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  1. How often do you wash your hair?
  2. When to pause and maintain?
  3. What's so good about salon products?
  4. How do you manage seriously dry hair that gets greasy at the roots?
  5. DIY layers?
  6. Best bun for waves?
  7. Best bun for waves?
  8. Middle aged
  9. Psoriasis on scalp
  10. Hair Dressing Complaints
  11. how long do most guys like girls hair?
  12. Scalp massages and growth.
  13. What have you come to accept?
  14. I have a question about the duration of growing
  15. Those of you taking DE how much are you taking?
  16. Longhair Runners - Haircare Considerations & Routines??
  17. Banana Clips!
  18. Different style every day for a month?
  19. Hair Growth in LHC
  20. What's your favorite kind of thread?
  21. No-coners- If you were to return to cones, what s/c would you use?
  22. Have you tried MN on scalp?
  23. Retiring buns
  24. Why do guys like girls hair long?
  25. Freeze! Where are you right now in your hair care routine?
  26. Cinnamon Bun
  27. How do you use coconut milk?
  28. How hard is the nautilus bun to do?
  29. Your "Go-To" Style
  30. Ideas for Wedding Hairstyle
  31. Self-trimmers: When in your wash cycle do you trim?
  32. French Twist 237 (New & Improved)
  33. Finies, what's your natural hair colour?
  34. I have found a way to french/dutch braid without the top section falling out!
  35. Which non heat curling method works best for you?
  36. Which method on 'no heat' curling works best for you?
  37. What are some oils that make hair thicker?
  38. Where do you prefer to wash your hair?
  39. What has helped the most with your dandruff?
  40. How far are you away from your goal?
  41. Who has the longest hair on LHC?
  42. Where do your hairtoys sleep?
  43. dread locks anyone?
  44. How much have you grown?
  45. Growth variation
  46. How often do you wear your hair loose?
  47. My new project - lightening my henndigo
  48. Your Worst Hair Decision
  49. calling all the retro girls (30's to 50's)
  50. What do you S&D?
  51. Going short-pix
  52. How long is too long to dye?
  53. How old is your hair?
  54. Should I stop cutting my fringe?
  55. POLL: What hair oil do you use and how often?
  56. Ponytails and sex
  57. How long does it take you.......?
  58. Who has reached their goal length?
  59. What is your starting growth length?
  60. Fringe/Bangs or Not?
  61. Nautilus Bun Again
  62. Which bun is this?
  63. Start Length
  64. Emmy Awards and Hair
  65. Do you ever temporarily change the colour of your hair?
  66. Wedding guest hair style!
  67. One head of hair's trash is another's treasure
  68. What type of comb do you use?
  69. Increased growth rate using certain oils?
  70. How many Buffs do you own?
  71. Make Your Braid Appear Thicker (For us thin/medium hair folk)
  72. In what country is long hair on men most common?
  73. Hair extensions
  74. Hair Dressers
  75. In which direction do you wrap your hair?
  76. Touching your hair
  77. grow and then trim/ trim as you grow?
  78. Hair Hate Hot Oil Treatment
  79. Silly Poll- Wearing hair in front of the shoulders
  80. Help me decide, please!
  81. Plaiting hair help
  82. Break offs?
  83. to dread or not to dread...
  84. Biggest hair problem (or annoyance)?
  85. Longer?
  86. Is a goal very important?
  87. Favourite Food To Put In Hair
  88. Conditioner In dry Hair Question?
  89. Another CO Washing Question
  90. What length is most impresive on men?
  91. Cone Heads: Aveda Dry Remedy/Aveda Products Vs. Wen Conditioners
  92. ...Do you miss your "triangle head"?
  93. Shedding - when do you shed the most
  94. Neem Oil
  95. Which colors has your hair been?
  96. Hair Falling Problem
  97. Princess hairstyles!
  98. Handmade hair stick - count as a project?
  99. How Long Would You Consider This Please?
  100. Test: how waterproof is your hair?
  101. Problem Applying Coconut Oil Conditioner
  102. Satin Sheet Question
  103. Detangling daily or stretching?
  104. Bun Question
  105. To brush or not to brush
  106. Julia Roberts' bun in Eat Pray Love
  107. What Is Catnip Rinse
  108. Hair Fork & Hair Stick Question
  109. Not sure where to start with updos etc...
  110. How Feminine Is Your Style?
  111. Pillow Slip Instructions
  112. Was your natural hair colour what you expected it to be?
  113. I FAIL at sock bun
  114. Why Is It Called Classical?
  115. The Hair Stuff Shopping List
  116. Adding Oils To Conditioner
  117. Indian long pigtails
  118. How porous is your hair?
  119. Wearing Hair Down?
  120. Do you use "matching" shampoo & conditioner?
  121. What is the best hair oil for Length?
  122. Does Anyone Know How To Do This Style Please?
  123. What's your hair type?
  124. How to remove very dark brown hair dye from blonde hair?
  125. Curly hair styling
  126. Do you like dressing up ?? Whats your favorite part :)
  127. Which Hair Accessory Do You Prefer (Poll)
  128. Are you a Carnivore, Herbavor or Omnivore?
  129. Trimming, No Trimming, Dusting, S&D
  130. Which vitamin worked best for you
  131. Best scissors (under $30) for at home trimming
  132. Are You Enjoying Your Hair? How Much?
  133. How much hair do you really grow a month?
  134. Fun hair clip n stix I made :-> (and how!)
  135. Do You Ever Feel Hairrogant?
  136. What made you decide to grow your hair long?
  137. Do You Feel More Beautiful With Your Hair Up or Down?
  138. Tangled- Rapunzel thoughts?
  139. what color is my hair?
