darken henna
  168. Things that can accidentally darken henna
  169. Castor Oil?
  170. I have my henna...
  171. Is Henna good or evil?
  172. rose/orange powder?
  173. getting tired of henna applications and hair eggplant dark
  174. Anyone used walnut husks to dye hair?
  175. When do you shampoo after henna?
  176. My hair on google images!!!
  177. Fenugreek
  178. Argan Oil Restorative Mask
  179. How does henna affect your scalp?
  180. HELP Dyed hair black& lost curls with it
  181. Coconut Milk as a leave in?
  182. Help with Folliculitis
  183. For Those Who SMT
  184. Is all coconut oil the same?
  185. Juniper Berry infused oil
  186. Losing henna with every wash!
  187. Ridiculously simple anti-leaking trick for henna, cassia, deep treatments
  188. Henna results too light: could it be lemon oil?
  189. Tangle Teezer and henna?
  190. What's the difference...
  191. Aloe vera gel/leaf juice?
  192. Hair Supplements
  193. Dead Sea Salt for SD
  194. No Poo+ oiling hair=????
  195. What does pure lanolin smell like?
  196. Flax seed gel, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
  197. Henna + Chemical Dye = SMOKE??
  198. mucilage and cones
  199. Bhringraj - Darkens Hair???!!!!???
  200. fascinating herbs...need info! (long post)
  201. need quick info on indigo Please!!
  202. How to mix indigo with henna to achieve brown colour
  203. castor oil??
  204. which is best cold pressed or pressed coconut oil?
  205. hendigo help please..
  206. castille soap shampoo?
  207. New here want to henna but nervous
  208. Is caca marron for me?
  209. after 2nd henna pic
  210. coconut oil and braids
  211. Red berry fruit tea + funky invention = burgundy hair colur?
  212. Questions about Olive Oil
  213. Oils for the hair
  214. Parachute Coconut Oil- How do I get it out?
  215. Relaxed hair and henna
  216. Advice on washing hair with baking soda?
  217. Skintone and henna
  218. Hi! I'm new and I was wondering...
  219. - Henna on oiled hair, good or bad idea ?
  220. Palm KERNEL Oil?
  221. Petroleum in my hair?
  222. Hard water filters - help!
  223. Rinse recipes, please :)
  224. Coffee for hair growth?
  225. I know its here somewhere...
  226. Indian Herbs question
  227. How often do YOU henna?
  228. hair changes with herb usage
  229. natural,non-stinky dandruff help?
  230. Just wow!
  231. coconut oil use
  232. Can you henndigo or indigo gloss?
  233. Would i get a rich red using a henna /cassia mix on brown hair?
  234. First time using bar soap on hair
  235. Questions Regarding Vatika Hair Oil
  236. herbco hennas
  237. Anyone but their B&Q Henna from spices of India?
  238. Did it work?
  239. Pouring oil on scalp and shampoo without wetting hair
  240. Henna question
  241. Chemical the Roots and Henna the Lengths?
  242. Morrocan henna
  243. Coffee or Tea on Blonde hair
  244. Soapnuts - Natural Cleaning Methods for Hair and More
  245. Orange greys
  246. Honey Lightening - Why Not Add Xanthan Gum or Flax Seeds to Create a Honey Gel?
  247. Seeking Honey Wash & Soap Nut Wash Recipes
  248. Shea Butter vs Shea Oil?
  249. Tumeric....
  250. ACV and Beer rinses ?