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Thread: Rough hairdressers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shutterpillar View Post
    Also adding - I have had a lot of nice hairdressers too. But its your horrible experiences that really stick out in your mind and make you scared for your next appointment if it is someone you are unfamiliar with. My husband is an example... he had his hair trimmed for the majority of his life, but the last time he went he had this woman who was cutting his hair and announced to the whole salon how horrible his psoriasis was. That is something he was very embarrassed about, and for the whole salon to hear about it and then turn around to look at him and his "worst psoriasis they have ever seen".... that was extremely embarrassing. He never went back to a salon. Went out the next day and bought a home-trimming kit, and I have cut his hair for him ever since.

    His psoriasis is no longer bad, in fact, it is almost gone. But I still don't think he would ever go back to a salon.
    Ugh this is another reason I hate salons. I don't need hairdressers pointing out stuff like having a bit of dandruff, or if I have slightly damaged hair, or if my hair is thin, or whatever. I go in for a haircut... NOT for commentary about my hair!!!!

    And yes, I find a lot of hairdressers are really rough!! When I do my own hair I don't manage to hurt myself (at least not often). My hair is generally pretty easy to detangle (in fact, after washing it, if I hit a snag I'm actually shocked it's pretty much just comb and go)... sometimes it gets a bit tangly if I wear it out, but brushing it isn't difficult, and it doesn't need to be at all painful. And yet I'll go to hairdressers and wince in pain at the yanking and pulling my hair goes through!!

    Mind you, in the past I trusted hairdressers and figured that they knew what they were doing so even if they did hurt a bit, they weren't actually damaging my hair . How stupid. I lost a lot of faith the day a hairdresser managed to FRY my bleached ends. I had just had probably 6" or more cut off (BSL+ to SL) to remove damaged ends (mind you, my ends were splitting more than often but they generally LOOKED okay and were NOT fried). She cut my hair, then found that my hair dried slower than expected, and I guess put the dryer too close... When I left I discovered frazzled ends... I ended up cutting all the frazzled bits off myself. I should have gone back to complain!!! Instead, I just never went there again... (fortunately at that length my hair is curly/wavy enough that you couldn't see the uneven bits that I'd trimmed off).
    Starting over short and working towards virgin hair!

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    The last time I let any kind of "professonal" touch my hair was when I was 17 (I'm 35). I had very damaged hair and had to be dragged in to get about 4-5 inches cut off (I was crying, even though I knew it had to be done). She didn't do anything else that day since I had already washed and dried it for her. The haircut was great for my hair (after I got over the shock of it being just mid neck :-O) It grew so quickly for a couple months after that...I was surprised and really happy!

    So, my aunt, (the one who convinced me to cut it in the first place) suggested that we go back to this woman to get conditioning treatments. I thought it would be fine since my hair was in such great shape from the chop and this would make it even healthier right?. O M G....she absolutely destroyed my hair that time! I didn't know any better, so I didn't say anything to her as she was raking through my hair, HARD, with brushes and whatever else she was using. I could feel and hear it snapping (((
    When she was done, I swear there was more hair on the floor than on my head GRRRRRR!!


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