  140. Straightening Diary
  141. How often Do You Trim?
  142. Protein and Silicones
  143. Eventual total length on LHC?
  144. Where do you keep your hairtoys?
  145. Help with these crazy hairs?
  146. Curlies from APL to BSL
  147. Unusual hairstyles
  148. Those who Shampoo Daily
  149. Do You Ever Get Tired of Long Hair? (Heaven Forbid!)
  150. Are you a rightie or a leftie (handed that is!)
  151. What shampoo/conditioner do you use?
  152. How do you clean your combs and brushes?
  153. What's more damaging?
  154. from short hair to... longer
  155. question to the experts....what makes you...
  156. Sore Scalp?
  157. How do you wear your hair in Winter?
  158. Who here washes with sulfates?!
  159. How much did monistat help you?
  160. question
  161. How much time you spend at LHC?
  162. My YouTube Tutorials & Progression Updates
  163. How often do you go on TLHC?
  164. Rainbow Hair
  165. How Often Do You Have Dreams About Hair?
  166. Oil shampoo: What's your ratio?
  167. diet, supplements, scalp massage
  168. How Do You Feel About Aging?
  169. New objective - buns that can be secured with one stick
  170. Which do you prefer, Clip Fork or Stick?
  171. what percentage of your hair is LHC grown?
  172. Root to tip--measurements
  173. When Do You Apply Oil To Your Hair?
  174. What is your perfect hair vitamin?
  175. Show of your jewelry making skills!
  176. Which side do you sleep on and which side is thicker?
  177. Need Hairstyle Ideas while Growing!
  178. How did you feel when you did your first "unconventional" treatment?
  179. any suggestions for using triponged sticks?
  180. What style is the hardest for you?
  181. Hot Oil or Room Temp?
  182. What is your favorite hair toy?
  183. Pondering a cut.
  184. Do you prefer long or full hair?
  185. Why don't you wear your hair up/down more often?
  186. Best place to buy a Flexi 8?
  187. Henna gloss: permanent or not on you?
  188. Regarding potential damage, which of these styles would you choose?
  189. Favorite Way to Wear Oiled or Over Oiled Hair?
  190. Thoughts About Teasing Hair
  191. Hairline poll!
  192. What do you love about your hair ?
  193. What's the longest you've gone without trimming?
  194. How do you manage your short (growing out) hair when sleeping?
  195. Thought's about starting all over again ?
  196. Your all-time favourite haircut or hairstyle
  197. Do you let your honey play with your hair? :)
  198. When doing a pre wash oil treatment what updo do you wear
  199. How does your hairstyle wear break down in %'s?
  200. How long do you think my hair can grow?
  201. When you do let your hair out?
  202. If you could grow 12 inches of hair in 1 minute ...
  203. Growth spurt? or illusion?
  204. Why'd you lose the bangs?
  205. Lillian Gish bangs?
  206. How soon did you start having silver hair?
  207. Oiling: How much is too much?
  208. Bangs or No Bangs?
  209. Have you ever shaved your head?
  210. How often to Brush?
  211. Which shoulder do you finish braiding over?
  212. How long is TBL, Classic, Knee for you?
  213. For those who dye your hair with drugstore color, which brand is healthiest?
  214. Which buns give the best bun waves when you take them down?
  215. Shed: Count or Guess?
  216. How long for hair sticks?
  217. ordering from "Sticks and Stones"
  218. Prejudice Against Black Hair
  219. Hair coarseness versus resistance
  220. Visible grays: what's your take?
  221. Mira Hair Oil
  222. So helpful: do you have a hair helper?
  223. Do you wear scrunchies?
  224. Comprehensive bun list
  225. Do you use a BBB and does it help?
  226. Elements and Hair types
  227. Bobby pins
  228. Bobby pins - a pointless game
  229. Which matters most?
  230. How tight is your braid?
  231. Which of these hair washing methods do you think would be less damaging?
  232. Hairstyle: everyday the same or different?
  233. For Natural Blondes
  234. Do you 'coat' your hair to seal in moisture?
  235. Time between waist and hip?
  236. Natural Part Location
  237. What does your family think of your long hair?
  238. When you take polls...
  239. Do you look forward to Washing?
  240. Victory Rolls gone flat, Gibson Roll not working
  241. Carving my own hairstick (fail)
  242. Help with Hair Type?
  243. Help with Hair Type?
  244. "A day, a Hairstyle" challenge
  245. How often do you wash hair (many more choices than a previous poll)
  246. What oil gives your hair the most moisture?
  247. Favorite quality about YOUR hair?
  248. Brush vs Comb which do you use?
  249. hair mindfulness
  250. Product review, Poll style: Biolage Conditioning Balm