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  1. Shikakai
  2. Red henna from herbco.com?
  3. How to make my hennaed hair less neon orange (not darker)
  4. Help for a friend.
  5. Could I achieve this color with henna?
  6. Honey Question
  7. Henna on scalp- a mistake?
  8. Cumin with henna?
  9. How to solve Indigo itchyness
  10. Aloe for hair
  11. Henna Hair Colour Advice
  12. ACV after henna?
  13. Is Lush Caca Marron going to be too red?
  14. Henna is sitting on the counter - essential oil question
  15. quick question!
  16. What will happen if I put blonde henna on dark hair?
  17. Protein treatment before or after henna?
  18. Victorian hair beauty
  19. Amla, does it darken hair?
  20. How often do you ACV Rinse?
  21. Henna application tips?
  22. Thinking about henna. Wanting bright red over dyed red.
  23. Is it too soon after henndigo to do a cassia treatment?
  24. Any idea how to make something like MM's "Blood of the Dragon" gel?
  25. Getting henna off the skin?
  26. Hey soapnuts people!
  27. Emu Oil?
  28. Sante henna
  29. Does anyone know the quality of Ayur Rajasthani Henna?
  30. Cassia Essential oil? Hair lightening?!?
  31. Is Honey Damaging My Hair?
  32. Red wine vinegar rinses
  33. Henna & hair dryer on cool setting
  34. Help with Henna Mix !?!
  35. Anyone had any luck removing hendigo?
  36. Amla Oil- any experiences?
  37. Need Help with Lush henna (pics)
  38. Carrot Oil- have you tried it?
  39. Celebration vs Punjabi prive vs something else?
  40. Has anyone used Corn oil?
  41. Milk, egg and essential oils hair soak.
  42. Does oil strip Henna?
  43. The day after henna question
  44. I'm VERY close to going red
  45. Henna + Dandruff Shampoo = green hair??
  46. Henna-Hesitant
  47. Different types of Amla - Amla Gold
  48. Henna Q?
  49. Keep using Henna and Chem dye at same time? Will it work?
  50. My henna arrives today!!! Help!
  51. Mustard Oil
  52. Oil over dye.
  53. Henna tinge? Can't believe I'm doing this again...
  54. Does henna make your hair straight?
  55. Amla to tone down henna
  56. Just ordered Monoi today!
  57. Have any indigo users switched to buxus?
  58. Ugh shipping charges :(
  59. looking to achieve BLACK hair with henna/indigo question???
  60. Henna and Hard Water
  61. Hairfall using rosemary rinse????
  62. Anyone with experience of henna glossing...
  63. Indigo or indigo/cassia over existing henna?
  64. OJ rinse
  65. Supercheap Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  66. Retaining curl with henna WITHOUT darkening?
  67. Amla tones down henna color, what about neem?
  68. Honey lightening will this be possible, theoretically?
  69. The best way to apply oil?
  70. Will EVOO pull any of the permanent color out of my hair?
  71. Homemade Shampoo?
  72. Amla for henna removal
  73. Making my first henna gloss!
  74. SFX/MP + henna users HELP - what order to use?
  75. Dandruff
  76. Help from expert henna heads
  77. Want My Shiny- Copper Penny hair back
  78. Manic Panic & Henna?
  79. Henna Gloss Fade
  80. Indigo Itchiness - Breakthrough
  81. Jojoba oil?
  82. Amla Oil- I have it but don't know the expiry date, is it safe to use?
  83. Took the plunge- I ordered henna
  84. lush henna gloss
  85. Bleaching over henna?
  86. allergic to henna?
  87. Letting Lush Caca go dry?
  88. Peanut oil?
  89. Castor Oil- Did it make your hair Thicker and Longer?
  90. How to use aloe?
  91. what's best for true brown color Elumen?
  92. Henna Gloss - Thank You!
  93. Want to take the henna plunge the right way...
  94. Pdf book about Henna! Plz check my post..
  95. amla powder gloss???
  96. Vatika Oil by Dabur
  97. Indigo over black hair?
  98. Shine?
  99. New & Improved Hair Color
  100. Zarqa Henna
  101. Lime-water for hair lightening??
  102. New Henna User Discoveries
  103. Baking soda/powder question.
  104. chemical dye over henna - will the dye fade?
  105. Henna gloss and thickness?
  106. What can i do with Methi seeds?
  107. how little henna is needed to make a henndigo app. Black?
  108. Dabur Amla Gold
  109. Pure coconut oil- is it a cooking oil?
  110. Sea Salt Spray
  111. Coconut oil disappearing from hair??
  112. Getting Coconut Oil Out of the Bottle?
  113. Mayonnaise made my henna run away
  114. Heat styling with hennaed hair
  115. My roots are on FIRE!
  116. Does Henna work on dark hair?
  117. Henna Question
  118. Temporary Darker color
  119. Essential oils
  120. Questions Regarding Henna
  121. Old Blonding Recipe
  122. Aloe vera for thicker hair?
  123. how often to hot oil?
  124. henna eye pen?!
