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  1. While LHC was down, have you kept up your hair regimen?
  2. While LHC was down, what did you do!?
  3. How are you wearing your hair today?
  4. BSL in inches
  5. the cone debate, which hair type suits which better
  6. Brush or Comb?
  7. Australians, which state are you from? (take 2)
  8. Your Ultimate Length Goal
  9. what's the longest your hair's ever been?
  10. Crown Braid Tips
  11. Your Goal This Year?
  12. how long did it take you.......
  13. condition all the hair anybody?
  14. My Favorite Things
  15. Hair color disaster
  16. Softener=Good or Bad?
  17. CO washing frequency for 2c/3a people
  18. The Sulphate Poll
  19. What do you do with your hair when you're in the hot tub?
  20. Long-overdue hairtyping request.
  21. Tea Rinses
  22. How thick is 'thick'?
  23. Is wet hair a "good" look?
  24. Legends and, folklore, and poetry relating to long hair
  25. The miracle Pill
  26. how many inches is waist on you?
  27. How often do you henna?
  28. Wearing 2 sticks (matching or not matching) do you X them, or V them?
  29. CV vs. PLH
  30. Hairwash
  31. Head hair type, and degree of lash curl?
  32. Do you love or hate the smell of Henna?
  33. Red heads, where does your color come from?
  34. Twenty bucks for two inches?
  35. To part or not?
  36. Henna Induced Texture Change?
  37. Do you oil dry hair?
  38. What is your Vinegar Use?
  39. Monistat Poll - Did Monistat (or equivalent) Make Your Hair Grow Faster ?
  40. What's Your Favorite Length for Your Partner?
  41. Trimmers Measure-In
  42. Non-Trimmers Measure-In
  43. How thick would you like your hair?
  44. What oil do you like the best?
  45. What Do You Like Best About Your Hair?
  46. How do you visualize yourself?
  47. To those who wash daily or every other day
  48. Do you measure your hair dry or wet?
  49. If you could have any colour hair?
  50. Virgin v Dyed
  51. Will you dye your hair when it starts turning gray?
  52. Two toners check in ...please.
  53. How you wear your hair with a snood?
  54. Cold Water Rinse?
  55. How do you oil?
  56. How do you prefer your hemline?
  57. Have you ever cut your hair “short” since finding TLHC?
  58. More beautiful when air dried or blow fried?
  59. Favorite Hair Colour?
  60. what do you consider "long" hair?
  61. How do you dry your hair?
  62. What is the most you paid for a hairtoy?
  63. Wurlies: Do You Fix Your Up-Do with Wet Hair or Dry?
  64. How often do you trim/dust your hair?
  65. What's my length?
  66. average length of hair sticks?
  67. Redhead fun
  68. Who was your first LHC hair idol?
  69. Hair Efforts for Special Occasions
  70. Essential oils in non sulphate hair & body soaps
  71. Debating changing my hemline
  72. Reasons for Long Hair
  73. How do YOU use your microfiber towel?
  74. Sitting on your hair: at what length?
  75. How Long....
  76. Fav Cone-Free Conditioner
  77. New styles?
  78. Hair thickness on legs and head
  79. Hairstyles for working out, exercising and sports
  80. SMT with every wash?
  81. A certain hairstyle?
  82. did your hair grow quicker at certain lengths?
  83. Return of the "Hair Survey (if you're bored)" Thread
  84. Hair toys: wood vs. dymondwood
  85. Too much leave-in/oil, what do you do?
  86. Hair color & leg hair
  87. Your miracle product?
  88. going for natural
  89. What do you like best about the LHC?
  90. Long Hairs and Cats...Is There a Connection?
  91. Braid or Ponytail?
  92. How much conditioner for CO?
  93. Type iii - how thick is yours?
  94. Long Hair And Dogs
  95. Hair Type???
  96. Did protien help your hair ?"the drink"
  97. Which kind of braid is your favourite?
  98. When did your hair start to feel long to you?
  99. Curl spirals and direction
  100. which stage of growing was the fastest?
  101. Henna Heads, tell me why
  102. Oily Scalp and Oily Face
  103. Where is long hair more or less common?
  104. Cassia results, anyone?
  105. Length over health?
  106. Moms only - postnatal shedding?
  107. Which way do you "twist" for updos?
  108. What Are Your Favorite Products?
  109. How long does it take your hair to dry?
  110. Hair & nails
  111. When will you be hair happy?
  112. how many hair toys/pins do you need for your average updo?
  113. Do your braid waves stay in better wet or dry?
  114. Getting a haircut, joyful or painful experience?
  115. Washing Methods Effectiveness Poll 1
  116. Homemade Treatment Effectiveness Poll
  117. Washing Methods Effectiveness Poll 2
  118. Hair Oil Effectiveness Poll 1
  119. Hair Oil Effectiveness Poll 2
  120. Hair Oil Effectiveness Poll 3
  121. Hair Oil Effectiveness Poll 4
  122. Hair Oil Effectiveness Poll 5
  123. Tell me your braided length?
  124. Hair up or down?
  125. Soooo what does your hair hate?
  126. What's the nicest thing your s/o has done for your hair?
  127. Which part do you wear?
  128. When do you oil your hair?
  129. Hair Rinse Effectiveness Poll
  130. Poll: Average age of lovers of long hair
  131. leaving old ends to protect length?
