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Thread: What Does Keratin Do For Your Hair?

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    Default Does Keratin Treat Frizz?

    Hi, I'm just wondering, is Keratin good for frizziness?

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    Default Re: What Does Keratin Do For Your Hair?

    Keratin is a protein treatment that will strengthen and fill in any 'gaps' in the hair shaft. I'm not sure if it helps with frizz, but it should always be followed up with a deep moisturizing treatment...this combo may very well help with frizz.

    Have you tried the lemon rinse to combat frizz??

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    Default Re: What Does Keratin Do For Your Hair?

    its good for strengthening hair, especially heat and coloured damaged hair BUT use infrequently or it will dry your hair out and always follow up a protein treatment with a good moisture treatment.

    It is basically a protein which your hair and nails naturally contain. I do a protein treatment just once a month or 2 and its plenty for me.
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