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  1. I'm reading different answers and need the truth! (hair oil)
  2. Help!!!
  3. Will Heat Styling Turn Henna Brown?
  4. hot oil treatments
  5. Need help with hair :(
  6. I just saved my ends!!
  7. Henna / Indigo
  8. Should I convince my sister to Henna?
  9. honey yogurt to lighten hair?
  10. Henna Oil?
  11. Mira oil?
  12. Yogurt for scalp?
  13. lemon juice damage
  14. Rooibos = Hair growth?
  15. Idea for a hair masque...any thoughts?
  16. Another attemp to make my own shampoo
  17. Oil for colored ashy blonde hair
  18. lightening hair - with pee!
  19. unknown henna dye release time?
  20. Has anyone ever had an application of Henna be clear?
  21. black currant seed oil
  22. How do I get the most color from cassia?
  23. Finding henna in Portland?
  24. Freezing henna gloss mix?
  25. hair falling after henna
  26. Do you need to wash hair less after henna?
  27. Pure Henna at My Local Indian Grocery. WOOT!
  28. Colored over Henna
  29. Darkening hair naturally - any suggestions?
  30. Article on coconut oil for hair:
  31. SMT before or after swimming- experiences?
  32. Henndigo without indigo.
  33. indigo coming off of hair after henna + indigo?
  34. protein treatment?
  35. plain henna over hendigo....
  36. EO question for the blondies!
  37. Anyone used Palette by Nature hair dye?
  38. Coconut Oil Texture?
  39. Just tried a rinse from licorice root tea!
  40. questions about Lush henna bars?
  41. Itchy scalp from honey lightening?
  42. Let Me in the Nunnery because I am a Henna Convert!
  43. Any shops in Amsterdam?
  44. ...Scenting henna?
  45. Just took the plunge!
  46. Oiling hair
  47. Dye my whites blond
  48. Rainbow Strawberry Blond (or similar) henna mix on medium brown hair?
  49. Feeling gunky after baking soda washes
  50. Cleaning scalp using fingers & water
  51. First time using Cassia
  52. Henna question
  53. All of you ACV users
  54. What is your favorite...
  55. Your henna experience
  56. hair shed during henna process
  57. Honey Washes?
  58. Hennaing in 5
  59. flax seed gel recipe
  60. Gelatine?
  61. Bhringraj question ...
  62. Hair loss after coloring, what natural items can help stop it?
  63. Henna bleeding, gloss procedure?
  64. Water Temp/Dye Release questions
  65. Now I remember why I don't henna with bare feet!
  66. How do you mix your henna to achieve dark brown hair?
  67. Bleach then henna or chemical color?
  68. will cones affect hendigo uptake?
  69. Plain old indigo on dark hair
  70. Ok Henna heads...I know what color I want but how??
  71. Achieving medium/dark red hair, please help
  72. I bleached my henna out!! pics
  73. It's official!
  74. Coconut oil and hair color fading...
  75. I confess, I have been flirting with henna again.
  76. Alternative to vinegar rinse?
  77. Total, dorky noobie question . . .
  78. Indigo oil-spill coating (pics). Why is this?
  79. Cassia questions? (Attn: Nightshade)
  80. Is it ok-Quality brand henna?
  81. To henna or not to henna
  82. do I need to wait for dye release with henna and warm water?
  83. SMT question- Can you over moisturize?
  84. Yogurt....recipes?
  85. Tomato Seed Oil
  86. question for those that serial henna!
  87. Darkening hair with coffee?
  88. Texture of Henna'd Hair?
  89. mustard oil and henna
  90. Lush Caca Brun - Second Time - Need advice please
  91. Using henna on roots only
  92. Henna vs. Protein Treatments?
  93. Tell us about your weird and wonderful treatments!
  94. Henna on naturally red hair
  95. How to use Aloe Vera?
  96. ACV vs WV
  97. Please share your favorite "natural" hair mask
  98. Help needed for dyeing hair red
  99. NOW coconut oil
  100. Rosemary question
  101. herbs in shampoo--will this work?
  102. Henna gloss
  103. Using honey in your hair - how to do it & what were your results?
  104. How on earth do you do this?
  105. henna help...
