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  1. Cones and porosity
  2. Hoodies
  3. How do we (as guys) "properly comment on a woman's hair?
  4. Your worst hair habit?
  5. flat iron and heats products survey!
  6. Did biotin make your hair grow faster?
  7. Hairstyle for an 8-hr bus journey
  8. What color is your hair?
  9. trimmer or not? don't know where i fit.
  10. Did it work for you poll 1. Catnip rinses
  11. Did it work poll 2. Oilings
  12. Did it work poll 3. Honey lightening
  13. Did it work poll 4: Swimming hair protection
  14. Can you put your hair in a bun/knot with no pins/sticks/anything?
  15. Elastic Hair Bands
  16. Protect your hair
  17. What's the shortest your hair has ever been?
  18. What is your opinion of having long hair?
  19. Your growth rate
  20. What is your favorite SLS free shampoo?
  21. Should I get bangs?
  22. How often do you wash/clean your combs, brushes and other accessories?
  23. How do you wash your brushes?
  24. How long should this take?
  25. Anime Hair?!
  26. Fav organic conditioner?
  27. A Tall Hayre Tale- OotLHK Story Voting!
  28. Who had major changes in their hair in their late-teens to mid-twenties?
  29. What's your end goal length?
  30. how do you wear your hair most?
  31. Hair and eyebrow colors....
  32. Do you tuck your hair behind your ears?
  33. Water hardness and your routine
  34. Hairdo for bride
  35. Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban, Voxra) and shedding?
  36. Shedding poll: how many hairs do you lose on average daily?
  37. What's one thing you'd like to change about your hair if you could?
  38. whats the one thing that holds back your hair growth?
  39. Length of showers?
  40. How much money do you spend on your hair per month?
  41. How often do you wash your hair?
  42. what kind of hair texture would you have if you could choose any?
  43. How many still go to a hair stylist?
  44. How you sleep, and your hair..?
  45. What's your most interesting half-updo?
  46. Shedding and hair thickness
  47. Hair extension poll?
  48. How many times can you wrap your hair around your hand?
  49. for those who have cut their hair a lot shorter
  50. Is English your first language?
  51. What's your current length?
  52. Does soft water help or hinder?
  53. air driers: towel or no towel?
  54. which direction does your hair twirl ?
  55. good news
  56. Interesting up-do, who wants to try?
  57. Wooden, or aluminum?Do we pr
  58. Horse grooming products for humans?
  59. What is the maximum length of hair you think you could handle?
  60. Being watched when you do your hair
  61. Have you or would you ever donate your locks?
  62. Water type and oil
  63. What is your favourite hemline?
  64. is a ponytail "up" or "down" ?
  65. What length is waist on you?
  66. Henna Variations - what's your red result?
  67. coarse/medium/fine hair vs. frequency of washing/wetting
  68. girls, how do you like your guys' hair?
  69. Do you like your hair played with?
  70. How long should I let my hair get?
  71. Best Leave-In Conditioner?
  72. Hair for halloween......
  73. What is/was your biggest hurdle to growing long hair?
  74. What brought you to LHC?
  75. What updo does your partner/s prefer on you?
  76. how did going no cones affect your hair?
  77. How are your bangs parted?
  78. cut or don't cut my fringe?
  79. Survey for a New Hair Styling Tool!
  80. Hair Crisis. Need Input!
  81. Scalp Wash Success?
  82. Do you want your natural hair type?
  83. Best things to eat for Healthy Hair?
  84. Mullet of Doom
  85. Growing out henna: what to do?
  86. Question about bleach
  87. Growing out layers; I need opinions!
  88. Did biotin make you break out?
  89. I need hairstyle suggestions for this hairtoy =)
  90. Is there a way to repair a horn comb?
  91. Thin haired ones - what do you wash with?
  92. Does your SO help with your hair?
  93. Who trims your hair?
  94. What type of comb do you like best?
  95. Favorite Hair Toy?
  96. Do you save your hair?
  97. Do you spray your comb or brush when grooming?
  98. When you dye your hair do you...
  99. Looking professional with long hair?
  100. Show me your wet hair...
  101. Reached goal length- what now?
  102. finger combing
  103. Are your strands thick (according to this test)?
  104. Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm or Sally's
  105. >>>Poll for Protein Users<<<
  106. What would you do with this mess? Please help
  107. What conditioner or DT did you find the most moisturizing?
  108. Should I keep bangs or grow out?
  109. Do micro-trims count as cuts?
  110. Do you use oil on wet hair or on dry hair?
  111. Coconut oil and Temperature
  112. Your shampoo-conditioner ratio
  113. Conditioner only pic
  114. Do you trim your own hair?
  115. Are You A Lazy Photogrpher?
  116. How many have used MN?
  117. How tall are you?
  118. how does 2 compare with 1? (braid, tail, bun)
  119. Favorite overnight treatment?
  120. Henna Red vs. Cool Brown
  121. Why did you choose the goal length you chose?
  122. What do you think is the most damaging?
  123. Childhood hair colour and dying it in adulthood.
  124. What kind of hemline do you have?
  125. *What's the Fastest hair can grow per Month? Opinions/Experience?*
  126. How many conditioners do you have?
  127. S&D and circumference relation
  128. *Survey for People that have used Nature's~Gate~Likes/Dislikes/Results*
  129. What do you people think is the worst shampoo and conditioner
  130. Layers and bunning
  131. after henna wash
  132. Anyone else have trouble using hairsticks?
  133. Pictures of your hair-growth inspiration?
  134. what about hairloss ?
