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  1. Henna and sunshine
  2. Does henna really never wash out?? Im scared to henna now!
  3. Cv bars amazing !!!
  4. 2nd Lush caca brun attempt (link to pics)
  5. Queenswood henna?
  6. Light mountain henna?
  7. Henna and Buxus (Katam)
  8. Can henna change hair texture?
  9. What would happen if I used henna on my hair? :)
  10. Going to do my roots today!
  11. Does henna actually thicken the hair?
  12. Hendigo gloss over henna - want mahogany colour - pictures
  13. Recommendations for a henna to upkeep this color:
  14. Anyone familiar with Jamila 2010 dye release?
  15. Benefits of Henna/Experiences with Henna
  16. Herbal tea (for drinking)
  17. Jamila Henna in France, Belgium or Holland- where to buy?
  18. did a henna gloss too strong and want to take off some of it. Advice needed
  19. Can you do streaks over hendigo??
  20. Home protein treatment?
  21. Henna on this.
  22. Cassia? Or Amla?
  23. New member (hiya) and a henna question
  24. Anyone tried this conditioner recipe?
  25. Red hair in history
  26. Update - My henna/cassia gloss
  27. HENNA as conditioner
  28. Hyssop?
  29. Henna question, please help!
  30. Using Sulphates And 'Cones After Henna?
  31. First Henna Atempt
  32. Henna washing out big time!
  33. I'm a noob, so here's some dumb questions!
  34. Rajasthani Twilight
  35. Natural hair color recipes without Henna
  36. Pictures of yours with the henna applied on your hair
  37. Show me your heenaed HANDS!!
  38. MY hennaed hands!!!
  39. coconut oil and cassia
  40. "Saffron" for hair dye
  41. BAQ henna vs hair grade
  42. Faded
  43. Blonde newbie questions - experts help me!
  44. Rhassoul/Ghassoul vs my hair
  45. Can henna layers ever reach maximum darkness?
  46. Green hair from henna
  47. Henna,Bleaching & Dying
  48. Benefits, oil by oil
  49. What is SLS?
  50. Jamila or Rajasthani? I can't decide!
  51. Rooibos + Gelatine Mix?
  52. Recommend oil?
  53. Scalp and Oil
  54. Anyone used diluted citricial or garlic for hair growth?
  55. Hair mistake, need advice
  56. Best oil to mix with CO, for hair growth
  57. Henna Hut Reviews
  58. Should I henna again?
  59. Invincible Hairs!
  60. Henna gloss on dark brown hair?
  61. Congratulate me ;)
  62. Henndigo and My Skintone (Pic heavy)
  63. What do you grow for your hair?
  64. to brown a red henna ?
  65. cassia with henna?
  66. Lush henna (brun) washes out on 1.5 week!!!
  67. Henna not working
  68. Any words of Wisdom
  69. Yogurt & honey pre-wash success
  70. Buying oils from Iherb
  71. Lifeless hair
  72. To freeze or not to freeze
  73. Henna vs vegetable dye
  74. Henna and Eyebrows
  75. easy hennah/moisturemix????
  76. Natural darkening methods (aside from Henna & Indigo)
  77. Coke and henna?
  78. Preparing to Henna
  79. Light Mountain after Ion Semi-Permanent?
  80. Scalp and Shampoo(bars)
  81. Henna Removal
  82. Castor Oil did something amazing to my skin.
  83. has anyone ever added henna powder to Lush Caca Brun?
  84. I want to be redhead but...
  85. Chamomile at the Dollar Store!
  86. Dulhan Mehndi how long to leave on for?
  87. Dulhan Mehndi how long to leave on for?
  88. Hennaed My Boyfriend's Hair
  89. Rajasthani Twilight
  90. Good quality BAQ henna to buy-online for Europe? henna-boy?
  91. Can you over-oil your scalp?
  92. shealoe questions
  93. Considering adding alma to henna.
  94. light mountain bright red / regular red
  95. henndigo - how to get a color like lush caca marron?
  96. Shea butter vs coconut oil?
  97. Which % Lawsone content do you suggest for a brighter auburn?
  98. sitting here with saran wrap on my head!
  99. Hot Water=Temporary Henna
  100. So I've had some problems... time to get rid of them!
  101. Helping to stop indigo fading.
  102. Looking for a cool/ash brown
  103. should I henna?
  104. DIY shampoo bars
  105. Weaning Henna!
  106. Yay! Just bought from hennasooq!
  107. How did henna change your hair?
  108. hennaing 'betty'
  109. Biotin,gelatin and silica
  110. Henna ratio dark brown?
  111. Henna and ACV rinse
  112. henna for blonde hair
  113. aritha/soap nut foam washing
  114. Heating up yoghurt in a mask
  115. DIY amla oil
  116. Henna for my mom... possible?
  117. Safe way to bleach hair?
  118. how much sea salt?
  119. Anti-dandruff schampoo destroyed my henna color!
  120. Storing extra Amla powder?
  121. Oils Oils Oils
  122. 2 step henndigo not getting hair to black???
  123. Dye over henna help
  124. My brother has a question
  125. Indigo dye & urine
  126. Henna strand test - didn't take :(
  127. Tips needed on how to add natural highlight's
  128. do Not buy henna from arcahenna boutique!
