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Thread: So many questions about henna for a kind of first timer

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    Default So many questions about henna for a kind of first timer

    I recently bleached and toned my hair very light blonde with some platinum highlights. I seem to be allergic to the purple toner and conditioner and have decided to go chemical free. My natural hair color is dark blonde and I have been bleaching it for years. T is mid back length. I am going for a deep red or burgundy with henna. I realize It could take a while and I may even have to wait until my natural color grows back, but I am wondering what brand is the best to achieve this. I have been researching about the best henna to get a dark red stain. So far the ones I have been looking at are Rajasthani Twiglight, Red Raj, Jamila and something rom The Henna Guys or Henna Maiden. All about the same price except Jamila is cheaper and from what I read oranger. I hennaed it once with rajasthani from hennasooq and it turned out pumpkin orange after leaving it on overnight, but I immediately put indigo over it to get black and that was over bleached hair. So my questions are what henna would give me the darkest red stain or would any cheap henna do the trick, because 10 dollars for 100 grams with repeated application is going to really add up. And what about hibiscus powder, does it really help that much with red tones? Also my hair is very fine but I have a lot of it.

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    I bounce back and forth depending on what I feel like with deep wine from henna maiden and Rajasthani twilight.

    The red wine has some indigo in it so it will get you darker faster but it can get brown. If it does just put a layer of straight henna over the top and you should get back to a deeper red.

    P.s. the burgundy henna head thread is a great big resource. Let me find a link brb.
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    Ok thanks, that is really helpful to hear from someone who has used both brands and thankyou for the link. And my hair really seems to hold on to indigo. I 2 step henndigoed it and I still have half a centimeter of black on my ends, even after bleaching teice and highlighting three times. I have not treated my hair very nicely lol.

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