  125. Where do you purchase essential oils?
  126. henna on eyebrows
  127. Ever used ACV BEFORE you cleanse???
  128. Honey after Henna?
  129. Neem oil?
  130. Shampoo
  131. Sun-in + Henna + Deposit only color =
  132. Hennaing and really flat greasy hair now!
  133. Rajasthani Henna From Jaipur
  134. Thank you!
  135. Alternative Natural Hair Dye?
  136. Dye release and freezing
  137. Where to buy henna and/or indigo in Canada?
  138. Caca marron discontinued?
  139. Alternative to chemical dye that isn't permanent...?
  140. PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! (baking soda + ACV)
  141. Vatika question
  142. Diatomaceous Earth....Hair Treatments?
  143. Make Your Own Herb Extracts...Challenge..lol
  144. senna?
  145. Anyone ever use Song of India Natural Henna Powder?
  146. How does lemon lightening damage hair and is there a way to completely prevent damage
  147. What I do with my left over Pumpkin...
  148. Conditioning herbal rinses?
  149. Henna and indigo mix?
  150. Henna question.
  151. Just to say, 'thank you'!
  152. Negating henna gloss on length
  153. All-natural hair experiment---any recommendations?
  154. Love Henna Hut hair dye
  155. no matter what I do, I get a dull brown color !
  156. Moroccan henna question
  157. First Henna Today ---- HELP!
  158. Will this work? ._. (Newbie at work)
  159. Yemeni and cassia MIXED
  160. New member - tips for going strawberry with Henna?
  161. Qs re Coconut Oil? where did you buy it? Cost?
  162. Marula oil?
  163. question about henna?
  164. How dark is Henna Hut Dark Brown? Color match suggestions, please.
  165. My hair is Black but I want to Henna it Brown- Is this possible?
  166. are these BAQ hennas and indigo?
  167. Question regarding ACV Rinse
  168. Homemade Shampoo
  169. What commerical dyes will not destroy hennaed hair?
  170. Shampoo bars fading henna?
  171. Henna & Blow Drying?
  172. Where can you buy good herbal powders online?
  173. What herbal powder made your hair thicker and longer?
  174. Is there such a thing as neutral henna?
  175. Caca Brun ,My first henna..
  176. Which Shampoo Bar do you like best?
  177. Indian Powder Gloss
  178. Cross-post from H4H: Can anyone proofread/approve my first ever henna/cassia experien
  179. No glow?
  180. Looking for temporary dye suggestions to match baq henna
  181. How do you use Aritha and Shikakai powder?
  182. Help me with DYE RELEASE please
  183. Anyone ever mixed salt with henna?
  184. Effect of the sun on hennaed hair?
  185. Herbco 'chestnut'
  186. I just put some olive oil in my hair...
  187. people who use Indian herbs
  188. Indigo question!
  189. I'm curious... Have any of you ever dyed with JUST indigo?
  190. henna + indigo
  191. Color specialists and henna
  192. henna colour help please
  193. Henna seeds!
  194. My significant other has converted to be a part of the henna nation!
  195. Rosemary!
  196. Henna Saved My Hair! (long rambling post)
  197. Has henna thickened your hair?
  198. Aritha and Shikakai powder makes me shed very little
  199. Oil and Fine, Straight Hair: Is there a happy medium?
  200. Have you used Ancient Sunrise Celebration?
  201. Question about using hendigo to make brunette color?
  202. Dying Henna on Roots?
  203. Eggwashes
  204. Newbie to henna question!
  205. Soothe Your Scalp oil - GOW
  206. Help fading box color.. BIG party tomorrow!!!
  207. Weekly Henna Gloss
  208. very weak henna gloss?
  209. Sadaf black henna
  210. White,odorless cocoa butter??
  211. Henna gloss with Cassia or with out?
  212. Henna over Red Hair Dye
  213. Henna came today
  214. Result of Lush henna marron+ brun
  215. What do YOU do while you henna? :)
  216. Can I save leftover henndigo for a henna gloss later?
  217. Is Henna tea possible
  218. Rinse mixes?
  219. Yet another henna thread...
  220. Help me tweak my herbal wash, please
  221. Major shedding while rinsing out henna?
  222. May be an odd request...calling all who henna.
  223. Eggs Shampoo?
  224. Baby shampoo cured scalp but left hair dull, . Ask for naturla hair product advice?
  225. simple question about henna gloss
  226. Homemade whipped butter
  227. Interesting EVOO Report
  228. Natural Hairspray
  229. Mixing cinnamon with conditionner ?
  230. Advice about henna gloss
  231. Bulk Herb Store- Beautiful Hair Treatment
  232. Vit E Oil?
  233. Has anyone ever used..
  234. Indigo Questions
  235. My hair doesn't like coconut oil...
  236. Yet another fantastic discovery...avocado oil!
  237. Can i use L'oreal casting creme gloss over Henna?
  238. henna and indigo on order advice please
  239. Does anyone know if a good Shampoo?????
  240. Henna powder that is red...?
  241. Removing Henna from Skin
  242. Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Can you use the cooking one?
  243. Old henna powder
  244. no poo thread
  245. Thawing in a Root Shooter.
  246. im looking for the photos of henna heads
  247. My hennahead!!!
  248. Shikakai Shampoo Recipe
  249. Question and Opinions
  250. Three yo coconut oil - is it safe to use?