I'm a nail nerd and pretty active on a forum about nails. Just like with hair there are different types of nails that each require their own special treatment.

I wonder if there is a correlation between both since hair and nails are basically made of the same material. I.e. people with dry brittle nails that break easily also have hair that breaks and splits easily and people with soft and flexible nails that bend easily and are more prone to tearing instead of breaking have hair that is resilient too.

For nails the first category does best with treatments that contain more protein and add moisture while the second category needs a treatment that removes excess moisture so the nails harden and they usually react badly to protein.

There is of course a third category who's nails don't need special treatment and who's nails do great with just the occasional rubbing with hand cream or cuticle cream.

Nailwise I fall in the third category and I'm starting to think that maybe I should treat my hair the same way. Take care of the scalp and roots without over moisturizing or drying it to much (C-COW-C works for me), give the hair the occasional 'rubbing' with a moisturizer like a drop of oil and other than that just leave it be.

Did any of you notice a correlation between the condition and the needs of their hair vs the condition and the needs of their nails?