  135. How many inches between APL and BSL is it for you?
  136. What Does Coconut Oil Do to Your Hair???
  137. Cassia on blond w/ grays
  138. Plopping/plunking over night
  139. Can curlies do every style wavies can do?
  140. tiny glass balls to fill hairtoy containers
  141. In need of hair color advice (picture heavy)
  142. not doing anything YET but thinking about what to do?!?
  143. Rope braid won't work :(
  144. circumference of your pony tail??
  145. Help!!! D:
  146. How did your hair darken over time?
  147. Oil Cocktails: To Blend or Not to Blend?
  148. Lanolin -- Good, Bad, or Ugly?
  149. Poll for Hennaheads only
  150. hair and nails: correlation between growth and strength?
  151. Are My Strands F or M?
  152. Shampoo bar users: Do you use conditioner?
  153. face shape
  154. How do you pronounce snood?
  155. Water Only & Split Ends
  156. My Hair Care Challenge 1a,F,i oily *moved and improved*
  157. Blunt or layered?
  158. thickness and head size
  159. most moisturizing for my hair poll
  160. Most days how do you tie your hair up?
  161. How do you chose the colors you wear?
  162. What brought you to TLHC?
  163. Redheads: real and fake ones
  164. How do you wash your hair when you have a deep oil treatment in your hair?
  165. What color is your hair?
  166. Do you like/love/hate washing your hair?
  167. Poll: Do you think the tangle teezer is hair-friendly?
  168. How fast does your hair grow?
  169. If you started with short hair...
  170. Hair Length and Wearing Hair Up
  171. hair texture vs protein-use?
  172. How tall are you and how long is your hair?
  173. How tall are you and how long is your hair? PART TWO
  174. Hair routine time?
  175. Does anyone here use salon brand products?
  176. How often do you use Indian Herbs?
  177. Hair/Nail Growth
  178. 'Shaking' sock bun
  179. total length on LHC?
  180. If you DO wash every day - why?
  181. How many of you have cut fringe or bangs & regreted it?
  182. what's the nastiest, most weird thing you put in your hair that made it grow?
  183. How Long Does A Hair Elastic/Tie (no metal) Last You?
  184. Hairsticks
  185. *How Long did it take Grow your hair Long after a big cut?*
  186. Hair Treat, Which One?
  187. How Did You Get Your Hair Red?
  188. when do you take your supplements?
  189. Leave-In and scrunched
  190. Your personal method for coping with STATIC, FLYAWAY LOCKS, pleeeeease!!
  191. Help with Alopecia Questionnaire
  192. hair in bed with signifant other when fooling around??
  193. What Decided Your Goal Length?
  194. Would you?
  195. Unliked Hair products: Use or refuse?
  196. What foods do you just love?
  197. Hair and the Environment
  198. What's your favorite oil?
  199. Bangs/Fringe and Working Out
  200. Am I being counter productive?
  201. Whats your top 10 for hair growth?
  202. What equipment do you use on your hair?
  203. What problems have you had with your hair?
  204. At what length did you start wearing it up?
  205. Letting other people handle your hair
  206. What changes have you made?
  207. How long did it take you to get used to your natural texture?
  208. flower for (( HAIR))
  209. Combing
  210. favorite animal cruelty free shampoo & conditioner?
  211. Washing methods project - ideas for products?
  212. Nationality and Hair Type?
  213. What are your positives about your hair?
  214. The worst thing others have done to your hair?
  215. Does Your Grow Out Have A Preferance?
  216. What does ACV with YOUR hair?
  217. How long did it take your hair to grow from APL to waist?
  218. how do you style your hair while working out + few other questions
  219. How long can you go without seeing split ends?
  220. How did you wear your hair for your wedding, and how do you wear it every day?
  221. How you part your hair
  222. Most damaging thing you can do to hair?
  223. Hair styles for Work
  224. who is your hairy hero
  225. Start length to goal length
  226. Floorlengt and longer
  227. Which conditioners do you use for CO-washing?
  228. Hip length : should I change my haircare routine ?
  229. Length Measuring by hairstyle
  230. How does your hair relax you?
  231. Grace- Pure creamed coconut, has anyone used this as hair treatment?
  232. Spin-off: Did your routine change as your hair got longer?
  233. Need help with my hair style project
  234. How often do you change your shampoo/conditioner?
  235. Which is more damaging? (Highlights or flat iron)
  236. Is normal white vinegar safe to wash hair with?
  237. How long did it take you to go from SL to APL? APL to BSL?
  238. Brushing?
  239. How do you use castor oil?
  240. How do I make this bun?
  241. How many moms have sons with long hair?
  242. Anyone else just starting new hair growth efforts
  243. How long do you henna?
  244. What are your feelings about your hair?
  245. Semi-Formal hair - Up or Down?
  246. How Do You Like to Be Photographed?
  247. How many inches is waist-length for you?
  248. What is your weekly routine?
  249. Do you grey like your parents?
  250. Would you take 1 million dollars to go bald?