I have decided recently to become a henna head after hearing great results with henna from so many others on LHC, and having seen the magic of henna in person. I used henna once before, rainbow henna, and even though there was only a very slight reddish tint in the sun (I used Persian Mahogany on my dark, dark brown hair) it looked and felt amazing. And, let's be honest, the mess making was great too ! But I've been doing some research and a lot of people are talking about dye release time. Rainbow henna doesn't say anything about it on the container, and I've also read from many people that boiling water (what I usedlast time per rainbow henna instructions) is bad as well. I know there are plenty of other, better quality hennas to use, but rainbow henna is budget friendly for me. I would do a test strand first, and then If I like the results, I plan to mix it with lukewarm water, apply immediately, and leave on for 6 hours, rather than wait for dye release (I'm very confused on what exactly to look for) or freeze the henna (there seems to be some controversy about waiting for dye release before freezing, and if I don't know when that is...?). Has anyone done something similar with rainbow henna and still gotten results on dark hair (I want to use the red mix, which seems to be straight henna (Lawsonia Inermis) as the only ingredient listed)?