  106. Recognised for being a henna head!
  107. how many drops of oil should I put in my shampoo
  108. Sun, Sand, Re-Henna?
  109. Lush Caca Brun and fading
  110. How long after henna to do indigo for two step?
  111. What is henna?
  112. Celebration or Yemen Henna?
  113. Thoughts on toning down bright spots
  114. A question for those who henna!
  115. KESH JEEVAN TEL absolutely amazing
  116. Henna, Indigo, Buxus, Honey Lightening, Elumen
  117. Quick Henna question
  118. I am hennaed as well :)
  119. I thought Henna pulled curls out?
  120. Hennaboy Premixes (UK)
  121. Henna made my hair lighter!!
  122. Supreme Dulhan Mehandi
  123. How often do you replace your bottle of olive oil?
  124. Henna Recipes
  125. Sleeping While Hennaing
  126. Washing out oils
  127. My hennaed hair history + pics + question
  128. ACV hair rinse questions....
  129. Argan Oil by LiveClean
  130. Henna Info
  131. Anyone use Lanolin in their hair?
  132. Oatfix Treatment
  133. Red BAQ over brown Rainbow henna?
  134. Henna: Re: Duration
  135. What does oiling do for you?
  136. rose hip oil
  137. Acv
  138. Question about coconut oil
  139. Question About Amla Gooseberry
  140. Chamomile?
  141. suggestions for conditioning herbs, help please
  142. Darkening hair
  143. alternative shampoos
  144. Does type of oil make a difference
  145. Beet, cabbage, blueberry, indigo, on my head!
  146. Henna blocking penetration?
  147. Affect of oil on henna dye uptake?
  148. colouring hair with rhubarb root
  149. Gotu Kola
  150. UK Coconut oil fans
  151. Desperate for help with my hennaed hair!!
  152. Dabur Vatika Coconut hair oil with henna and amla
  153. Advice needed following Caca Brun strand test
  154. Want to Henna but how to remove some dye first?
  155. What to put in a homemade protein treatment?
  156. Help with Henna
  157. Lush Henna Orangey-ness help!!
  158. Looking for a recipe for curl gel/cream/whatever that I think I saw here
  159. Henna + Red Wine vs. Red Wine Vinegar?
  160. Dead Sea Mud
  161. Easier way to use Lush henna
  162. Henna Rinse?
  163. Lightening my henna - help?
  164. Oil for moisture?
  165. Lush Caca Rouge
  166. Henna Gloss question - hair orange-ish
  167. Peppermint essential oil
  168. Grey Roots Not Catching Up With Rest Of Hair...
  169. how do I use grapeseed oil??
  170. Best process for freezing henna paste
  171. Newbie - Please help with a hair oil question.
  172. Coconut oil and flakey scalp- good results
  173. Mixing Coconut oil, and shea butter
  174. Share your Henna secrets please
  175. Where do you buy your...
  176. OMG - I've got blue/green hands
  177. Henna appears 'redder' on the top part of my hair.
  178. Hennaing now :o
  179. Haven't been able to henna in months!! :(
  180. bleach rash on hands, not head?
  181. Aloe saponaria??
  182. Henna aftercare info please xx
  183. henna re-application question
  184. Anyone with pics of highlights over henna?
  185. Lightening the length of my henna + chemically dyed hair
  186. Roots-only henna intimidates me. Tips?
  187. How does EO's and ACV Rinse affect Henna?
  188. Henna Strand tests: opinions, please!
  189. Henna for underlayer only?
  190. Can Cassia lock in red chemical dye?
  191. henna? nor not to henna?
  192. Do they have places that apply henna??
  193. Tips for achieving Chocolate Brown with Henna?
  194. has anyone used this?
  195. cooling down the henna color?
  196. ACV...how often?
  197. Citric acid rinse help...please!
  198. help for grey hair
  199. HENDIGO-Is this a terrible plan?!
  200. Do you find that henna really does make your hair stronger and thicker?
  201. Thicker base for Dr. Bronner's conditioner
  202. Tinting hair
  203. Henndigo help
  204. Song of India henna?
  205. need henna help...dark roots/indigo
  206. Lightening Henna with Haircolor
  207. Hair breakage ... advice needed
  208. Does grapeseed oil absorb into hair?
  209. Indigo users - help needed!
  210. anyone had hair dye allergy? & Henna indigo
  211. How bad of an idea is this, really?
  212. does demised henna still have conditioning properties?
  213. Emollients (natural)
  214. Traveling with Indian herbs
  215. Help! Argan oil made my hair super greasy!
  216. Calling all neem users
  217. Eek!! Left 'colorless' henna on too long
  218. Questions about avocado oil and/or wheat germ oil?
  219. Burgundy Hair
  220. Onion juice for hair growth
  221. Henna Hut DEEP RED Users... Need your opinion
  222. How is honey lightening on redheads?
  223. sulfer for hair growth
  224. Erm...help? (coconut oil lifting dye?)
  225. Afraid to try henna/cassia
  226. Henna Advice Please - Over Chemically Dyed Hair
  227. DIY Hair Oil with Indian Herbs
  228. Lush Caca Marron/Rouge Over Dark, Chemically Dyed Hair
  229. what should i try the surya or henna?
  230. Coconut oil is really oily
  231. For those of you that use castor oil
  232. Lush Caca Brun
  233. Crunchy for Coconut oil?
  234. Order mishap : katam or indigo ?
  235. Homemade shampoo? Castille soap?
  236. lemon rinse defines curls dramatically and fights frizz
  237. parachute coconut oil
  238. Q about coconut milk
  239. A question for the brunettes on board
  240. henna application tricks.........
  241. The uses of coconut oil
  242. Henna + Iron Tablets(instead of iron vessel)?
  243. Cocoa butter won't come out of my hair! HELP!
  244. using herbs
  245. My report: Manic Panic over Henna
  246. How to remove oils and butters from hair.
  247. Beet juice for redder hair?
  248. Where do you buy your henna and indigo from?
  249. Indigo rinse?
  250. Cassia Over Henna + Indigo?