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  1. Hair colour with natural herbs
  2. Quinoa water for hair washing?
  3. Growing out Henna, wanting roots to match my length
  4. Question about honey lightening and toning
  5. Cornflowers for blueish tint on grey hair
  6. Rosemary and Birth Control
  7. Peanut oil hot oil treatment: it works.
  8. Newbie wanting henna advice.
  9. Henna over newly dyed chemical hair?
  10. Homemade Laundry Soap (Front or Top Loaders)
  11. I did a henna, 1st time!
  12. Help with lush henna...
  13. HOLY CRAP - rave for Yemeni Henna!!!
  14. Just a little question ...
  15. Avoiding Green Hair
  16. Heenara hair oil and then mix shikakai+aritha+maka...
  17. Brown sugar scrub with liquid coconut oil?
  18. any allergic reactions to henna
  19. Question about lightening hair with honey!
  20. Punjabi Prime - please someone clear this up
  21. coconut oil wax
  22. Are henna & cassia proressive dyes?
  23. Punjabi Prime or BAQ3?
  24. Emu oil
  25. henna question- did your hair hate it?
  26. Lemon/Lime Substitute?
  27. Interesting Article Concerning Herbs, Plants and Supposed Toxicity
  28. lightening henna hair with honey
  29. Another Henna Question about fading dye
  30. The ‘Chortle’ Body Melt Bar
  31. Henna and Heat Styling?
  32. Shelf life for SMT and other questions
  33. Ayur Herbal Products
  34. Hair Straightening
  35. Lush Jasmine and Henna fluff Eaze
  36. Fading brown colour (Buxus... Maybe)
  37. I would like to Henna my hair...
  38. Will a henna gloss make my hair even dryer?
  39. Allergic reaction to indigo
  40. Home made conditioners?
  41. Honey lightening over hendigo
  42. Unatural Colour Formulas? Do share!
  43. Is henna a drug?
  44. Quick (I hope) Cassia Question
  45. Yellow herbal dyes & pregnancy: which are best?
  46. Back to Fire! *pics*
  47. Moisturizing/Strengthening Herbs
  48. UKers: Where do you buy your coconut oil?
  49. Vinegar Rinse
  50. Omega 3 oil for hair???
  51. Organic Jojoba Oil and itching
  52. Rudimentary oil question
  53. Vinegar(or Lime)-Only Washing?
  54. Beyond the Zone and henna mix...
  55. Could olive oil possibly be drying my hair??
  56. New here and new to Henna!
  57. What about this "sticky" ingredient...?
  58. Henndigo-erase the orange?
  59. Honey/Molasses question
  60. Onion Juice For Hair Growth
  61. Eyebrow lightening?
  62. Coffee for brunettes?
  63. Can I add a chemical hair dye into my henna mixture?
  64. Washing hair before hennaing
  65. Aloe Gel
  66. Does anyone use vitamin E on their hair at all?
  67. How to combine herbal rinse/conditioner
  68. can essential oils be bad for hair?
  69. Henna doesn't work on my hair :S
  70. Who here uses butters on their hair?
  71. Rainbow Henna over BAQ
  72. I'm not giving up...lol. Vampire red - manic panic
  73. Does the second henna treatment turn out less orange ...?
  74. Happy Hair Experiment: Dry Shampoo!
  75. What is better just plain powder henna or Lush Henna?
  76. avigal henna
  77. 100% Aloe- Rose Petal
  78. Cassia makes my hair so dry?
  79. Shampoo Bar Rinse Question
  80. How to strand test Henna (help a new henna head out?)
  81. Does anyone use tea tree oil in their shampoo or conditioner?
  82. Covering henna w/chem dyes-henna allergy
  83. Reading about the honey lightening method got me thinking
  84. avigal henna katam photo
  85. I took the plunge! I am a Henna Head!
  86. Henna Rinse
  87. Highlights over henna?
  88. Question about dye release (henna) ...
  89. make henna darker brown
  90. Sun-in over henna.
  91. Deposit-only dyes over hendigo
  92. Prelightening roots before henna?
  93. My Henna journey - pic heavy
  94. Gleam Oil
  95. Australian Red Reef Clay Dye
  96. Monoi Oil
  97. Another Thread on Lightening Henna
  98. Tomorrow's the day!
  99. Excessive Shedding After Henna?
  100. What is "compound henna?"
  101. Divya Kesh Hair oil
  102. Coconut oil suggestions and advice
  103. Can I use a bitter (unripe) avocado in my hair mask?
  104. Advice please!
  105. Can I whip almond butter like shea?
  106. Types of Camellia Oil?
  107. My review of Cassia, staining
  108. Questions about Henna, Cassia, and Indigo
  109. Argan Oil and Safflower Oil?
  110. Red wine vinegar for final rinse?
  111. good result with cranberry juice
  112. 2nd henna application.
  113. Question on henna and indigo
  114. From Blonde to Henna Head (pics!)
  115. question
  116. Frozen Henna
  117. My Henna experience! (Pic heavy)
  118. Oiling and shedding
  119. Final Color with Henna?
  120. citric acid rinse?
