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Thread: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

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    Default how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    I'm a usual stalker and occasional poster on here, and lately i've been on herhairlosshelp, because i found out i have Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome, and now im loosing my long hair (and im only 24!! omfg kill me!!!) It's tailbone length and i was finally getting it where i want it length wise, and it was looking really good,and it started thinning 8 months ago, and the last month has been 1000% worse, and i may have to shave and wear a wig eventually if it continues at this rate. I cant see a specialist until next month. So im trying to find out if anyone knows of anything natural/herbal/ or anything that can help induce hair growth? something to actually make hair grow? Rogain is so expensive and i've heard alot of women say that it doesnt work. Im willing to try ANYTHING to save my hair, i would literally rather die than loose it. I know it seems petty to most people especially my family, they keep saying 'its just hair', but they dont get it. IM A 24 YEAR OLD WOMAN! I CANT LIVE BALD! If you dont know of anything to help actually grow more hair, are there any good products to thicken the hair i have? (hopefully the doctor can give me a prescription or something to help grow back my hair, im praying theres something prescription that can help). I posted on herhairloss help, but i figured it wouldnt hurt to ask on here too, since you gals know the need too keep your hair long too. The length still looks good, although not as thick, its my scalp where the problem is, along my part, my crown and temples and all throughout now. I cant believe this is happening!!! i have enough health problems already, more than most people in their 50's! this is f#%#ed!


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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    I'm sorry to hear you have such health problems, but I'm afraid I can't reccomend products as I haven't tried any.

    But what I have tried are nettle rinses. I had hair loss issues several years ago and I was persistent with the rinses. I think it helped a bit to strenghten the existing follicules and roots of hair, and it darkened my hair a little.

    If you would like to try this, I will give you the recipe.
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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    Have you checked out the Monistat thread? Some people seem to get amazing growth with that: Apparently Nizoral (or similar products containing Ketoconazole) might help too. Other than that, I can only think scalp massages, and very gentle handling to reduce breakage. Good luck! (And I remember you )

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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic View Post
    Have you checked out the Monistat thread? Some people seem to get amazing growth with that: Apparently Nizoral (or similar products containing Ketoconazole) might help too. Other than that, I can only think scalp massages, and very gentle handling to reduce breakage. Good luck! (And I remember you )
    get the insulin resistance under control... and you need to know that YOU can contol this.
    and you can do that through your food choices:
    first: skip the simple sugars and the starches. think of yourself as being "allergic" to starch and sugar. when you eat these things your body over produces insulin in response to the foods you are eating and you end up storing it as fat instead of using it as energy. that's why you probably gain weight easier than other people and have a hard time getting it off. As americans we eat a diet ridiculously high in simple starches/sugars.

    when you go grocery shopping most of your foods should come from the outer 4 walls of the grocery store... almost everything in the aisles can cause you trouble with your IR (insulin resistance) unless your picking up some mayo (skin the miracle whip, they add sugar) or canned tuna watch the carbs on the nutrition label.

    make most of your food choices from this list:
    -meat, fish, poultry: preferably not breaded unless you
    are breading it yourself.
    -cheese (hard cheeses have less carbs than soft spreadable cheeses)
    -eat LOTS of nonstarchy vegetables and salads
    -you might want to avoid most fruits in the beginning because they are full of natural sugars... you'll get your nutrients from the veggies.

    avoid or limit things made with flour and sugar.
    for breads choose breads made with 100&#37; whole GRAIN
    (not 100% whole wheat)
    avoid/limit starchy foods like rice (and when you do choose it go for dark rice not white rice), limit noodles (there is a japanese noodle called a shiratake noodle that is not starchy and you can eat as much as you want)

    however, be careful, with making this change because women with PCOS who do this often bring their insulin resistance under control and will start to ovulate regularly so
    if it's an issue: make sure you are using birthcontrol.

    if you are an oat meal person skip the instant and start eating
    the old fashioned long cooking kind... it gets absorbed more slowly and doesn't trigger the over release of insulin.

    start reading the labels on your foods and count the
    carbohydrates and keep track of how many you are getting every day. don't bother counting the carbs in meats (unless they are breaded... try breading with almond flour which won't trigger the over release of insulin, or parmesan cheese or ground up pork rinds), cheese, salads (but watch those salad dressings as some add sugar) and nonstarchy veggies but watch the starchy veggies like potatoes, carrots, peas
    and corn.

