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Thread: Activated Charcoal and Henna?

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    Default Activated Charcoal and Henna?

    Hey all. I colored my hair with henna in the fall and wasn't sure if charcoal would change the color any. My hair is naturally brown.

    I tried the AC in a face wash and it was awesome and for a mouth rinse and didn't notice much whitening but also no staining. When I added some to my shampoo, just to see what would happen, my hair seems to be darker and closer to my natural color.

    Does anyone know if my hair was stained darker or the color was removed? Has this happened to anyone else?

    I am thinking that it might have removed some of the henna, which actually might give me a brighter color the next time I do my roots but I don't know if AC stains. It didn't stain my face or teeth but obviously hair is different than those.

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    Maybe the effect is just temporary. See what you get after you wash your hair again, without it.
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