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Thread: Question about the amount of indigo

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    Default Question about the amount of indigo

    When I first started doing henna, my first henna purchase is harvest moon deep red henna, at the time I was still reading researching about henna I put it aside after reading about baq henna and so on. Anywho, I make a long story short I decided to go on the warmer side, currently copper brownish hair to a red tone and so I tested on a hairball adding to my regular henna( out of jamilla so I used ayur rajiathani) with a tip of a spoon of this harvest moon deep red into it let it sit for 4 hours. It came out sooo pretty, I really like it. I looked up the herbs that was in it, its all natural no funny stuff until I see theres indigo in it. My question is this, given the reputation of indigo being picky, does the small amount like I stated above will still react the same If you try to lightened it a bit for touch ups? I wonder? What do you think? Has anyone tried? What are your experiences? I be testing on the hairball this week and see how it goes. Figure I ask the experts. Thanks in advance on your advice.
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    From what I've heard, ANY amount of Indigo can cause the green effect if lightened.

    Since you already have a test hairball, why not try lightening it and see what happens? You might be lucky, as a few people haven't had the green reaction. YMMV.

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    Default Re: Question about the amount of indigo

    That's true, a test will tell, that's for sure.

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    Well after I was done with indigo I wanted it out asap as I wanted my old henna red shine back, so what I did was use, honey, distilled water and cinnamon/vitamin c tablets mixed with go blonder shampoo on my hair and it took away the flat indigo black but my hair is already black, plus I use henna every month so i'm not a very good candidate on this things lol. I was doing the 2 step process too of henna and then indigo. never again! But after a couple of times I did get the henna blazing orange red back that's for sure.

    You know I don't even know why I want the henna red shine for? I don't show my hair outside, I always have it in braids in the house, if I do go outside without it covered it's only in my back yard it's in a bun and i'm just sweeping or watering Im a weirdo :|
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