  132. Curlies how long did you try to have straight shiny hair?
  133. Poll: Long hair and Horses
  134. Wavies, how do you wear your hair?
  135. The 'poos and con's of your routine!
  136. cassia/henna=increased growth? *poll*
  137. Bangs / Fringe
  138. Your childhood view of hair and the view you hold now!
  139. Heat - always damaging?
  140. How Long Is Your Hair?
  141. Curious about long hair and location
  142. Number of times per day you change your hairdo ...
  143. Quick Poll: Worst and/or best hair care product you've ever used?
  144. Hairstick orientation (for hairstick with right/wrong sides)
  145. When Will You Reach Your Goal?
  146. If you were at terminal length right now..would you keep it or change it? :)
  147. If your hair had a personality would it be a?? *silly*
  148. How Long Is Your Hair? (waist & longer)
  149. How long between trims
  150. For those of you that use monistat - how often do you apply it?
  151. water and hair growth rate
  152. Layers
  153. Hair Washing/Cleaning Position for Hair Below Shoulder Length
  154. What do others think of your long or soon to be long hair?
  155. Do you have a hard time picturing getting to waist and beyond?
  156. Hair Trimming Instructions -- LAYERS?
  157. Awww he got me a head massager
  158. long hairs which was your favorite length..
  159. How thick are your ends?
  160. post your proudest milestone
  161. Finies with M hairs - where? how?
  162. Do you trim your own hair?
  163. Part with an Updo?
  164. have you gotten more then hair growth from your vitamins?
  165. What do you use more of? Shampoo or Conditioner
  166. Average length of thickies; 4.5"+
  167. Does Length Make Your Hair Curlier or Straighter?
  168. Geisha Hair
  169. Any others who prefer hair down? What's your length/type?
  170. Humidity and hair type
  171. photographs: yay or nay
  172. Is your hair long for religious/spiritual reasons?
  173. How long does it take for your hair to dry?
  174. Your scalp type?
  175. Confusing hair measurements...
  176. Got some grey hair and experimented with herbs?
  177. When does your hair growth stall/slow?
  178. For those with ii - iii thickness: Do you bother with S&D?
  179. What's the most evil thing you've ever done to your hair?
  180. Do You Take Vitamins for Your Hair?
  181. Join the Battle against Split Ends!
  182. biography of my hair
  183. Do your hair toys match your clothes? to what extent?
  184. happy with hair or body compliments?
  185. What styling tool (that you gave up) do you miss?
  186. Index of Long Term Hair Care Effectiveness Polls
  187. What kind of oil do you use?
  188. On the subject of polls!
  189. working with indigo article
  190. Recipe for ACV rinse
  191. Not wearing hair down because of insecurities?
  192. How do you comb/brush your hair?
  193. Insecure about wearing hair up
  194. Do you notice splits on other people
  195. At what age did you start to grow your hair long?
  196. What grows hair the longest?
  197. Do you wear your hair down to work?
  198. What is your taper?
  199. Goal Changes?
  200. How long was your hair when you found TLHC?
  201. hairstyles knowledge
  202. paddle brush or round brush?
  203. Hair Growth: What Works, What Doesn’t.
  204. Hair length survey (for Hair Style Dictionary)
  205. Hairstyle difficulty survey (for Hair Style Dictionary)
  206. How long do you spend on LHC per day?
  207. Are you over your "checking for length obsession"
  208. If heat styling didn't damage (or didn't damage as much), would you do it?
  209. What pre-LHC habit do you miss the most?
  210. Guys using hair products, and treatments. and their wife/g/f response
  211. What oil base would you choose for your hair oil?
  212. Poll: Tangling and hair type
  213. When could you manage a figure 8/infinity?
  214. What do you love showing off...
  215. Hair Style Dictionary Instruction links - please help!
  216. Trimming schedule - what would you do?
  217. Henna users, did henna change your need for cones?
  218. Where are you from thread?
  219. So...how'd you get here?
  220. How Long Does Your Hair Take to Dry?
  221. Washing more often vs. washing "deeper"
  222. has anyone else noticed significant growth from using Eggs?
  223. Favourite kind of hairtoy?
  224. Up or down for photos?
  225. Henna or hair dye? And why?
  226. How long does your shower take (per day)?
  227. How long does your shower take (per day)?
  228. What's your favorite "Hair Movie"
  229. How often do you wash your hair?
  230. Tailbone to Classic: What's your length?
  231. Sebum - what do you think of the smell?
  232. Canopy/underlayer difference
  233. Does your haircare routine change with the seasons?
  234. MSM Effectiveness
  235. What's your favorite hairtoy?
  236. Leave in conditioners
  237. What's your thickness or lack thereof
  238. hair growth stalls
  239. What kind of hemline do you like the best?
  240. Curly, wavy or straight?
  241. How Do You Fix Your Hair On Down Days?
  242. Curlies' curl diameter?
  243. Silly poll--what is your hair color and your SO's hair color?
  244. Growing out hair "awkward phase"
  245. Hair game - Just for fun - hairstyle the person above you
  246. Menopause and hair
  247. Has anybody used honey to lighten your hair color?
  248. are wooden combs worth it?
  249. Hair down in colder weather?
  250. Body washing frequency vs. hair washing