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  1. yippy,found a good supplier for best henna and Indigo
  2. henna past dye release?
  3. Help!!
  4. I just tweaked the SMT
  5. Before attempting henna
  6. Feeling like a mad scientist!
  7. pure henna salon in manhattan
  8. What is the yellow dye this refers to?
  9. Henna dyeing and swimming
  10. Honey, buttermilk, coconut oil
  11. What Dye is This? How can i remove it? (pic inside)
  12. Vegetable Glycerin (advice, uses, recipes please)
  13. Clear henna
  14. Which oil do you use, and why?
  15. I am hendigoing right now..... anybody else too?
  16. would this work whilst growing out henndigo, do you think?
  17. Maple syrup instead of molasses?
  18. Herbatint hair dye?
  19. Change the smell of coconut oil?
  20. Strange question: fish oil
  21. Would it be a good idea to put a bit of this herbal hair color to my conditioner?
  22. Aha, no wonder I don't like the smell of henna
  23. Can you use powder instead of oils?
  24. Yogurt - It Does Work on Henna
  25. Question for Henna Sooq aka the Henna Guru!
  26. Bleaching after henna gloss?
  27. Need Help with Egg Conditioning
  28. coconut milk
  29. adding cassia to SMT
  30. Indigo in Holland
  31. Fighting the greasies with cocoa
  32. What Exactly Does Aloe Do To Hair?
  33. Dye release time Yemen henna
  34. Henna Haters Unite!
  35. Natural Dies for Brunette, alternative to Henna
  36. Yogurt in Your Henna
  37. Women from India
  38. Anyone tried Logona "Henna Neutral" hair treatment?
  39. Henna-heads: What do you do about your eyebrows?
  40. Herbal vinegars and tinctures for hair
  41. Fresh henna in London?
  42. Recommendations?
  43. Chrysanthemum effects on hair
  44. Essential oils
  45. Henna + Indigo/hendigo, recommendations?
  46. Best Honey for Hair
  47. Henna and indigo over previous chemical color?
  48. Locks of Love & Henna
  49. Strand tests...this may seem like a stupid question
  50. LUSH Caca Question(s)
  51. Lush Caca Henna: how much do I need?
  52. Henna-Boy Yemeni -- stale?
  53. homemade treatments?
  54. 3% peroxide
  55. Calling all Rhassoul gurus
  56. coloring over henna
  57. henndigo on eyelashes?
  58. Naturally encouraging red highlights?
  59. Henna and Grey
  60. Henna Questions
  61. left over cassia treatment
  62. do you wash before you henna?
  63. So I Bought a Can of Coconut Milk...
  64. Conservative Henna Glaze (w/results)
  65. You guys are a bad influence on me!!
  66. What is castor oil supposed to look like?
  67. Nightshade, can you help me?
  68. I think I found a good oil for my hair :)
  69. Henna and grass allergies?
  70. From Blonde to Hennahead... and Back
  71. How often do you oil?
  72. Mildest essential oils for sensitive scalp?
  73. how to achieve brown or medium auburn with henna/cassia and/or add-ins
  74. The ingredients you use and what they do to your scalp
  75. So, uh, what do I do with it now?
  76. Ayurvedic Powders only for Oily Hair?
  77. Henna Mix & Storage
  78. Mixed feelings about cassia
  79. Increased hair growth with nettle
  80. Has anyone shopped at Sheabutterhut?
  81. Honey "hairspray"
  82. I don't know where to start
  83. Chamomile?
  84. Kitchen Witches: is this a bad idea?
  85. what brand of henna do you use?
  86. Your cassia mix!
  87. Question regarding 'Chrome Dome'
  88. last henna questions I promise...
  89. Is it possible to make my own fenugreek paste?
  90. Is it safe to use Jasmine Tea to mix cassia?
  91. Henna Boy cassia warning
  92. Buyng Henna, indigo, cassia etc in France, Benelux??
  93. Another Indigo Thread...
  94. Mineral Silica used on hair
  95. What's your henna + indigo routine?
  96. Help! I need advice. and a hair rinse of course...
  97. Shedding after oiling?
  98. Online source for Indian herb powders?
  99. Help! Fading henna
  100. Increasing thickness of my oil mixture?
  101. Henna advice - re: Lush caca and/or bleach in particular
  102. Is there such a thing as bad quality Cassia?
  103. Indigo for blue/green hair?
  104. From Nature With Love Henna
  105. Henna Sooq Shipping Time?
  106. How to destroy your clothes with henna + Method laundry detergent
  107. Henna Gloss problem!
  108. Tea instead of acv?
  109. Coconut soak gone bad.
  110. Jamila users, please talk to me about your process
  111. Thoughts on Perms and Henna?
  112. FAQ for the Cassia Thread
  113. Burdock?
  114. Hennahut.com?
  115. Whipped Shea Butter Recipe
  116. Does anyone use henna, cassia, and indigo?
  117. "Very" liquid coconut oil...
  118. henna color question
  119. Have to do it, but have to ask about Henna...
  120. Will adding indigo defeat the purpose?
  121. Lemon Juice
  122. catnip & henna, and baking soda?
