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December 9th, 2011, 11:21 AM
Reply by email vastly preferred; shipping is $5 worldwide (for as many items as you like), $4 within the UK.

- Ficcare "O" barrette, in matte gold. It's beautiful, but because my hair is so fine the only thing I can really use it for is a folded braid, which I hardly ever wear. The barrette is 2.2 inches in diameter and in perfect condition. New on the Ficcare site, these cost $38 plus shipping. I'd like $30.

- Ficcare signature clip, large, in honey marble. I had this off the swap board, and although it's very pretty I almost always opt for the ivory lotus Maximas when I feel like wearing these colors. As others have noted, you use the signature clips more like a hairstick - you slide them *through* buns rather than clamping them *over* a bun. Done that way, they are very secure, and I really like the graceful curves. However. New, these are $42 plus shipping. This one is in very good condition. I don't remember what I paid for it, but I''d like $30.

- Listed this before, trying again. The hairflower is a lot of fun, but my bun is getting a bit big for this one, and I can't do anything else with it because my hair packs down too small. New, hairflowers are $37, I think, and stems are $10 a pair, plus shipping. I'd like $30.

- Barrettes are never very popular on LHC, but AFAICT they're quite harmless. This one is from Valsart on Etsy, and the wood mosaic I think is really cool - but I prefer brighter colors these days. $10.

- Stringcycle on Etsy makes these cool hair slides out of recycled guitar strings. You can flex them to make them hold a larger or smaller amount of hair. This one is just a bit heavy for me; I'd like to replace it with a smaller, lighter one. New, they go for $30 plus shipping. This one is in as-new condition; I'd like $25.

- Lady Idun stick in dark blue with rust-red pieces in it. This picture was taken in full sunlight to give a clearer idea of what the color actually is. As new. Her sticks go for $32 plus shipping, generally. I'd like $25.

- Everyone likes this Hanssen broomstick but no one has yet taken it home. In as-new condition, made of wenge (the handle) and yellowheart (the straws) with the binding in silver. New, there's one like it with different handle wood for $70 plus shipping on their Etsy site now. I'd like $55.

- This Long Locks pair has a slight chip on the tip of one of the sticks. I'm asking $45, which is half the original price. Should you choose, the chip can be repaired. I haven't done it (yet) in case someone wanted a really great price on a pair of otherwise very expensive sticks. The color turned out to be a little bland for my grey hair.

Reply by email vastly preferred; shipping is $5 worldwide, $4 within the UK.

December 9th, 2011, 10:27 PM
I am cut of..I am cut off.. *walks away pouting over the Lady Idun.*