    You don't have to watch the carb content of the nonstarchy veggies/salads/meat/cheese/eggs etc but count the carbs on everything else and keep your daily carbohydrate level to 60 a day and you'll be amazed at the improvement.

    also I would suggest starting on saw palmetto as it will help
    reduce dht and help with the hair loss.

    If you've been told you are diabetic or "pre-diabetic" I would
    recommend you add cinnamon to your regime as it has been shown to help regulate sugar levels.

    good luck,

    I know this is a stressful time for you but let me reassure you that you can get PCOS and insulin resistance under control very easily. You'll do great.
    I'll try to post some more suggestions later. I have to take off for now.

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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    Awww, girl, my heart goes out to you. I have PCOS as well, was diagnosed when I was about 20. My hair is thinner than it was in my teens. I haven't tried some of the newer treatments like Metformin, but I did go on the pill for awhile and that seemed to stall the hair loss, but when I went off it I had a terrific shed and lost a great deal, which is only now coming back though not as thick. The only thing I've seen that seems to make a difference for me is diet and exercise (when I can stick with it.) Eating healthy and getting regular workouts can help make your blood sugar more normal, which in turn affects your hormones and makes then somewhat more normal. Not a cure, but it's the one thing that has seemed to help me. I hope that you can find something that works for you! I totally understand what you are going through. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    Are you under treatment for the PCOS?

    I have PCOS (fairly mild) and while I haven't had hair loss, a combination of BCP and spironolactone do a very good job of controlling my acne. Other people get good results from metaformin, which treats the insulin issues directly. (Metaformin didn't do as well for me as spironolactione.)

    These treat the causes of your problems. BCP stop you from ovulating, so the cysts can heal, and stop producing the extra testosterone. Spironolactione helps decrease your testosterone as well. And metaformin helps control blood sugar, which in turn helps with weight loss, and fat holds testosterone, so loosing weight also helps restore your hormones.
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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    I´m sorry to hear that you experience this!. With the Metaformine you have to make sure you're taking a B vitamin supplement. Met can cause a depletion of the B vitamins leading to hair loss. There is this other treatment Flav..something that is supposed to help with hair loss. My tip is to do at least 20 min a day of scalp massage and to allways cold shower your hair after washing. Holding a plastic bag filled with ice cubes is very good!Good luck!!
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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    I'm so sorry this is happening to you and it must, indeed, be a frightening, heart-wrenching situation for a young woman to face. In fact, losing your hair, for whatever reason, is a grave loss for anyone to go through.

    You've been given a lot of good advice here from those who are familiar with your condition, which I am not. I am, however, familiar with health issues that wreak havoc with your body, self-confidence and sense of well-being. Those that can easily destroy your life by making your present day miserable and leave you looking into a questionable, if not downright frightening, future.

    My health issues began when I was thirty, so I've lived a life that many would find difficult, if not downright impossible. But the thing is this: Life is a gift and no matter how bad we each might feel, how awful our circumstances, there's always something to remind us of this miracle.

    Maybe the sunset on a splendid summer's eve, a silent brilliance of melting gems, washing up over the horizon and spashed across the deepening sky.

    Or the soaring heights of a Mozart concerto. The perfect airlight meringue draped over the shimmering sweet-sour bite of a Key Lime filling, swimming within a butter-rich shattering crust. The birds' bright greeting-to-the-morning trills on the breaking of an April spring day.

    On it goes, through the big, the little, the moments that all come together to make every day of every life worth the breathing in and out of it, through the pain, the sadness, the worry, the joy, the beauty, the pleasure - be open to it all, take it in and let it build your strength.

    I do so hope you will be able to reverse the hair loss, for it has to be a painful experience. But, please, know that life is passed through but once and there's always, always something to live for, something that has blessed us with these beating hearts, fine minds, the ability to love and grow and care.

    You can hate your illness, you can hate what it is doing to you, but life is nothing short of a miracle to be celebrated every day we're graced with its presence!
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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    I'm very sorry you are going through this. I have PCOS as well, so *hugs* to you.

    If the hair loss continues at a dramatic rate, and I hate to suggest this, but maybe taking your length up a few inches would help make for a "thicker" look. I know you're really close to your goal, so make of my advice what you will, but I hope that you find a solution soon.

    We really should start a thread for those of us with PCOS... is anyone up for it?
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    Default Re: how to help thinning hair (due to disease, PCOS)

    Yes! A PCOS thread would be awesome!

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