  129. Need to turn maroon hair to a dark brown
  130. Lavender tea rinse
  131. A few henna and indigo questions!
  132. Crazy Henna (mis)adventures
  133. Question on the permanence of hibiscus when added to henna
  134. Indigo with amla?
  135. Oil shampoo question
  136. Could use some henna color advice
  137. Any henna glosses without purple?
  138. Cleaning with beer
  139. has anyone tried a 2 step with henna, buxus AND indigo?
  140. Favorable results with a new oil?
  141. herbal infused oils/vinegar! new herbs!
  142. How to keep a hair style properly in place with a natural product?
  143. Stop Buxus Fading???
  144. Questions about henna.
  145. "Killing" indigo in Caca Brun
  146. How can I achieve a burgundy/red wine colour with a henna mix?
  147. I have just henna my hair..and now I got orange scalp and shaky legs...
  148. Henna sooq good or bad?
  149. Questions about using henna :)
  150. Lush cacas Vs BAQ powder
  151. Possibly getting sick of red but...I don't want to stop hennaing... Exploring options
  152. Best Brand of Henna / Recommendations
  153. Increaging tone with MINT?
  154. "brownest" (least red) henna besides Moroccan? AH?
  155. Will it be too dark?
  156. Need henna advice!!
  157. oiling and hair lightening
  158. Seeking Henna Colour Mix Advice (Photos)
  159. Where does the slime come from?
  160. ratio of indigo to henna in Lush Caca Brun, anyone have any idea?
  161. Saturation point w henna
  162. buying good henna
  163. I want it black as a raven's wing!
  164. lush caca rouge as a first time henna?
  165. So I look like an idiot with orange ears :(
  166. Help for a newbie with what to order, please...
  167. What kind of henna?
  168. LUSH Caca Noir...jet black hair?
  169. Anyone Used Rainbow Henna?
  170. What to make with Shea Butter? :D
  171. What kind of henna do you use and whats in your recipe :)
  172. Whipped coconut oil?? Is this a thing?
  173. ACV Rinse?
  174. Talk to me about "egg shampoo"...
  175. Need a list of acidic stuff to mix with henna
  176. Adding finely minced FRESH ginger to henna mix??
  177. Good indigo not available in India!!
  178. Rajasthani vs twilight
  179. How often should i henna my hair? and Q about Glossing?
  180. Protein filler or equivalent pre/post henna?
  181. Adding subtle red tones (without henna). Anyone have personal experience ?
  182. Neha Rachni Henna
  183. Any henna heads in Arizona?
  184. Quick! Help needed with indigo gloss . . .
  185. Coconut Water
  186. henna over black....
  187. Bay leafs
  188. treatment for oily scalp+dandruff+dry, brittle hair
  189. 1st time henndigo= orange highlights
  190. A henna+indigo mix question- tea acidity?
  191. Henna Temperature.
  192. henna on medium blonde hair
  193. Note to self: Dont put cayenne pepper in henna anymore
  194. Katam and Cassia over henna mix (Sante Terra)
  195. Love my salon!
  196. Henna and Buxus 2 step??
  197. What would happen if I henna'ed my hair?
  198. Minimum amount of time/maximum henna result?
  199. First Time Henna- questions
  200. Shikakai/Aritha Question?
  201. You know you're a henna-head when...
  202. Cassia and cones?!
  203. Homemade Shampoo/Conditioner Recipes!
  204. Curl-Loosening?
  205. what do you do while henna-ing??
  206. Acid vs no acid in henna mix
  207. Making red hair a little darker?
  208. Henna Packaging
  209. Henna/Indigo from greenspiritbazaar.co.uk?
  210. How to achieve a WARM black?
  211. - How to get blue/black hair from natural henna/indigo?
  212. Tea Rinses
  213. herbs or tea rinses to add subtle caramel, toffee or cafe au lait tones
  214. Looking for Henna Opinions
  215. ACV rinse with henna??
  216. Henna over manic panic??
  217. My results of local henna mixed with Rooibos tea
  218. Amla, henna, and curls
  219. happy henna, messy hands!
  220. It looks like my henna is washing out...
  221. Fenugreek and its uses in hair
  222. Henna saturation question
  223. Cassia Obovata Newbie
  224. Quick question - henna and oil
  225. Just did my first strand test!
  226. Getting black herb dye out?
  227. Agh! Mishap with light mountain henna!
  228. need ideas to get shiny hair
  229. Henna Gloss-Is water necessary?
  230. winter hair Recipes =D GLYCERINE
  231. Semi-permanent Hair dye after henna/indigo?
  232. Henna color keeps fading/darkening, a LOT. (Pic Heavy)
  233. humectant and protein free (natural) styling products for winter
  234. Ayurvedic gloss??
  235. Gloves for henna?
  236. Gloves for henna?
  237. Trying Henna for the first time... FINALLY!
  238. Henna Boy's "Extra Red"???
  239. My head hurts !!
  240. What smell is powder?
  241. experementing with ACV
  242. Do you think oil shampoo and catnip rinses would work together?
  243. Vitamin C
  244. Henna over freshly dyed red hair = unbelievably gorgeous red hair?
  245. Henna - a few questions
  246. NightBlooming Blonde/Colorless Devas Fairy Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner
  247. Rather New At This...Have a Few Questions
  248. How to' keep the new henna color?
  249. Herbal care for the scalp (Psoriasis)
  250. First Henna Gloss - Questions.....