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  1. Possible to Combine Threads?
  2. Double post
  3. Font Size
  4. Can't see articles section :(
  5. Private Messaging Problem...can't paragraph
  6. Constantly Logged Out when Posting and Double posts
  7. Can not login to archived forum.
  8. How do I add a signature??
  9. Is there a place for personal projects?
  10. Help please, how to post photos from I phone
  11. Good hair picture
  12. Subscription option doesn't work for me.
  13. Gumball?
  14. Can't send a PM???
  15. need help uploading photo
  16. Blog comment notification?
  17. Old photo albums vanished?
  18. Does someone with inbox full receive iTrader notification?
  19. Managing albums
  20. Issue posting/ replying to threads
  21. Swap board issues
  22. how do i create a signature
  23. Forum for noobs
  24. Edit post
  25. Partculiar tech issues on the board?
  26. My settings - Advice on uploading pics etc?
  27. How do I add a signature picture at the bottom of my posts?
  28. Searching Problems
  29. Nifty Trick to Search For Old Threads
  30. I can't view my profile even though I have 26 posts?
  31. About uploading pictures to my Albums
  32. Question About An Upcoming Gift Swap
  33. Can anyone post my pics for me?
  34. having trouble sharing flickr pics?
  35. How to link to a specific post in a thread?
  36. Problems with Windows 8.1
  37. Thread title change please
  38. Need Non Chrome Browser Recc
  39. Edit title please
  40. Posts stuck at 99
  41. Cannot view profile
  42. Thread title change
  43. More PM space for site donations?
  44. Thread title change please
  45. Please delete my account!
  46. name change
  47. Whoops! Looks like I posted a thread twice.
  48. having trouble posting
  49. Response posted twice
  50. Requesting contact from a Mod please.
  51. You may not post attachments. Why?
  52. Merge threads? Dreams of cuts
  53. Has anyone given thought to Tapatalk?
  54. Blog and comments, help?
  55. How to delete uploaded pictures?
  56. Posted in the wrong forum
  57. Not Logged In
  58. Title change please
  59. Triple blog post, can't delete extras
  60. Editing blog comments, not saving
  61. Where are my participated threads?
  62. My bad - posted thread twice. Please delete it for me?
  63. Notifications?
  64. Delete my Account please?
  65. malware?
  66. Anyone else getting error messages when clicking 'jump to post' links?
  67. New posts
  68. Avatar question.
  69. Weird experience signing in but not being signed in!
  70. Been a member for 3 years, cannot view my own photos now
  71. Can I have my account deleted please?
  72. Use of the 'add to ignore list' feature
  73. Touble shooting
  74. PM deletion failure...
  75. Thread move request please
  76. Difficulties uploading photos to forum albums?
  77. Please delete my account
  78. Why are you asking trans people to out themselves when they join the forum?
  79. I get weird ads when the forum is loading?
  80. Trouble searching or signing in on the archives
  81. Oops, double posted..sorry
  82. Did we just get hacked?
  83. Can't access my own profile - access denied.
  84. Can't approve comments on my blog
  85. Why are some mails blue or red next to the title
  86. Site running extremely slow
  87. email forgotten password dont work
  88. Is it me or did something break?
  89. Brief questions about the forum's grammar standards?
  90. Constant Duplicate Posts
  91. Mod Contact Request
  92. how to make pictures on thread visible to only forum members
  93. "LHC not responding due to a long-running script" message
  94. Request
  95. Still waiting for activation!
  96. Having trouble setting up my signature?
  97. "overly attached kitty" needs rehoming
  98. "View First Unread"
  99. Swap Board Etiquette
  100. AARGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My pm got eaten AGAIN!!!!
  101. Mobile device album-making problems
  102. 25 posts?
  103. Does Clicking an Ad on LHC Benefit LHC?
  104. Empty page?
  105. change email address
  106. search box not very good
  107. Thread Title Change :)
  108. Albums not working
  109. Unread private message stuck
  110. abbreviations and articles
  111. Banned members?
  112. iTrader Rating
  113. finding all my posts to subscribe to them
  114. PIF swap has gone blank for me.
  115. Questions about shop and indirect advertisement
  116. I have a question about disappearing threads.
  117. 'ShellShock' patch for the server?
  118. Not A Clue! Uploading pics directly from iphone
  119. Cannot access my profile and editting my signature
  120. Cannot access my profile or anyone else's.
  121. I get no (instant) e-mail at thread subscriptions
  122. Merging Threads
  123. Like button
  124. Please retitle thread "IRC Returns" as "IRC Returns 2014" - Done
  125. What happened to the flexi-8 thread?
  126. Disappearing things?
  127. Spammy links appear when trying to view blog comments
  128. Posting Issues
  129. New member listed in stats box on home page
  130. Problems posting with Internet Explorer 11
  131. unread notifications,even though they've been read!