  121. Protein treatment from natural sources: Yes or No?
  122. How can I achieve this color with henna?
  123. Aksham Henna store anyone? Best Yemeni henna prices?
  124. Tangles with Henna
  125. Protein shampoo + Henna = ?
  126. fenugreek hair pack
  127. Necessity of Lemon?
  128. Toronto Cassia
  129. what are the most beneficial oils for scalp and hair?
  130. Is this dye released?
  131. Help!! Henna emergency
  132. Black walnuts
  133. tea tree oil for head lice?
  134. My newly hennaed hair!
  135. ACV rinse?
  136. should coconut oil be refrigerated?
  137. Blond, red, brown, black? Help???
  138. I survived my first henna experiment...
  139. Henna by Pinki
  140. Henna Differences?
  141. Grainy coconut oil?
  142. Ramtirth Brahmi Oil
  143. Wild Carrot Seed and Hazelnut Oils - Who has tried them?
  144. Blueberries and Beets?
  145. Frontier Herbs henna?
  146. Emu oil ?
  147. Have you seen this henna?
  148. what color would henna turn my hair?
  149. Every one should take good care of her hair
  150. BS & ACV? Something better?
  151. Oiling immediately after henna?
  152. Here I go AGAIN
  153. Talk to me about Molasses
  154. Cooler reds with henna?
  155. Do you henna eyebrows?
  156. Lightening roots before second henna application, peroxide question
  157. Weird henna run-off...
  158. Another musing: henna versus manic panic?
  159. Dyeing brown (or Katharine G's mix)
  160. Best moisturising mister recipe
  161. Roots - how often?
  162. Quick Cassia Question
  163. How much henna do I need, and where do I buy it from?
  164. Ladies only: Henna "Down there?"
  165. Have you used rose geranium oil in shampoo?
  166. Here's A Challenge For You
  167. Zarqa Indigo
  168. Misconceptions, Mistakes and Tips with Henna for hair
  169. Rhassoul powder as a dry shampoo?
  170. Stupid question about why vinegar left my hair...
  171. Ochres, non toxic natural stains
  172. So Exciting! My First Home Henna!
  173. Is indigo less permanent than henna?
  174. Clarifying with dish soap before henna
  175. Deep breath...here we (henna) go!
  176. ACV: But it's so stinky.....what to do?
  177. Henna is on my head!
  178. I made coconut oil stuff!
  179. Is this possible with henna?
  180. rosemary essential oil?
  181. Essential Oils and Conditioner
  182. Olive oil vs Coconut Oil?
  183. Need Advice on Some Henna Commitment Fears
  184. Which brand henna to darken hair?
  185. can essential oil be left on overnight
  186. unrefined coconut oil vs. refined coconut oil
  187. Unrefined Shea Butter -VS- Refined Shea Butter?
  188. Was your indigo permanent?
  189. Epsom Salts
  190. Insanely fast Yemeni 2009 dye release???
  191. can I use SS Oil while pregnant?
  192. Light Mountain Henna
  193. New here, really need advice re: henna and no poo/CO!!
  194. Naive newbie? Is this a f e t i s h site?
  195. yemeni henna brown instead of red? and mehandi's african henna?
  196. Oxidation for Yemeni?
  197. Henna Conditioners?
  198. PP dye release time?
  199. Super Porous Hair and Fading Henna
  200. Is better acidic enough to mix with henna?
  201. Bleaching before henna
  202. hendigo gloss???
  203. Natural way to unnatural color?
  204. Coconut hair oil recipe
  205. Red heads.....show me your virgin vs. Henna Hair
  206. First Experience with ACV Rinse Not Good
  207. 2 Questions about Henndigo
  208. Indigo powder
  209. Do I HAVE to wash and dry my hair befor henna?
  210. Tell me about your Coconut oil...
  211. Growing Aloe Vera - has anyone used the fresh gel?
  212. Questions on moisture treatments, humectants
  213. Apply henna from the front or back?
  214. Question on Punjabi Pride -
  215. Can you highlight hennaed hair with honey + water in streaks?
  216. Mixing different hennas
  217. Hemp and hair
  218. Thank you, everyone!
  219. Does emu penetrate the hair shaft?
  220. Lightening before or after gloss?
  221. What is this?
  222. An experiment: henna gloss (pic)
  223. hoorayo for mayo!!!
  224. Dry shampoo for color treated hair
  225. Henna gloss - minimum amount for conditioning?
  226. Is this what olive oil does?
  227. How to tell natural jojoba oil?
  228. Where can I find indigo in India?
  229. is vinegar drying or moisturizing?
  230. Henna on jet black hair
  231. Cinnamon for henna smell
  232. Hennagloss for me?
  233. Using a steamer when henna'ing your hair
  234. Pre-prepared henna?
  235. Henna Help Please
  236. Anyone hot oil using natural oils?
  237. My Next Henna! YAY!
  238. Protein drinks for hair growth??
  239. honey result and making it stick
  240. Are katam and indigo related/similar?
  241. From blonde to brown with henna..
  242. Questions regarding hair-oil.
  243. Has anyone tried Dabur Shikakai soap? or Swastik Shikakai Soap?
  244. Gelatin question
  245. Xanthan Gum for thickening Henna?
  246. Cassia question
  247. Henna/Katam on brassy length
  248. Best Booze/Beer for Hair?
  249. Does Vatika oil change hair color?
  250. Manic Panic/Special Effects over Henna?