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    Index to Important Threads and Resources

    Contact us:
    Email the LHC Mod Team

    TLHC Rules:
    Forum Rules/Terms of Service (ToS)
    KNIT Guidelines for post content
    User Permissions - profile & album picture access
    - this answers all of your "Why Can't I. . ." questions
    Information about swapping, selling and advertising on TLHC

    Useful Stuff for Newbies:
    On Posting Pictures - Hotlinking with IMG Tags, Copyright Issues, and Street Shots
    How to post a picture into a thread
    How to quote multiple posts in the same thread
    Common website issues, how-to
    Formatting using BBCode

    Ursula's Standard Newbie Advice
    Glossary of LHC Terms and Abbreviations
    Visual Hairtyping Guide
    Hairtyping Discussion Thread (need help determining your type, post pictures here)
    Newbie Questions Thread
    Where do I find [x]? (products, ingredients, silk pillowcases, etc.)
    Where to buy common LHC supplies the cheapest

    Fantastic off-site links
    Feye's Self Trim Instructions
    The Hair Style Dictionary
    How To Measure Strand Thickness

    Washing Methods
    CO Washing
    CWC Washing
    Shampoo Bar Washing
    Water-only washing
    NW/SO - NEW

    Common Questions
    How to wear hair when you exercise/work out/run?
    Exercising and hair washing
    How to take good hair pictures by yourself
    Warm head coverings and Big Buns - What to do? - The Winter Hat Thread
    Why have long hair if it is always hidden?

    Length-specific Threads
    All Lengths Post Here
    Buzz to Chin Length

    Chin to Shoulder Length
    Shoulder to APL Length
    APL to MBL Length
    MBL to Waist Length
    Waist to Hip Length
    Hip to Tailbone Length
    Waist to Tailbone Length
    Tailbone to Classic Length
    Classic to Knee Length
    Knee Length and Beyond!
    Floor Length and Beyond!

    Non-Growth Oriented Thread for Shorter Lengths

    Texture-specific Threads
    Straight and Silky
    Wavy and Wurly
    Wurly and Curly
    Curly 3s
    Kinky 4s
    2a F
    2a Sausage Ringlets
    Fine and Thin Hair
    Fine and Thick Hair
    Thick Hair
    Coarse Hair
    What happens when curlies brush their hair.

    Clubs, Colors, and Challenges
    Wear hair up challenge
    Microtrimming and Maintaining
    Gentlemen... Start your postings!
    Growing to Terminal Length
    Growing Out Layers
    Growing Out Bleach/Dye
    Bottle Blonde Grows Long (growing and keeping up the bleach!)
    Wear all your hairtoys once
    Longhaired and Disabled
    Hairloss Support
    The Salt & Pepper Thread
    Black Hair
    Dark Hair Thread
    Ash Brown
    Brunettes Unite!
    Auburn Pride
    The Red Thread
    The Tawny Support Group
    Blondette Pride
    Blond Tips & Tricks
    Colorful Longhairs
    Seasonal Growth Project
    ABC Hairstyle Challenge
    Undercuts and Side Shaves

    Styling & Inspiration
    LHC Hairstyle ThesaurusThe braid picture thread
    The bun picture thread
    The hair video thread
    Text-based styling instructions, for the visually impaired
    Bun Instructions and Troubleshooting
    Who is your hair idol?
    What inspired long hair for you?
    Who is your LHC hair twin?

    Other Photo Threads
    Put your hair photos here 'cos you really want to....
    Before and after - one year of hair growth. Show us your photos!
    The action shots thread : post your hair in movement and enjoy a piece of hair fun!

    Hair-Trimming Techniques
    Feye's Self Trim Instructions
    Spidermom's straight book trim
    Compact cut for layers

    Cheese history here

    If you have suggestions for threads that should be added or encounter a broken link, please let us know here.

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    Standards for Writing

    To those whom it concerns:

    This is a reminder that according to the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service (item #4 ) proper/standard English is expected in posts and articles here at TLHC. Chat/text-speak and lolcat-speak are difficult to read and are not allowed. This rule is in force to maintain the high quality discussion that we strive for at TLHC.

    Please do your fellow members the courtesy of using standard capitalization and punctuation, just as students learn in English language classes in school. It makes reading posts much easier, and people are more likely to respond to your post. Also, many members are not native speakers of English, so it helps to have standard English like they would find in a dictionary.

    If you use your cell phone or other electronic device to post, then switch to T9 (or similar) text typing and make your writing style conform to standard, proper English. Standard proper English usage requires using capitalization at the beginning of sentences, capitalizing proper nouns, using correct ending and transitional punctuation, spelling out words ("great" not "gr8", "you are" not "u r" ). This is a sampling of the standards of writing we expect.

    However, if English is your second language or you have disabilities, do not fear. You are not the ones causing concern, and we thank you for your efforts. Just do your best.

    Thank you all for taking heed. For the record, harsher measures will follow for members who persist in using chat/text-speak.