  132. Deleting pictures?
  133. Question about iTrader Rating
  134. Norton warning about LHC Website What the Heck???
  135. Groups tab on main menu, and maybe recent updates on Home page.
  136. Words above avatar pictures?
  137. Unable to access profiles
  138. Tiny font?
  139. LHC is extremely slow
  140. Verification of why thread was deleted
  141. Alter title of swap thread please
  142. Unable to access my profile.
  143. Delete my account
  144. Have a few issues that I don't know how to address.
  145. Weird intermediate ad page--anyone else see this?
  146. Dear mods, please change the title of my thread....
  147. Delete my account
  148. How do you become a mod?
  149. Random suggestion about quotes
  150. links in swap board
  151. When am i able to view my own profile?
  152. Request to delete account
  153. Where did the off topic forum go?
  154. I forgot my password :/
  155. Help to move a thread
  156. Ads
  157. "This site may be hacked"
  158. Help--I keep getting logged out.
  159. Request to Delete Account
  160. Feedback has disappeared?
  161. Help me find the app
  162. Is our site under attack
  163. Chrome update; this seems to be a virus
  164. Not Fully Logged In??
  165. How to put emoticons into a post?
  166. Changing profile picture and Avatar
  167. Mysterious IFRAME at the bottom of each page
  168. Thread title change please
  169. Would love signature and profile access, I think I meet requirements
  170. How to upload word or PDF file as image?
  171. Should maybe the Permissions -sticky be updated?
  172. Swap board question ???
  173. IP adress blocked?
  174. Site Advertising? Why is it that.....
  175. Blog commenting bug
  176. Mods please help!!
  177. Blogs again: adding tags to old posts?
  178. silly me, I can't find my answer
  179. How to find my posts
  180. Users Online list has something at the very bottom that doesn't belong.
  181. Moderator title change
  182. Would a mod merge my two threads please?
  183. This Site May Be Hacked Google Message
  184. Thread Title Change Request + Question
  185. I'm not receiving notifications
  186. Posting pics from an iPad?
  187. Still denied access.
  188. Constant logging out - is this normal?
  189. PM Problems
  190. I can't upload a new signature picture?
  191. Cant enter my profile page.
  192. Can't enter my profile page (or anything else)
  193. Free, but decent image hoster?
  194. Is there a way to edit or delete posts?
  195. File Upload Manager help please
  196. How to post a signature?
  197. Change thread title
  198. Delete thread
  199. Can't access my old account
  200. Can't edit posts on the computer
  201. Mods: Please delete my account
  202. Will you move my thread?
  203. Fishy domain showing up as a tracker
  204. Titoe change please
  205. Setting up account for daughter, same IP
  206. What to do with old PMs?
  207. Were older album photos lost?
  208. unable to do things since getting new phone
  209. Lost posts?
  210. Reporting a Site Bug: Profile Permission Bypass
  211. Groups tab missing since migration
  212. Where is the homepage?
  213. TOS link (and other guidelines)
  214. Photo downloads?
  215. Site keeps logging me out!
  216. Promote to Article Button
  217. Can you change name?
  218. Is archives.longhaircommunity.com down on purpose?
  219. Email notifications are back! Help me turn them off!
  220. home button bug?
  221. You do not have permission to access this page
  222. Mods: Please delete my account
  223. Nothing can hide now!
  224. Photos & Albums
  225. Is there a way to change your username?
  226. Links show up on posts that I didn't put in the post
  227. returning member - no access to signature or old personal page
  228. Posting Pics Rotate?
  229. Banner Ads Now have Popups??
  230. Amazon Affiliate Link?
  231. Server Error accessing PM's
  232. Restore PMs
  233. MODS, please delete my account
  234. Two article sections?
  235. How Do I Edit my Siggie & Profile PICS now?
  236. Why doesn't my info show my hair length stats?
  237. This is REALLY weird!!!!
  238. Is it possible to have my siggie set "on" by default?
  239. What browser to see pictures?
  240. Why is my avatar photo always so small?
  241. Can I please have my account deleted?
  242. break in a blog entry
  243. Some threads don't work
  244. Thread title change request
  245. Is there a way to edit profile and sig on the new LHC format?
  246. Easy searching
  247. Is there something up with
  248. How do I edit my signature pic? and my avatar
  249. friends threads on profile
  250. Help--I keep getting signed out