  123. Dye over henna?
  124. Oat Powder, Sea Kelp, Carrot Powder Mask
  125. What will colourless henna do for my hair?
  126. SMT for scalp wash, what do you think?
  127. Problems with static hair after hennaing
  128. Spritz for lightening/brightening...
  129. Honey on fine hair
  130. ACV love
  131. does cassia make peroxide more effective?
  132. New, dark hair, henna, buxus, confusion, supplements, obsessed.
  133. Roots only for very long hair - trying to make it easier
  134. Yet Another ACV Question :)
  135. citric acid rinse - measurements
  136. ends are getting like velcro- will henna help
  137. Henna over Dye and bleach?
  138. Could I add this to a mister?
  139. sweet almond oil - not for me?
  140. Hairdressers and henna...
  141. Anyone chemical color over indigo hair?
  142. Husband henna?
  143. Where to find Aloe Gel
  144. How long does it take for aloe juice to go bad?
  145. Adding herbs/spices to henna mix
  146. Is mayo bad for dry hair?
  147. White Blond Highlights and Henna, Help?
  148. Henna user, want to go brown!
  149. Couple henna gloss questions
  150. Olive Oil
  151. ZARQA henna- has anyone tried it?
  152. Shikakai/IHW fading hendigo/indigo?
  153. Ayurvedic Herb Powder Wash did not remove Oil
  154. Could i put Henna over top of BLACK Hair Dye??
  155. Foxy's Shea Butter treatment?
  156. Henna gloss pics and What should I do next?
  157. I bought the wrong coconut oil, what to do with it?
  158. Oat-milk conditioning success
  159. rinse out henna with shampoo bar?
  160. Henna and cats/ dogs...
  161. Beer Hair recipes?
  162. Distilled water
  163. Buildup with Aloe Vera Gel?
  164. EOs in citric acid rinse?
  165. Tea rinse for red?
  166. Blonde again... well, almost
  167. Could henndigo give me this color?
  168. coconut oil
  169. henna and herbs on treated hair?
  170. Henna + foam hair dye?
  171. Washing question
  172. Bleach before henna
  173. For those who oil...
  174. Honey?
  175. Henna Application Questions
  176. Henna + Lush Noir two-step?
  177. henndigo gloss conditioner?
  178. ACV failure
  179. Rainbow Henna Question
  180. Does Rose Water have Alcohol?
  181. Rave!! Hemp seed oil!
  182. Henna over blue/green/purple?
  183. First Henna Results - Pics
  184. Lemon juice rinse?
  185. can I use henna without achieving a color change?
  186. Henna in India
  187. What does CatNip smell like?
  188. Curious about cassia
  189. Come and help me decide my recipe!
  190. Henna oxidizes too dark...advice?
  191. Best place to order Henna in England/UK?
  192. neem oil - worth the price?
  193. Cassia over colored/highlighted hair?
  194. ACV, how much is too much?
  195. OxiClean for stains on skin?
  196. I hennaed for the 1st time...
  197. New hair goodies, how best to use???
  198. Anyone else's hair hate Aloe?
  199. Callin all Lavender, and lavender essential oil experts!
  200. Help blending light blonde/white roots with hennaed length
  201. Henna: How old is too old to use?
  202. I did it!!!
  203. Would I look good with blue-black hair?
  204. Before and after henna pics
  205. Hot Oil Treatment ?
  206. oil advice
  207. Sea Lettuce, Irish Moss, Sea Kelp Mask
  208. Pix of burgundy henna'ed hair?
  209. Who sells Yemeni henna? Besides Mehandi?
  210. Frozen Henna question
  211. henna gliding out of my hair...
  212. The Neem Regime
  213. best hair darkening mix - product
  214. Tea gloss?
  215. AVC is making my hair think it's curly...help
  216. Colorfix and old indigo...possible?
  217. Henna from Herbco - any thoughts?
  218. Why Not Use Soybean Oil?
  219. hi :D i just put cobra oil on my head!
  220. Lush Caca users? Advice please....
  221. Burgundy Henna Recipe?
  222. Honey Lightening Help! Potential Emergency!!
  223. What did you invent after LHC?
  224. 1st honey treatment
  225. How to make home-made shampoo
  226. Amla with Cassia?
  227. Coconut Oil newbie seeking advice.
  228. Manic Panic (& etc.) over henna?
  229. is cinnamon leaf oil ok in olive oil on my hair?
  230. Question about Henna Hut
  231. Babassu Oil; Is this a good hair oil?
  232. "Purple sludge" mix - my version
  233. Quick Henna Question
  234. Natural treatments
  235. Best way to defrost henna?
  236. freezing henna?
  237. Henna - the result
  238. Bigen - disaster waiting to happen?
  239. Hair mayonnaise Rave!!
  240. Henna and Manic Panic
  241. Fenugreek instead of cassia?
  242. A couple henna questions
  243. dabur vatika coconut oil
  244. dye over henna?
  245. Kitchen Witch DTs?
  246. Where to buy Jojoba Oil?
  247. How to lighten my hair?
  248. Lustrous dark brown Henna in the sun!
  249. Henna worries
  250. henna vs virgin hair